A Question for the Self Help Guide
on Worship!

by ursixx

<em>Unconditional Love Is You!</em>

Unconditional Love Is You!

Questioner asks the Self Help Guide - is Worship Necessary?

Or is worship merely a dogmatic tool of control?

And adds - I would think that a creator would be satisfied with acknowledgement and so would neither demand things like worship and postulation, nor desire them either.


Thanks for your question ursixx, I moved it to this self help guide page as it's more relevant to this subject.

I think it’s important to remain positive when looking into the whole idea of worship. After all, if someone is using the idea of worship as a tool in order to allow them to experience more things like peace and love in their reality, then in that sense worship can be seen as a positive exercise.

Of course, as you imply, throughout history, in certain cultures man’s negative ego-structure has used things like religion and worship as dogmatic tools of control and manipulation. However, it’s up to each individual to discover for themselves whether this is the case for them or not. Understanding is the key that will assist each individual to know whether any particular kind of worship is indeed serving them or perhaps hindering them on their journey to self-realization.

Therefore, as you touch upon in your question, know that Creator, God or All That Is never demands worship or postulation from anyone, period! Furthermore, Creator doesn’t even require that you acknowledge Its existence and neither does It care what you call It! Why? Because All That Is loves you (each one of us, yes including you the reader) absolutely and unconditionally!

Creator loves us so much that It even allows us to 'buy into' belief systems such as: "God absolutely demands our worship and postulation if we’re to receive His love" – but in truth that’s merely a reflection which tells us of how unconditionally we are actually loved by All That Is – that’s the true meaning of unconditionally loving ♥

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on Worship!

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Sep 30, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi there, i have a question about Self Help Guide
on Worship? can anyone guide me about it?

Jun 12, 2015
Good post
by: Cierra Zulauf

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May I publish your article on my site?
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Many thanks for answering!

Feb 04, 2014
Self realization...
by: ursixx

Self realization is the key. Just makes you wonder how many people in dogmatic situations are encouraged to explore this? And if they were would they remain in that situation? Thanks for the answer and love the heart picture

Feb 02, 2014
Much Appreciation
by: Eddie (site owner)

Thanks for posting this question ursixx. Perhaps it will assist others in gaining more insight into the whole idea of worship.

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