An Online Self Help Question on Being Rich
& Getting Everything You Want

by Selvin
(Costa Rica)

<i>Relax, Enjoy and Allow to Receive in Perfect Timing!</i>

Relax, Enjoy and Allow to Receive in Perfect Timing!

I desire to be financially rich. Do you really have everything you want?

An Online Self Help Question.

Dear Eddie, I saw an answer you wrote to someone on and I could see that you have had a long journey in order to have the knowledge you have now.

Before I ask my question let me tell you the materials I have read:

1. The Science of getting Rich
2. Think and Grow Rich
3. A lot of material by Neville Goddard

As you can see I feel that I have the desire to be rich, and by rich I mean to have a lot of money. But I feel lost, I have been feeling miserable even when I have everything (a beautiful wife and daughters, a very good job, etc.) But I don't feel at peace with my life.

My question is: do you really have everything you want? I mean, with the kind of knowledge you have, you should be able to create everything you want. I want to believe but it is so difficult some times. I would like to know if this {LOA - Ed.} really works or if I should be competitive and aggressive in business and in my work in order to be successful, like many of the great millionaires out there.

Thank you for your guidance Eddie.


Hi Selvin, thanks for asking your questions.
I moved the thread to this web page as it is to do with LOA success :-)

First of all, please accept my apologies for taking so long to reply. The reason is that I took a 4 year hiatus (2013 to 2017) from creating new content on my website. And upon returning to it around September 2017 had to completely overhaul and update every page and have only recently finished that work.

However, it’s really interesting that you ask about the subject of being rich. And to reply I’ll tell you what happened regarding this very website and my 4 year hiatus. Please bear with me...

Originally, just like you, my goal was to become extremely rich. Prior to 2009 I had placed my trust and also invested all of my savings with others, who were my friends at the time. However, rather than becoming rich not only did I lose all of the money I’d invested, but I also lost my friends.

The LOA in Action – not always as you think it will be.

That experience was obviously the opposite of what I wanted, but I learned a lot and the contrast of it sparked a desire within me. And that desire was to create an online presence and generate a lot of income from it. Previously I just wanted to be rich for the sake of it and at any cost, but now I wanted to create income by doing the thing I love to do, namely writing about the nature of existence.

However, even that desire was a merely a stepping stone to something else. During the creation of my website I learned so much more about myself and the nature of existence, but the one thing that didn’t happen was being able to generate any money from my website. Nevertheless I continued creating new material and updating my website because I really loved doing it, until...

One day in 2012 a friend offered me an opportunity of earning some extra money. I took the opportunity and within 6 months, sometime in 2013 the new business bloomed and I was so busy and making so much money that I couldn’t find any time to work on my website. I began making between US$5,000 to US$8,000 every month...

Do I have everything I want?

I paid off my credit card and all other debts, moved to a new house, bought a brand new motorbike, bought a brand new car, have been on several foreign holidays’ etcetera. So yes, right now I do have everything I want, but what I want is always changing because new desires are always arising…

All About Timing!

The point of this story is that I really got it. I learned that you can do all of the manifesting work you want to, but unless the timing is right nothing will happen so your desire will not manifest! Of course, the timing is linked to your state of being, so you have to continue working on yourself and doing the mental and emotional work necessary. You need to prepare yourself by repeatedly being in the state of allowing it to happen, albeit in perfect timing.


And then through synchronicity, all of the pieces will fall into place and thus your desire will manifest. But always remember that life is a continual state of becoming, so new desires and movement towards those desires is always ongoing. That is to say, you will never reach a place where you can say: "yes, I’ve finally arrived!" Therefore, using advanced reason and logic, it makes perfect sense to do the amount of work on yourself that you feel is necessary and then simply relax and enjoy your life!

Zero Expectation!

If, as you say, you’re feeling miserable and you’re not at peace with your life, then the usual culprit is "expectation." Think about it, when you have an expectation such as being rich within a certain time frame, and it doesn’t work out in the way, and let’s be honest, that your ego-self wants it to work out then you become disappointed. So it’s best to drop expectation and replace it with positive expectancy.

Furthermore, in my view it’s much better to appreciate all that you currently have in your life right now, such as your beautiful wife and daughters and your very good job. Then relax and enjoy your life. And thus you’ll be in the vibrational state of allowing. That is to say, you’ll be perfectly positioned by being lined up with all that you desire, so the Universe can bring it to you.

All the best!

PS. I’m pretty sure that if you were the aggressive type then you wouldn’t even be asking about it.

PPS. Never stop learning!

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& Getting Everything You Want

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Apr 10, 2018
Excellent Questions on LOA Success!
by: Eddie (site owner)

Thanks for your great questions Selvin.
All the best!

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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