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Inspired Self Help Goals That Help You To
Move Beyond Belief And Into Knowing
The Power Of Paradox!

I believe that the best self help goals we can achieve are those goals that lead us to the very root of the true nature of reality. And in doing so, they help us to understand the truth, through awareness, about who and what we really are. And once we’ve remembered these truths, we’ll realize what reality really is and how life really works.

For instance, we'll remember that 'time and space' are artificial constructs and that due to the eternal now moment; all possible and probable realities already exist simultaneously here and now. Once we’ve remembered these truths, it’ll be impossible for us not to be successful at whatever we want to achieve and thus experience.

The inspired self help goals outlined on this page will assist you to remember and to reintegrate these truths into your conscious awareness. As such, you'll begin to remember and realize that fundamentally, absolutely everything is primarily a vibration of energy and an expression of All That Is.

Please Note: This is an advanced page. Visit this feel good page to unlock law of attraction secrets and achieve all of your immediate self help goals!

'Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines
all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet
discover and create.' Albert Einstein - 1879 – 1955

Inspired Self Help Goals - Advanced Reason and Logic

Unless you’ve already contemplated some of the ideas outlined on this inspired self help website, the following ideas and shortcuts might seem strange or unbelievable to you. I highly recommend reading the inspired self help turorials page and returning to this inspired self help goals page later.

Once a person begins inquiring into their mind and the true nature of reality, they become more aware of consciousness. With this heightened state of awareness comes greater responsibility. Once we’re consciously aware of the true nature of reality, we can no longer pretend and act as if we don’t know that we create our own reality.

The advanced reason and logic I’m using to explore deeply, assumes that you’re already becoming aware that: we’re eternal beings and we have always existed, we already are All That Is, we choose our own reality, and the only thing that’s 'real' about reality is our experience of it.

Inspired Self Help Goals - Paradox is Normal

Due to contemplation, I’ve realized that no matter which direction I take looking for answers, ultimately, I’m met with paradox. Here are some examples of my questions: What’s outside of the physical universe? How come at the heart of physical matter there’s nothing there? How can eternity never have begun and will never end?

Asking and contemplating these kinds of questions led me to people with answers. Then I was inspired to create this website for the purpose of condensing certain knowledge and understanding into easier chunks of data, with the aim of making these realizations more accessible to more people who’re asking. While at the same time never forgetting the primary reason for doing anything:

It feels good, it excites me and I love it

To illustrate the power of meeting with paradox, through these inspired self help goals and shortcuts we’re going on a journey. A journey down and up, in and out, around and through the proverbial rabbit hole; only to return to a place where we’ve always been, here and now.

'What does a thought look like? Just look around you, right now... to see yours.'
Mike Dooley –

Inspired Self Help Goals - Matter of Perspective

To give you an idea of how big or small we are in our physical universe, please look at the images represented in the graphics below.

self help goals planets1

This image represents the smallest planet in our solar system
Pluto, compared to Earth and the largest planet Jupiter.

self help goals planets2

This image represents the size of Earth, compared to Jupiter
and our Sun. Earth could fit inside Jupiter approximately 1,300
times. Jupiter could fit inside the Sun more than 900 times.
Approximately 1,200,000 Earths could fit inside the Sun.

self help goals planets3

This image represents the size of our Sun, compared to the giant Sun
Arcturus and the biggest known Sun VY Canis Majoris. These huge
stars are several hundred million times larger than our Sun.

Contemplating the knowledge of these inconceivably huge sun systems is one thing and gives us an idea of size and our perspective in the physical universe. However, this inspired self help goals information takes you much further and much deeper into infinity than even these huge numbers represent.

Reminder: even though you may have come to this site to get these images, there are no accidents and no mistakes, so you’ll find value in reading what's being said.

Inspired Self Help Goals – Matter of Imagination

Let’s say that you’re an astronomer or an astrophysicist and you love your work
and you’ve spent your life charting out new territory in space. You know all about those huge suns and you suspect that there’s an even bigger sun than those currently on scientific record.

