An Online Self Help Question on
How to Easily Allow the LOA

by Liam

Allowing Success

Allowing Success

Can you show me how to apply the Law of Attraction (LOA), like you would show a child how to ride a bike?

An Online Self Help Question.

Hi Eddie, I recently read your post on IQ, entitled: 'Are you a non-believer of LOA?' Thanks for your post.

I'd like to ask you for your input regarding the law of attraction (LOA) – I have been struggling (failing) with the LOA subject for 10+ years, coming back to it periodically every now and again (like now!) :-)

Since working with the LOA I do know a little bit more about myself. I'm a left brain thinker and modeler, e.g. I was a computer programmer for several years. So when I learn a new skill, I usually watch someone do the thing I am learning and copy them. Things always have to be very tangible for me and they need to add up.

My wife is the opposite, she 'imagines' everything about her future and life etcetera, whereas I am 'more real', and I’ve discovered I have real challenges with imagining my ideal future.

So my question to you is: It’s not that I don't believe the LOA, but can anyone show/teach/prove to me how to use it in a tangible way? (I.e. as that's how I learn, and attract something specific to me.) The way I think about it is, I can drive a vehicle, and I know it works… So much so that I know I can show someone else how to drive a vehicle. Therefore, is it possible for me to get a similar experience with
the LOA?

Because at the minute when I look at a CAR (LOA), I just see/get a lump of metal, not the joy of it taking me to places I couldn't get to myself (i.e. attracting things!)

Anyway thanks for your sharing, hope to hear back from you on this!




Hi Liam, thanks for asking this question, I moved it to this page as it’s to do with success :-)

The first thing is I don’t believe that ultimately there’s really such a thing as failure. We all make errors and mistakes and we learn and grow from them, and that process brings us ever closer to the success we desire, however one defines success. As you say, even in your so-called ‘failure’ you learned more about yourself.

Based upon your left-brained, rational and perhaps scientific mindset, it seems to me that it might be helpful for you to start with the assumption that the LOA is indeed real; and then you can use the process of deductive reasoning to prove to yourself that it has indeed been working. So for the sake of this answer, let’s assume that the LOA is real and it has always been operating flawlessly in your life.

So what does that tell you? It tells you that whatever things, people and experiences you have in your life right now, you attracted to you unerringly, without the possibility of the LOA failing you. Remember that the LOA is merely a term describing vibrational resonance, in which like energy attracts like energy.

Think about some of the things, people and experiences you wanted five years ago or even a few months ago. Now look around you. Can you honestly say that you didn’t want those things that you now have in your life? Every few months I’m reminded of desires I once had that are now a part of my physical experience and I appreciate that. And furthermore, I know that my desires manifested due to my lack of resistance towards them.

What about the things you wanted, but haven’t yet seen the evidence of? Think about, identify and examine your beliefs concerning the things you lack? Remember: if you don’t really believe you can have a thing, even though you say you want it, then you’re creating resistance to your own idea. Until you can relax your resistance and start allowing, what’s wanted will remain invisible to you.

Another way you can to prove to yourself that the LOA works is to spend a few minutes thinking of a simple thing, a red banana for instance. Think about it in the morning, perhaps while taking a shower, really see it in your mind’s eye and then completely forget about it and go about your day.

This requires that you’re vigilant so that when this object pops into your reality you’re aware and remember that you imagined it earlier. There’s a very good book called ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach which illustrates this idea very clearly. Perhaps you should get yourself a copy if the idea resonates with you.

So there are ways that you can prove to you that the LOA is working for you. Although, unless you’re prepared to join a LOA group or course or program and learn directly from a mentor, I don’t think anyone can prove it to you absolutely. Because no one else holds your beliefs, feels your feelings, acts and thinks as you do towards your desire - that is clear.

So in that sense, learning about the LOA is not the same as learning something by rote, parrot style, it’s more about imagining what’s wanted, feeling good about it, believing it’s possible for you, and then practicing allowing it to manifest in physicality in perfect timing. Of course it’s very helpful to start from a place of knowing for yourself that the LOA is a fundamental law of the Universe.

Additionally, to assist you with allowing, it’s helpful to realize that because we live in a space-time reality, obviously then, it takes time for our dreams and desires to manifest. How much time always depends upon an individual’s state-of-being. And the time delay is all well and good, at least until we all individually and collectively get the hang of working with instant manifestations :-)

You say you have trouble imagining your future. I say look around you to see what you’ve already imagined, good or bad, in your terms. How do you think you get from the present to the future if not through your own imagination and belief in it? I always suggest that we relax into this. Assume it works, see and feel the end result and then forget about it. Relax and enjoy your life and in so doing, you’ll allow all that you say you want to manifest in the fastest time.

Personally, I understand the physics and the mechanics behind the LOA, but rather than continually demanding specific manifestations, I prefer to live a relaxed and happy life in which I feel good. From this vibrational state-of-being my life is only filled with things that I consider to be good. And that goodness is never ending, because the stream of joy coming to everyone who allows it to do so is infinite and eternal ♥

All the best Liam.

Eddie :)

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How to Easily Allow the LOA

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Aug 16, 2017
by: Anonymous

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Nov 14, 2013
Many Thanks!
by: Eddie (site owner)

Thanks Liam,

Wishing you every success!


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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

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