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An Inspired Self Help Test To
Assist You To Reach Earth 2.0!

On this inspired self help test page, I reveal the existence of Earth 2.0. There’s a version of Earth which already exists in a parallel reality to that of the Earth. Find out if you’re allowing yourself to ramp up your vibrational frequency enough in order to move ever closer to Earth 2.0, if that's what you desire at this timing.

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By reading the bite-sized subjects on this page, perhaps you’ll be able to see whether you’ve opened up your mind enough and thus have stepped-up your vibrational frequency to a level that will allow you to experience Earth 2.0 or if you have more vibrational work to do. Take this informal inspired self help test to find out!

‘There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth - not
going all the way and not starting.’ Buddha - 563 BCE - 483 BCE

Inspired Self Help Test on Your Choice Point

This inspired self help test will assist you to gauge the level of your current understanding concerning the nature of existence, what’s important to you and what’s real. Upon clarifying these things for yourself you’ll be perfectly positioned to make an informed choice and to change direction, if you so desire.

The questions and insights on this page are not designed in ways that demand a yes or no answer. There are no answers that are empirically right or wrong, so there are no real mistakes; there are only varying degrees of your awareness of your own consciousness, and that level of awareness is controlled by you.

Inspired Self Help Test on Understanding Earth 2.0

There is another version of Earth which I call Earth 2.0. To understand that this is so, one must look into the idea that existence itself is comprised of infinite parallel realities. And that there’s no one fixed or primary reality that we can gauge by and say: yes this reality is real so that reality is not real.

All parallel realities exist simultaneously right here within the one eternal moment of Now. There is no other time or place in which they can exist. They exist at varying vibrational frequency levels which are out of range of where we’re currently vibrating, so they're invisible to us. Changing frequency reveals hidden realities.

Inspired Self Help Test on Invisible Realities

The reason we’re not already experiencing Earth 2.0 has to do with vibrational frequency. We can only see and experience those realities that we match through vibrational frequency. Perception of reality is akin to discrete television channels; all channels exist now but you only see the one you’re tuned into in any moment.

That’s why we’re not seeing and experiencing multiple versions of reality all occurring simultaneously, because we’re vibrating at a different frequency to those realities so they remain invisible to us; even though they’re always right there in front of us!

Reality Change

We experience the individual pictures or frames of reality thousands of
times per second, thereby creating the illusion of movement and change.

Inspired Self Help Test on The Nature of Creation

Within the one eternal moment of Now, there’s no time in which anything new can be created; thus creation is and always has been complete. While we’ve been led to believe that there’s an actual process called linear time, in truth, time is an illusion, an artificial construct that’s maintained by our rational 3D mind, by our belief in it.

The process of movement,
growth and continuity through
space occurs within our rational
mind, but not outside of it.

Outside of this Mind Matrix (to use a word) reality creation is already finished. Thus, if something can be imagined by us, then it logically follows that it already exists within the idea of Now and therefore it can be experienced by us providing that our belief in it is strong enough. Changing our belief causes change in vibrational frequency.

Inspired Self Help Test on The Nature of Existence

This implies that anything that can be imagined can be experienced. Because any reality imagined already exists within the idea of All That Is, which is existence itself. Anything that cannot be imagined cannot be experienced because it lies outside the realm of existence, within the realm of non-existence.

Obviously, we exist, so we have the ability and the capacity to call forth the experience of any of the infinite possible realities that exist within existence (All That Is), through our imagination. However, due to our current awareness, beliefs and corresponding vibration, we’re limited to experiencing infinite probable realities.

Inspired Self Help Test on Imagining a New Reality

So you can see that within the idea of All That Is, multiple versions of Earth are available for us to experience in varying degrees of positive and negative ideas; that are only limited by our imagination. And that the idea of a future reality experience begins in our mind through our own imagination.

All we have to do is decide
and imagine, to the best of
our ability, the kind of world
we’d prefer to experience.

For instance: through my experience of living on this version of Earth, a world of contrasting positive and negative ideas, and extremes of good and bad, right and wrong and have and have not etcetera. I now choose to live the experience of Earth 2.0 and I’m working my way towards it, through imagination of it and belief in it.

Inspired Self Help Test on Changing Reality

However, again, I must reemphasize that while our experience of reality changes, the reality itself never changes, because there's no time in which change can occur. What changes is our focus as we shift from one experience of a fixed and unchanging viewpoint of reality to another, thousands of times per second, over and over again.

To really grasp this idea, consider the analogy of viewing individual frames in a film strip from a distance. You see each frame as a discrete, unmoving and unchanging picture. However, when these individual frames are passed through a projector of light in quick succession, you see the illusion of movement.

Inspired Self Help Test on How I know About Earth 2.0

To really, mentally, grasp this understanding you’ll need to join a few dots. Remember that due to linear time being an illusion, creation is already finished. There’s only the one eternal moment of Now, so all possible realities already exist as potential for you to imagine and to activate through feeling and thus experience.

You imagine a preferred reality and then your non-physical higher self (which has a greater view) downloads a clearer idea of it to you through the channel of imagination. Thus, your (future) personal reality is really conceived by your higher self. Any reality that can be imagined exists. That’s how I know that Earth 2.0 exists.

New Earth

Tuning in to a positive or a negative idea of reality and
matching its vibrational frequency makes it visible to you!

Inspired Self Help Test on Believing in Earth 2.0 Reality

To experience any imagined reality a firm belief in the possibility that you can and will experience that reality is necessary. If you choose to believe that the reality you’re currently experiencing is the only reality available to you, then the nature of belief is to perpetuate your idea and sustain it as your experience.

