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On Life is Too Short to Hate

"The limited time we are here it's not worth spending it on hating. The feeling of hate is not a good feeling. So who wants to hate? If there is something that does not suit you try just 'disliking' it. To quote a favorite Fatboy Slim song 'Drop the hate.'"

By Chris – Sweden


On Existence

"Where ever you are in life is exactly where you want to be."

By Anonymous - Maryland, USA


On Motivation

"Sometimes I win, other times I learn, I never lose."

By Kanupriyha Singh – India


On Being Who You Really Are

"Be the one you prefer to be 'be YOU'"

By Antonio, Austin, TX, USA


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Nov 14, 2017
Thanks for your quotes!
by: Eddie (site owner)

Please keep em coming!

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