You do your work and make your calculations. And now you believe, almost beyond doubt, that even larger suns must exist. Because we create our own experience of reality and because the Universe must reflect our definitional beliefs back to us; evidence of a new sun which you believe exists, must exist and eventually you’ll see evidence of it in your reality.

It’s not important whether you understand this as: the universal law of attraction, what you put out is what you get back, the power of imagination or thoughts become things – these inspired self help goals and shortcuts identify that it’s all the same thing expressed from different points of view.

'If you have proof that imagining creates reality, it will not matter what others
think. All that matters is that you try it and allow imagination to prove himself
in performance.' Neville Goddard – 1905 – 1972

Inspired Self Help Goals – Matter of Illusion

When we use the principles of quantum physics to look at and try to find the smallest particle of matter, we continually find smaller and smaller particles, but ultimately we discover that there’s nothing there. Sure, as our technology improves we’ll keep discovering smaller particles; until such a time that we finally realize that infinity exists in every direction.

Physical matter doesn’t have
an objective reality of its own because
it’s not real, was never real to begin
with, so never will be real.

Thus, when zooming in on illusion what do we really expect to find, other than more clues and more leads pointing us towards more illusion? At the end of the day, the nature of all reality is illusional. Thus, physical reality is merely an illusion that’s chosen by us and maintained as real by our definitions, beliefs and the consensus agreements we’ve made.

Inspired Self Help Goals – Matter of Paradox

All That Is already is everything in existence. Nothing can be added to All That Is because it’s already complete, already is everything. And because we’re all a part of All That Is and we can never truly be separate from it, we’re connected to every part of All That Is and we always will be.

While we may think and believe that we’re creating something new that came to us through our imagination or our higher self, something that we’ll invent or create... The truth is that anything and everything, whatever it is, is still a part of All That Is, so whatever you can imagine must already exist as potential.

So in that sense there can be nothing new, so what creation must be is for us to experience any part of an already existing illusional reality that we choose to from our unique perspective; thereby adding our unique experience to All That Is.

Inspired Self Help Goals – Holographic Nature

Due to the holographic nature of reality, all parts are contained in the whole and the whole is contained in all parts, thus Consciousness is One. In other words, the All are One and the One is All. There’s no real separation, there’s only our idea of separation, which is an illusion that we maintain in order to play the game of life.

The personality construct of our physical mind can be seen as a mathematical equation or an algorithm which renders each individual piece of the One Consciousness with a unique personality. In a world of Oneness, each personality construct is comprised of an artificial individualized identity, thereby creating the illusion of separation.

Inspired Self Help Goals – The Illusion of Growth

Before you go to sleep, you look at your new plant by the window. You know and believe that as you sleep the plant will grow. Eight hours later you awake and observe that your plant has indeed grown overnight.

Fantastic, your plant is healthy and it has grown overnight. You give it some water and maybe some bio food, say a few kind words to it and then you expect more growth. All is normal and as expected.

However, these inspired self help goals and shortcuts to understanding reality remind you, once again, that any and all growth is merely an illusion. Remember that creation is already finished and that time is also an illusion, so there’s only the one eternal moment of now.

self help goals Individual Pictures of Life

This image represents the individual pictures
of life which create the illusion of growth.

What we perceive as growth is actually us perceiving and experiencing one piece of creation at a time, we see one picture or image at a time and then another and another and another, ad infinitum...

Think about watching a movie. A reel of individual single shot frames or images spin around in sequence at 24 frames per second passing through light that’s projected onto a screen, giving the illusion of linear movement.

Each frame on the reel is different, just as our experience of the now moment is different. Our experience of the now moment can never be repeated in all of its complexity; each moment is a standalone discrete Universe unto itself.

So what we perceive as movement or growth is really our consciousness or perspective changing focus and seeing a different part or frame of the existing movie of our life experience, one frame after another, within the idea of no-time; thus creating the illusion of continuity and growth.

Inspired Self Help Goals – Parallel Realities

When you think about it, because each moment is a discrete Universe unto itself, any change implies constantly and continually moving through an infinite number of parallel realities. Thus, our experience of life is really us moving through a series of similar, yet discrete parallel Universes.

