Free Self Help Article My New Red Car

by Tony
(Ontario, Canada)

Think Positive!

Think Positive!

I agree with your techniques about the law of attraction on this free self help article page.

I have been studying Metaphysics for over 25yrs and it took a while to get my consciousness in line with the universe. I do believe we can create what we need if we only realize it might come in a way we might not be expecting. And yes we must believe it will happen.

My wife and I were talking about getting a new car. At the time we believed we could spend around $200.00 per month. So we took the time to pray and meditate together, stating that the car was to be red, what it should contain and what we thought the payment should be.

Then went out to our first dealer. At our very first dealer we told the sales person what we wanted and he thought it was not realistic and he had us talk to the manager. We told the manager our vision of the kind of car we wanted and what we could afford.

Sitting in the show room was this beautiful red sports car that we did not pay attention to thinking it was too much money. The manager had the sales person drive it out of the show room and said he would sell us this car for $225.00 per month. He then said, drive this car to the other dealers and compare. It was around 10am and he said to have the car back by 4pm.

So off we went to the other dealers. As we talked to the other dealers we were told that they could not compete with this price. So we had lunch and knew this was the car manifesting for us. We bought that red car and had many years of use from it.

Today, many years later, I do not check to see if it's a good deal, I just say thank you to the Universe.

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Nov 04, 2015
I am exploring
by: David karoom

I am exploring this subject as part of a report I need to do on possible careers I might choose. Thank you for your post it has valuable information on this topic.

Nov 04, 2015
I am currently
by: Tyson Hemmant

I am currently writing a research report and I have been exploring your blog for a few hours. Thank you for your post it proved helpful for me.

Oct 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

This is an wonderful website. It is very informative website which have a lot of articles about Inspired self help and shortcuts. So thank you to share it here.

Sep 22, 2011
Great Story!
by: Eddie (Site Owner)

Thanks for that inspiring story Tony. We never know how the Universe will rearrange things to accommodate our desires, so staying positive is a must :)

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