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Easy Self Help Confidence
Home Theater System

by Charlene

I am not at all sure if my little story is what you are looking for. And I do not know if it is to do with confidence. Basically, one day about a year ago, I was casually looking at the new home theater systems at a shopping centre near me. I wasn't planning to buy one, but I remember thinking that I would like a new one sometime down the road and I was just comparing the different ones and looking at ones I liked.

I did not even think any more about it, then about 2 weeks later a casual friend I have known for about 2 years called me asking if I would look after a bag for her as she was leaving the country. I said I didn't mind. The next day she showed up at my house with the bag. Then she said, by the way I'm giving you this home theater system as I cannot take it with me and it's not cost effective to ship it out of the country. I was speechless as it was only about one year old and very similar to those I had seen at the shopping centre.

I thanked her, then later I remembered casually looking at those home theater systems at the shop. Until I read what you say in this self help confidence page, I just thought that people give me things because I'm generally a nice person and go out of my way to help people, but when I read what you said on this page - Just have the confidence to believe and know that all good will naturally come to you without you even trying, especially when you're not trying. - Now I am beginning to wonder if there is more to it?
Thank you,

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Home Theater System

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Apr 21, 2011
Home Theater
by: Eddie (Site Owner)

Wow, well done Charlene,

In your experience of attracting a home theater system that you only casually wanted, I feel that it was your lack of resistance towards having one that caused the Universe to bring it to you so quickly.

Casually saying I’d like it IS ordering from the Universe. However, we normally say I’d like ‘X’, but... Any 'but' implies negating whatever comes before it, so the 'but' represents doubt. For example, I'd like it, but it's too expensive...

You said you’d like a new home theater system without demanding any particular model or specific time frame; hence there was no resistance in the form of doubt, so your thoughts were pure and free of resistance.

And then by being happy and feeling good, your normal state, you allowed the home theater system that you'd ordered to make its way to you. Maybe you were the best vibrational match to owning that system which your friend had to leave behind.

Of course, had you refused to help your friend by storing her bag for her, she may not have offered that home theater system to you anyway.

So in this case, simply agreeing to help your friend was the inspired action needed to seal the deal. We never know what service or action we may be asked to perform in order to get the things we want.

Being in a happy state and feeling good most of the time is an act of confidently expecting all good things :)

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