This inspired self help goals and shortcuts page suggests and illustrate that creation is already finished and that we can choose to experience any part of it or any reality we now choose to. All versions of reality are available for us to experience; although due to belief being the operant power, we’re limited to experiencing an infinite number of probable realities.

Shifting Through Infinity - Bashar

Inspired Self Help Goals – Choosing Your Reality

You came here to experience the transformational life and this is it. And once you've fully remembered that 'real' means that the only reality or truth is that there’s no other reality than any reality that you’ve defined and now believe to be true for you.

Then you’ll realize that there’s no hard, solid, fixed, permanent reality by which to gauge any other reality by, and so your belief in any reality defined and believed in will hold true for you..

Now you’re fully self-empowered
to choose, define, believe in and
experience any reality you want to,
any reality that feels good to you.

You can choose to experience the reality in which you’re living a life of lack and wanting or you can choose to experience the reality in which you’ve seen through all of your self-imposed ideas and self-limiting beliefs and therefore; are living a life of wellness, prosperity, love and joy. The choice will always be yours.

We’re such powerful beings that we’ve chosen to believe in and co-create an experience of reality in which we’re surrounded by and immersed in limitation. However, if we now choose to remember the true nature of reality, we’re really free to choose to experience any version of reality we so desire to.

Perhaps we’ve chosen to play this game of extreme limitation of self, purely for the ultimate purpose and pleasure of breaking through those self-imposed limitations and returning to our source of peace, love, light and ecstasy.

'You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life, and everyone
else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them.'
Abraham-Hicks -

Inspired Self Help Goals – Vibrational Mirror

Each of us is vibrating at a certain frequency. Our overall vibrational state or state of being determines the reality we’re now experiencing. Our personal Universe or all that surrounds us individually right now acts as a mirror that reflects back to us that which we’ve chosen to experience, through our vibrational offerings.

In other words, the external reality which we now behold is an indicator of our current beliefs, emotions, thoughts and resulting behavior. So our personal Universe is a mirror that represents our state of being by reflecting our beliefs, emotions, thoughts and behavior back to us as the current circumstances of our life.

And the way to change any and
all of the circumstances of our life is by
changing our vibrational state of being, by
choosing different thoughts and beliefs.

Use the information highlighted by these inspired self help goals and shortcuts to realize that in order to experience a different part of creation, a different reality, we must change our vibrational state.

If you’re currently experiencing a reality that you no longer desire, do the mental work necessary to raise your vibrational frequency and then your external reality and circumstances must change. Because that's the physics of the nature of reality!

Inspired Self Help Goals – Here and Now

The one thing you can confirm for yourself right now is that you exist. And you exist now, always now. Linear time is also part of the illusion and when time is removed from the equation, we’re left with now.

Understanding these inspired
self help goals and shortcuts automatically
places us on a higher plateau of knowing
that goes beyond belief!

There can be no 'space' without 'time' and matter has never been real in the sense that we normally think of as real. Without space, there’s no place for location to exist, so the only real location must be here and the only real time must be right now. Therefore, you exist here and now and you always will.

'What you put out is what you get back. The more you demonstrate in your
behavior to the Universe that you're willing to Believe that what excites you
the most IS what you're all about by your actions, the more the Universe
will reflect more of that back to you.' Bashar –

Inspired Self Help Goals – The Power of Paradox

Through the information shared on this inspired self help goals page, my desire is that our journey of peeking into the rabbit hole will have the effect and act as confirmation of the power of paradox, by enabling us to see that paradox really is normal.

Experiencing the reality chosen by you, right here right now is the only real thing. Because of the sacred moment of now what progression of life must be is the experiencing of a new now reality, a new picture of life, constantly, continuously
and eternally.

Think about the advanced reasoning
and logic outlined by these inspired self
help goals and shortcuts and let the
power of paradox sink in...

Which means that whatever you can imagine and believe is possible, without doubt, must become available for you to experience. If it isn’t possible it cannot come into your thoughts and imagination because it doesn’t exist within All That Is.

By contemplating all that’s been outlined by these inspired self help goals and shortcuts, you now know beyond belief that all that you want must come about; for you create your own reality by choosing which part of creation you now want to experience. All you have to do is allow it or simply - let it be

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