Why do some people insist that life is about pain and suffering?

Mirror Man Speaks on Illusion and Suffering

Many Buddhists believe, because they’ve been taught, that the Buddha implied that life consist of being born, getting old, suffering and dying. However, for whatever reasons, there’s much distortion in that viewpoint.

The Buddha saw the truth that the circumstances of our life experience are illusional in nature. And he stated something along the lines of: by seeing this, by seeing the illusion, anyone can and naturally will avoid the suffering caused by those circumstances.

After all, over time, any and all illusional circumstances can be molded to fit your preference; so what need is there for suffering unless you choose to suffer?

Why is Jesus the man called Jesus Christ?

Mirror Man Speaks on Christ Consciousness

Jesus, the Christ, came into this game of life on earth at our request. Yes, at the level of our non-physical collective consciousness, we all decided that we’d had enough of this reality of self-imposed limitations.

So the Christ consciousness or Buddha nature of our collective consciousness, sent volunteers as representatives of its energy into this game of life on earth, in order to show us our full potential, to show us who we really are.

Jesus, being one vessel of the Christ consciousness, showed us that unconditional love of self and others is what heals all pain within our world. Choose love, therefore, and not fear, in any moment, which is the same moment, eternally.

How can I move into a parallel reality which contains a version of earth based on love?

Mirror Man Speaks on Love Action

Look, you can do it or you can do it with love, it’s always your choice. You’re going to do it anyway, so why not do it with love, whatever it is?

Can you imagine a world that’s pulsating with love because everyone in that world does it with love, whatever it is they’re doing?

Because that’s what you want, I’m imagining and realizing a world that’s vibrating at the frequency of love, for you. Will you join me, whatever it takes?