Does the self help author/Mirror Man have any tips on Maintaining the Path to Peace?

by Kevin

A question on the Path to Peace for the self help author/Mirror Man.

Does Mirror Man have any tips, other than repetition and practice to help the information I've learned stick with me?

At times I've felt a rush come over me, and my brain 'gets it' and I feel an amazing sense of peace and oneness...

However, as time goes on my thoughts wander and I cannot comprehend how to get back to that place… It’s almost sporadic. Thank you.


Mirror Man Speaks on the Path to Peace

Is it really necessary to practice that which you fundamentally already know at the core of your being? Learning is the same as remembering, in the sense that each expression of spirit is already a Master Creator. The idea of the self-imposed artificial veil or mask which you’ve placed upon your consciousness is the only reason that you do not consciously remember all that you know.

In order to have an experience in physicality, certain limitations of consciousness are necessary. For without them, the idea of separation from All That Is could not be played out. However, in this transformational life experience, you’re remembering the Oneness of Love that you are.

The way to get back to the feeling of Oneness is twofold: first and foremost, act upon whatever it is that excites you and brings you joy, to the best of your ability, in every moment that you can. Second, do not focus on the idea that there’s something that you don’t know and therefore, that you must somehow, ‘try’ to know. Worry and doubt holds your vibrational frequency down.

By acting upon your, excitement, joy and bliss within the idea of Now, you’re raising your vibrational frequency to the place where the remembering of Oneness is. Only by raising your frequency can you consciously reach that place of Love and Oneness which IS the peace you desire. That’s all you have to do.

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