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What Are Your Personal Self Help
Book Recommendations?

by Anonymous

Hello, I believe I saw a list of books which you recommend on this website. However, I can't seem to find the book list again. Can you please paste the list of books that you recommend or link to the webpage containing the list of books on this personal self help page?

Thank you.


Thanks very much for your question.

Many pages of this website contain recommendations of a variety of what I consider to be the best self help books, both by title and author. However, at present the only list is a list of those people whom I consider to be self help authors.

Please copy and paste this link url into your web browser:

Or go to Start Here on this website and search for 'self help authors.'

Currently, I’m working on a new webpage entitled ‘best self help books.’ As soon as that page is finished I’ll publish it on this website and will edit this reply to contain the new link url. To know about that new page as soon as it’s published, simply subscribe to the RSS feed on the left hand side of any of the pages on this website.

Thank you.

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