First realize, thus then, that infinite possible realities are available for you to experience and that you’re only limited to experiencing infinite probable realities, due to your current awareness, beliefs and vibration. Therefore, getting clear about any reality you prefer and believing in it, is the catalyst that will shift you towards it.

Inspired Self Help Test on What it’s Like on Earth 2.0

Earth 2.0 is a reality comprised of positive self-empowering ideas. There are no national borders and thus no wars. Religion shares a common belief in One God. Non-polluting free energy technology powers that planet. Hunger, homelessness, poverty and dis-ease cannot exist in a world of brothers and sisters sharing love.

That version of Earth is populated by people who're fully consciously aware, people who’ve awoken from their dream-like state and who know that reality is akin to a dream. The main difference between inhabitants of Earth 2.0 and us is that those people know they’re dreaming and we don’t.

Inspired Self Help Test on People Not on Earth 2.0

Due to vibrating at the negative frequency of fear; power hungry, domineering, destructive, grid-minded, greedy people, who’re dominated by egotistical and self-serving thinking cannot see Earth 2.0, thus they will not experience it.

There's no judgment in that, it’s all about polarity, vibration and what those beings want to experience for their own growth, from the level of their soul. Don't fall into the trap of blaming these people, lest you lower your vibe. As we move past the idea of 2012 and the years that follow, these kinds of people will fade out of our awareness.

'By changing that frequency, by accelerating it… by stepping it up through the method of being more yourself, getting closer in alignment to your true, core, vibration, you will create a reality that makes it more likely and more probable and more possible, for any other being that operates on a similar level, to be able to interact with each and every one of you.' Bashar –

Inspired Self Help Test on Reaching Earth 2.0

To make the invisible visible in your experience, you must be in harmony and balance in all areas of your life. If you’re not in harmony and balance, then you’re not a vibrational match to the reality that you say you want to experience. You’ll be out of alignment with that reality and so that reality will remain invisible to you.

The Art of Letting Go

To get into alignment with your preferred reality and in order for that reality to become manifest for you, you need to let go of all of the ideas, people, things and action which doesn't fit with your idea of your ideal reality. Thus, if you work for a corporation that you know is purposely destroying the Earth for profit, you may want to reconsider that.

Realize that your current friends and birth family might not be destined for Earth 2.0; their soul may have other plans for them. You’ll know in your heart if this seems true. If so, in your own time, simply bless them and allow them to go in the direction they're going and move on towards your destiny without them.

The Art of Letting In

As you shuffle, review and discard all that no longer serves you, you’re allowing the new to fill that void. And what of all of the new friends who enter your experience and who share many of your views and your visions; are they not your true brothers and sisters? Are they not your real family?

And as you consciously co-create 'win win win' ideas, cooperative relationships, jobs and scenarios with the new people in your life, within the idea of your experience of life on Earth; are you not laying the foundations for that which you desire to experience with love upon the New Earth, Earth 2.0?

Get Into The Feeling Of Love

Deepak Chopra - Desire (Featuring Demi Moore)

Inspired Self Help Test on The Push and Pull

You came into this reality in order to experience the transformational age. Well, here you are and this is it. From your non-physical perspective you set an intention to move from the experience of a negatively focused version of Earth into an experience of a positively focused version, Earth 2.0, within this lifetime.

And because you hold the signature vibration of Earth 2.0 (or similar) within you, Earth 2.0 is pulling you towards the experience of it, in the same way that you’re pulling it into your experience. And you feel deep within your heart that a part of why you came here is to help to usher in this new version of Earth.

Inspired Self Help Test on Being the Change

But are you really ready for Earth 2.0? Then be the change that fits with your idea of the new reality that you say you now want to experience.

  • If you insist on holding on to old ideas and old beliefs that you know do not serve you, then you haven’t changed.

  • If you insist on sharing time with those people who’re wallowing in self-pity and self-imposed pain, then you haven't changed.

  • If you insist on supporting those who continue to destroy the Earth, even though you say that’s not what you want, then you haven’t changed.

  • If you insist on blaming those who continue to destroy the Earth, thereby placing your power outside of you, then you haven't changed.

Your experience of reality can only change once you’ve really changed.

That’s all you have to do ♥

'Everything to be imagined is an image of truth.' William Blake – 1757 – 1827

Inspired Self Help Test on How Long Will it Take?

Once you’ve fully grasped and understood what’s being said on this inspired website, you will not ask this question. You’ll understand that the idea of the movement of time is created within your own consciousness. Thus, in a sense, it’s already happened, is happening; you’re already living on Earth 2.0.

When corporations are replaced with
cooperation you’ll know you’re on Earth 2.0!

However, from this particular point of view of the greater being that you are; you came here because you wanted to experience the process of moving through space-time from the idea of a negatively focused Earth to the idea of a positively focused Earth. Therefore, relax and enjoy that journey.

Inspired Self Help Test on Being Your Truth

This page is really an outline pointing towards the direction in which I’m heading, relatively speaking, it’s my truth. If any of my dreams and visions resonate with you, please feel free to use them or adapt them to align with your idea of the kind of preferred reality you’d like to experience, and make that your truth.

Like I’ve said before, truth is a personal matter; it’s really up to you. However, since you're still reading, perhaps we’re destined to share some time together exploring Earth 2.0 in the not too distant Now Future…

Here’s to you choosing, defining, imagining, believing, feeling and thus experiencing your truth, now and for eternity, ever more

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