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The Self Help Guru Who Created
A Story About Eternal Life!

Read the story of a self help guru who discovered the truth about eternal life. I’ll reveal the story of an ordinary man who discovered the secret of eternal life, and who created a story similar to those we know by such names as the Holy Grail, the Elixir of Life and the Fountain of Youth.

We’ll journey into this man’s mind to consider the secret he’d discovered and the mystery which has always surrounded such ideas. We’ll dive in and look closely at the understanding which naturally follows for those people who, throughout history, have discovered these ideas for themselves.

Join me as we use our minds to rationally, reasonably and logically integrate our own understanding and our own knowledge, in order to reach the same conclusions as this self help guru. And together, we’ll discover how and why such stories as the Holy Grail came into being in the first place!

'I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist till
the end of time, for my being has no end.' Kahlil Gibran – 1883 – 1931

Self Help Guru Insight – What’s In a Name?

He was an ordinary man born into a reality, populated, for the most part, by beings who’d deliberately chosen to forget their true nature. Those people were such stupendous creators that they’d created a reality in which they now truly believed that they were victims of circumstances, and as such they believed they were devoid of any real power.

This man, for reasons which were unclear to him, had always been asking the big questions concerning life and the nature of existence. Due to his unending and unsatisfied inquisitiveness, in jest, his friends had often labeled him as a guru. His own perspective was more in line with the label of a seer, as someone who sees things which others do not seem to.

He became known for helping
people to help themselves and so his
reputation amongst the people was
indeed that of a self help guru.

As time passed and as he grew older and wiser, he was certainly able to assist many people with their various challenges; which all stemmed from that part of their self affectionately known as the tricky or mischievous monkey, otherwise simply known as the ego-self personality construct.

Self Help Guru Insight – His Story

Once upon a time some 2,000 years ago, in a parallel reality not too dissimilar to that of the earth; a man known as a self help guru discovered for himself the true nature of existence, including the idea and the truth concerning eternal life.

Of course, initially, it wasn’t really a true self discovery, as he’d studied the writings and the life works of many seers who’d come before him, who'd reached the same understanding. So he'd had a great advantage and a head start in joining all of the dots necessary in order to make the big picture complete.

And he was eternally grateful to those who’d come before him and who’d left trails of dots to be joined. And his passion now consisted of condensing the knowledge revealed by dot joining, so that others had the opportunity to see truth in a faster, easier and more playful manner

However, it was a true self discovery in the sense that integration of all ideas and truth can only be realized first hand and not exclusively through someone else’s efforts or mere say so. The self help guru knew that all knowledge must be remembered on a personal level.

'Beginnings and ends are all dreams. It seems so real,
but they're all dreams.' Neville Goddard – 1905 – 1972

Self Help Guru Insight – Eternal Dilemma

This man, known as the self help guru, upon discovering the truth about eternal life and wanting to share it with his fellow beings was faced with a huge dilemma. You see, in his world the people had chosen to incarnate for the purpose of experiencing the epitome of self-imposed limitation.

And although he realized that the end of that cycle was imminent, the people were yet to remember that their own definitions and beliefs concerning reality were, actually, what caused their reality to be experienced in the way it was; in the way they’d chosen it to be.

The seer reasoned - if one man, even if he was a self help guru, out of every 100,000,000 men came out and said: brothers and sisters, fear no more any ending because your idea of death is all skew-whiff and there’s no such thing as ending or death; who’d believe him?

The self help guru realized
that, in general, the idea of
death or any kind of ending
was a big issue for his people.

Given the people’s lack of comprehension and their many and varied beliefs in ideas of heaven and hell and their notions of the afterlife; he was faced with a seemingly insurmountable dilemma. He had to find a way to help those who were asking and who were willing to discover the truth of eternal life for themselves, first hand.

Self Help Guru Insight – Eternal Plan

With his now heightened sense of awareness, the self help guru realized that people’s beliefs, which had been handed down from generation to generation for millennia, were the reasons for the widespread ignorance or mass hypnosis on his planet.

Throughout history, people were born and then they generally accepted and adopted the beliefs which were prevalent at the time. And they never questioned or inquired within to find out for themselves, first hand, if any particular belief really served them or if it was even valid.

The seer reasoned that because everyone believed that death was something real and that nobody wanted their life to end; one way to inspire people to allow themselves to rediscover the true nature of existence was to create a series of stories about the idea of achieving eternal life.

Thus, a plan was born and the self help guru began telling stories of mysterious ways in which eternal life can be achieved. In those days, all stories were spread by word of mouth and, typically, people would adjust and embellish those stories with their own added content.

This embellishment merely added to the mystery of the secret of attaining eternal life. And it added more color and stronger desire to inquire into such ideas and stories as the Holy Grail, the Elixir of Life and the Fountain of Youth etcetera. The seer’s plan began to unfold...

'And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep
on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.' Jesus of Nazareth - 5 BC/BCE - 30 AD/CE

Self Help Guru Insight – Eternal Purpose

The reasoning and the purpose behind the self help guru’s plan was simple in nature. It relied upon the certainty that the Universal law of attraction, by its very nature, would yield positive results to those seekers of knowledge and understanding who were pure of heart.

He knew that anyone with the desire and the willingness to discover for themselves the truth behind the stories of the Holy Grail, the Elixir of Life and the Fountain of Youth; by the very act of their inquiry they’d attract the means of discovering the truth of eternal life to themselves.

Of course, there are countless stories reporting on the folly of so many, who’d failed to realize that those stories were allegoric in nature. Thus, many had spent countless years searching for an actual challis, goblet or fountain believing that those things were factual in nature

third eye chakr

The Third Eye Chakra holds the energy of our physical and higher minds
and is the source of imagination. Click image for more information.

