A Self Help Tutorials Question on
the Nature of Physical Matter

by George
(London, UK)

An Atom

An Atom

A Self help Tutorials Question

Are you saying that the physical world we live in does not really exist? I’m beginning to see the logic in your argument, but I’m finding it very hard to accept what you say as truth. Surely, in all the years that man has existed on the earth, scientists and other people would have discovered that the nature of physical matter is illusion and that info would be general knowledge by now?

Do you mean to say that apparently, even though scientists do not see what you are saying, that you have worked it out on your own? I’d like to believe you, but as far as I’m concerned I have to deal with the reality that’s right in front of my eyes and that’s a reality of physical matter.

Having said that, I do enjoy reading your views on the nature of reality; I simply have to stick with my beliefs and what I see in my daily life, until such a time that I see something different.

Thank you for your time.


London, UK


Thanks for asking these question George.

First of all, you assume that scientists have some kind of monopoly on understanding reality, whereas, generally, in truth, scientists belong to what could be referred to as a 'belief club.'

However, if you dig for yourself, you’ll discover that many scientists and others, throughout history, have discovered certain Universal truths that seem to contrast or contradict scientific theories or beliefs; including the idea that physical matter doesn’t have an objective reality of its own; or at least there’s no scientific evidence that matter exists independently of a conscious observer.

In matters of the nature of existence, I would never ask anyone to believe me at face value. I spent approximately 20 years reading and researching other people’s views on the nature of existence, thus I did not arrive at my understanding without input from many others. However, for whatever reasons, I always approached other people’s views with an open mind and by asking this question: why would they say those things unless they believed them to be true?

By believing that you have to stick with your beliefs until such a time that you see something different, you’re creating a self-perpetuating 'belief loop.' Once you realize that there is no reality other than any reality that you’ve defined, imagined and believed in; then you realize that changing your beliefs results in changing the reality that you’ll experience.

In this transformational age, more and more people are starting to realize that the nature of one’s personal reality is defined by one’s personal beliefs. All versions of reality are available to you. Which version do you now prefer to experience? Get clear about and define that, imagine that, believe in that and then, over time, that newly preferred reality will be your truth!

Never take anybody’s word or blindly believe in anything. Relax your mind and use discernment to examine, observe and feel how it feels to you. And then make that truth your own.


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the Nature of Physical Matter

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Aug 10, 2018
Matter's objective reality NEW
by: OE

You wrote "at least there’s no scientific evidence that matter exists independently of a conscious observer."

With all due respect , this statement is easily refuted . There is certainly scientific evidence that Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old and there is also the scientific evidence that humans or even much more primitive life which could be considered a conscious Observer did not exist until billions of years after that. So this means that matter did exist independently of a conscious Observer. There are also constant examples of astronomical events which occurred even billions of years before the Earth was created and have traveled through space all this time before there were any conscious Observers. For example Supernova that exploded say, eight billion years ago would be proof that that matter existed prior to any conscious Observer.

On a entirely different level, measurements of matter's Mass, velocity, and location can be measured by scientific instruments which do not have any consciousness. Furthermore, those measurements could be recorded during a time for example when an observer was sleeping or otherwise unconscious. This would show that there is a continuity and external, objective reality independent of any particular conscious Observer.

PS by the way did you know that this webpage does not display this input window correctly in the portrait mode of most mobile phones? I had to answer this by going into landscape mode. Which makes the keyboard very small and thus difficult to type

Apr 22, 2016
According to the scientist worker
by: Anonymous

Scientists work day & night according to the research period, but they have more holidays to spend with their family and friends.

Oct 22, 2015
A Self Help Tutorials Question on the Nature of Physical Matter
by: Anonymous

Well perhaps this is on account of individuals are beginning to sense that mankind is truly one indispensable, interconnected and related body which comprises of individual (cells) individuals all around the globe. The eye opener about this shared reliance is that when we consider the physical body, at whatever point a cell works just for the benefit of itself and not in solidarity with alternate cells for the benefit of the body, that is the meaning of disease. So this conveys us to scrutinize, what's happening with humankind?

Nov 30, 2012
Great Dialogue
by: Eddie (site owner)

Thanks for a great dialogue George.

Feel free to ask more questions or to simply make a statement containing your truth. In the end, everybody is right, based upon what they've consciously remembered and what they know from their current perspective :)

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