A Self Help Marriage Question
on Marriage Proposal Acceptance

by Anonymous

I Hear Wedding Bells...

I Hear Wedding Bells...

Do I need to kill the doubt that’s holding me back or just forget the whole thing?

A Self Help Marriage Question.

I think I understand how the Law of Attraction (LOA) works. However, I’m wondering: if I think (believe) that there's only one way to achieve a Marriage Proposal Acceptance and I don't take that way; whether the Universe will bring it to me via an alternate method?

Do I need to kill the doubt that’s holding me back first? Or should I just forget the whole thing?

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for your question.

After reading your question a couple of times, it seems as though the answer you seek is right there within the question. By thinking and believing that there’s only one way for the Universe to bring anything to you, you may indeed be hindering its ability to bring your desire to you in the fastest and most appropriate manner.

Once you’ve set your intention for anything, you must imagine (visualize), feel and believe your desire into your reality. Once you’ve done this work, it pays to get out of your own way and allow the Universe, through the LOA, to do its job of lining up your desires for you. This means you must trust 100% that your desire is being fulfilled in perfect timing.

Once you’ve done the mental and emotional work, forgetting all about your desire is an excellent way for you to receive it in the fastest time. Remember: you can Have, Be or Do anything you want and the only thing that’s really stopping your manifestations is your own resistance to your own idea, caused by distrust, disbelief, worry and doubt.

Intend your desire by seeing and feeling the end result. And then forget about it by relaxing and enjoying your life. Only do that which brings you joy. Live your life in the Now Moment. Do all of these things to the best of your ability and before very long, all of your desires will BE your reality.

Happy manifesting my friend ♥

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on Marriage Proposal Acceptance

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Nov 30, 2012
by: Eddie (site owner)

Thanks very much for your question :)

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