Self Help Guru Insight – Eternal Catch 22

Throughout history, many people on his planet had discovered the truth and the fact of eternal life. Many have searched for and have found the Holy Grail. And upon the discovery of what eternal life actually means, those who discover it find themselves with the same dilemma as the self help guru did so many years before.

This knowledge cannot be passed on from one individual to another; it must be discovered and realized first hand. Thus, those who discover the truth about eternal life realize what a brilliant idea it was to create those allegoric stories in the first place, and so they leave them in place, awaiting others to find them.

'Man is immortal; therefore he must die endlessly. For life is a creative idea;
it can only find itself in changing forms.' Rabindranath Tagore - 1861 - 1941

Self Help Guru Insight – Eternal Irony

The self help guru knew exactly what he was doing all those years ago. He knew that the story of the Holy Grail can never have an ending whereby someone says: Yes, I’ve found the Holy Grail and I have discovered the secret to eternal life; here it is...

Because anyone who’s discovered for themselves the truth about the nature of existence, automatically understands that, like many other ancient texts, the story of the Holy Grail is allegoric in nature and they realize that that truth and that knowledge can’t be passed on, although clues and signs can be left for others to find.

It’s allegoric because we already are
eternal beings and we have always been
eternal beings and so, by definition, we
have always existed and we always will.

There, now I’ve told you, but can you believe that? Do you believe that? Either way it’s prudent for you to find out and confirm it yourself. Here’s a list of life extension-related topics to research, if you're interested.

Check out the story of the Holy Grail and start inquiring yourself and perhaps you too will discover your true eternal nature. Or research this inspired website in full and find the clues embedded within it

Self Help Guru Insight – Eternal Truth

Like the self help guru in the story, I’ve discovered some of the truth concerning the nature of existence. I’ve begun to break free of my self-imposed and self-limiting belief systems, some of which I’ve had since I was a child. I didn’t do it alone and neither do you have to.

Relax your mind, by staying in the present moment or by meditating and then go inside and get in touch with the part of you which you’ve forgotten exists. Reconnect with your spiritual or higher mind and receive intuition, inspiration and insights that will serve you well.

When we only use our rational mind, without the
input, clarity and greater understanding of our higher
mind or higher spiritual self, we tend to complicate
life and the understanding of reality no end.

Life is fundamentally very simple. Move back towards simplicity and reconnect with your higher spiritual self to gain clarity and peace. To go deeper into these ideas and to become clear about who we really are, please read through the self help article and self help tutorials pages.

Self Help Guru Insight – Eternal Fear of Death

Many years ago I started contemplating my own death. I used to fear it and so I would avoid thinking about it at all costs. Anytime someone I knew died it would upset me a lot and those funeral wakes just added to my overall discomfort at the idea of my own inevitable physical death.

These days I simply smile at the idea of death. Although it’s quite challenging talking to those people who haven’t seen through the charade of death, because they’re still operating from the perspective of their ego-self and so the idea of death is indeed frightening for them.

Although I was inspired by stories of eternal life such as those outlined by the idea of the Holy Grail; my personal understanding of the idea of eternal life was finally arrived at through reason and logic. Read what these self help authors say about death.

You're never going to get to any final place. And so, we want to remind you to
relax and start having fun on the way.' Abraham-Hicks –

Self Help Guru Insight – The Reality of Eternal Life

For twenty years or so, I read countless books by such authors as Richard Bach, Carlos Castaneda, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Neville Goddard, Mike Dooley and Neale Donald Walsch etcetera.

And through the action of researching the ideas portrayed by those, in a sense, self help guru types, I realized that what fears death is the ego-self. Otherwise known as the tricky or mischievous monkey, or the lonely frog by the pond that’s cut off from the flow of life.

On a deeper level I realized that space
and time are artificial constructs which are held
together as real by the ego-self, which is itself an
artificial construct which fears its own ending.

There’s no time outside of the present moment for you not to exist within. Of course, I’m referring to your spiritual essence, which is who you really are at your core. You’re a spiritual being who’s projecting a part of yourself into this illusional space-time physical reality in order to experience it.

Once you grasp the fact, the truth and the reality that the present moment of NOW is all there ever is and is all there ever has been; you’ll come to the logical conclusion that because you exist now, you have always existed and you always will exist; and that’s eternal life!

Self Help Guru Insight – The Ending of Death

Finally, be your own self help guru by remembering and realizing your total being and who you really are. Your ego-self or the personality construct of your physical mind is an artificial construct that’s only designed to perceive how life is for you on this physical plane of reality.

When you think about it, your ego-self is nothing more than a bundle of past memories which are held together and maintained by your present thoughts. It must be that way because from this perspective it’s obviously not made up of your future thoughts.

Your ego’s job is to send the data
of your current perception back to
the greater part of you, your spiritual
self, in the form of a feedback loop.

Realize, therefore, that it’s not that your ego-self dies, but rather that due to change being the only constant in life, your ego-self is forever changing. And, thus, then, as a whole being you realize that you can never remain the same.

Once you realize this fact, the fear of death will vanish from your experience and you will relax and enjoy your life more thoroughly.

Your ego-self cannot reach this conclusion by itself, but once you’ve fully reconnected and reintegrated with your higher mind or higher self, then, over time, your ego-self will willingly relegate itself to the position of a faithful servant and it will no longer try to control everything.

To you realizing the wholeness of your being, who will then contemplate your own life and your own death and smile in the face of it

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