Can the self help author/Mirror Man Please Tell Me How I Can Have Unwavering Faith?

by Nikulas

A question on Unwavering Faith for the self help author / Mirror Man.

Hi Mirror Man

I'm curious to know how one can just decide, in almost an instant, that they are "just gonna have faith" in order to manifest something they really want. Surprisingly, based on testimonials from all sorts of sources (the most popular being Christian followers), this method does in fact seem to work.

Being of no religious background, though with a history and knowledge of various religions, metaphysics and practices; how can I apply this particular method?

For example: I really need a job that can both support me and is an extension of my passion... so I'm simply going to have faith.

Can you please cover all of the details and troubleshooting with this approach?

Thank you, love and light,

Nikulas <3


Mirror Man Speaks on Unwavering Faith

It’s important to understand that any tool that resonates with you, any tool that you’ve attracted to you, will work for you, as long as you can believe, without doubt, that it will. That’s why from a deeper level of comprehension, any tools that people use to empower themselves, including religious tools, are never criticized.

Faith is another word for belief, albeit a kind of strong blind belief, in the sense that it’s not absolute knowing which comes from total understanding. If the idea of unwavering faith works for you or for anyone else, it’s not another’s job to devalue that idea in any way. Can you personally 100% believe that faith alone will work for you? That’s beyond doubt. That’s unwavering.

In this, the transformational age, you’re re-learning about things which, for your own reasons, you’ve deliberately forgotten about. You’re remembering more of who you really are.

Remembering and thus understanding the idea of absolute knowing is the most powerful and the only thing you really need. Absolute knowing is more powerful than mere faith or blind belief. By knowing that because you create 100% of your experience of reality, thus, then, you’ll know that you can change your experience into one you prefer; no matter what that is!

You created the kinds of circumstances you now perceive as your reality, by whatever you focused upon and most believed to be true for you. Whatever you most believe to be true is always what will become true for you. So the place to start is to look around you, to look at your life and to realize that you did create the experience of all of it; no matter how it is for you.

And upon that realization you’ll say, yes it’s true: I did focus upon this and upon that and so I’m responsible for all of it. No one else is responsible because no one else creates my reality for me. Now you’re in a place of real self-empowerment, you’re no longer a victim of circumstance and you no longer blame anyone else for the experience of reality that you’ve created for yourself.

By knowing that you do create 100% of your own experience of reality, you’ll know that you can create whatever kind of experience you now desire to. By knowing that whatever you can really believe in will become your experience, you’ll be more aware of and pay more attention to the focus of your thoughts and definitions.

By knowing and trusting that the Universe has no choice other than to bring a reflection of that which you most believe to be true to you; you’ll know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the circumstances of your life experience must and so will reflect the change you desire, the change that you’ve decided to BE.

Remember: Never focus on ‘how’ this will occur. The Universe (All That Is) is far too complex for any single expression of It (you) to orchestrate the way and the method of manifesting your desire. If you focus on the ‘how’ then you’re actively hindering the Universe from doing Its job.

Think of it this way: Up to this point, the Universe has supported you 100%, by bringing the essence of your thoughts and beliefs to you as your experiential reality. Really examine your life and absolutely know that this is true; then you’ll know that the Universe will support you 100% in any job that you’re passionate about, guaranteed!

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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