A Personal Self Help Question on Taking Inspired Action!

by Nikulas

Meeting Your Soul Mate

Meeting Your Soul Mate

I am scared that my inspired action may fail... What should I do?

A Personal Self Help Question.

I am gaining some Higher Mind inspiration that involves me asking a particular girl out on a date/ conveying my interest in a more direct manner.

She seems to be my soul mate, and even my best friend of 15 years says he sees her as the perfect match for me.

I am scared of rejection, obviously, but more importantly I am scared that if it doesn't go well, then I would have lost a bit of trust in my Higher Self.

The thing is, I feel very excited with the thought of even carrying through with this inspired action. I would love to do it, regardless of the outcome!

How can I look at this in a more positive manner?


Thanks for your question Nikulas.

Everything you experience is brought to you via your higher self. When you say: I want a romantic partner who has all of these qualities that I desire. Your higher self says something like:

OK, right, but in order for you to vibrationally reach the place where such a partner already exists, then you must also contain certain qualities. If you don't then you're not a vibrational match to the kind of person who also desires certain qualities in another. Make sense?

In order to hold a fear of rejection, you must have certain beliefs concerning rejection, such as:

Rejection is somehow bad

Rejection somehow makes me less

If I'm rejected, then it must be because I’m not worthy and etcetera

All of these beliefs can ultimately be traced back to the fears of your ego-self. All of which are caused by filtering your energy through disempowering definitions, and thus causing what can be labeled as negative beliefs. So one way to move beyond your fears is to find out what your beliefs are then redefine them.

Another way is to begin to really appreciate and love yourself and everything about your life to the point where you're 100% happy being alone. In this process any negative beliefs will naturally surface, giving you the opportunity to redefine them into beliefs that do serve and empower you.

And from that place or state of being, not having a romantic partner or soul mate really won't matter to you... ...because you love yourself unconditionally and absolutely 100%.

Furthermore, and perhaps paradoxically, from that place of self-love, a potential soul mate, who also loves their self unconditionally, in the same way that you love yourself will find you; because you will BE a vibrational match.

Redefine your beliefs and think of it in this way: until you do ask this person how she feels about you, in whatever way you feel inspired to do so, you'll never know if she's the one or not. If she is the one, great, then your challenge is over. And if she's not the one; then that simply means that there's an even better match for you. Either way, you can’t lose my friend :)

Always remember that your higher self is you. And because it loves you unconditionally, ultimately it will never lead you astray, even though it might sometimes seem that way; guaranteed ♥

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Sep 02, 2012
You Can't Lose!
by: Eddie (site owner)

Full power to you Nikulas and thanks for the question, Eddie :)

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