How do I best get in touch with my higher self?

by Gabriele
(Cologne, Germany)

Go Into The Silence...

Go Into The Silence...

A Question for the Self Help Guide on Getting in touch with Higher Self!

Questioner asks the Self Help Guide – How do I best get in touch with my higher self?

And adds - Dear all, I have a lot of blockages and huge fears and actually know that I am responsible for them myself... I believe in the power of the universe, but I feel so sorry for myself and cry and hate myself for it... So it's clear that I create deficiency... I really want to be a better person... But my bad thoughts and bad feelings and the constant crying make it very difficult for me... I always think that everyone else is much stronger than me... I thank you from the bottom of my heart {for being} a kind of guide or {for showing a} way of what I can do so that I can finally appreciate and love myself and also feel this... In love and gratitude! Gabi


Thanks for the question you asked on the self help guide page Gabi.

Aside from wanting to re-connect with your higher self, it’s evident that you have a lot of other questions. I do believe that all of your concerns can be resolved if you make the necessary adjustments to your mind to achieve balance and harmony. Thus, I’ll do my best to address your questions below. Always use discernment or trust your gut concerning any information from others.

1. Awareness is the key to understanding all issues and challenges in your life and to being in a position where you can change things for the better – and in that process to regain control of your mind. Your ego-self mind likes to engage in endless self-chatter or internal dialogue about myriads of subjects and this in turn causes you to be on an emotional rollercoaster.

Thus, the place to begin is by being aware of your consciousness in each moment that you’re able to at this time – this is conscious awareness. This means to become aware of the part of your mind, your ego-self, that’s generating fearful and negative thoughts and beliefs, which in turn cause negative emotion and behavior.

Whenever any thought arises in your mind, simply acknowledge it and let it go. The more you focus upon a thought the bigger and more real it becomes to you, and it will attract similar thoughts to it, so letting it go diminishes it’s power. A lot of people find meditation to be helpful in the process of conscious awareness.

Whenever you catch yourself drifting along with, following or buying into the idea of whatever thought is active in your mind rather than letting it go, it’s important to forgive yourself for your temporary unawareness. Remember: awareness of your unawareness is awareness all the same! Ultimately, the most important thing you can do, as much as is possible for you, is to constantly be aware of the now moment or the silence. That is to say, to be aware of your consciousness and nothing else – this is conscious awareness.

Continue doing this process until your thoughts are less frequent. To help with this process it’s helpful to start your day by reading, watching or listening to spiritual or loving information. In that way the thoughts you do have will begin to be more positive. At this stage you need to be very picky about everything you pay attention to each and every day. Refrain from watching any horror and dark themed TV shows.

2. Important: DO NOT watch any mainstream news as it is heavily invested in negativity. Be assured that anything of importance to you personally will naturally find its way into your experience, guaranteed! However, refraining from TV and other news media can be difficult due to the actual fact that you have been conditioned since birth to believe in it. Please realize that it’s called television programing for a reason – to program you to believe that the current narrative being peddled is real or true and therefore is somehow important, when in truth it’s irrelevant to you unless you choose to buy into the idea of it!

At the end of the day just before sleeping I always watch 20 minutes of animated comedy, that way the last thing your conscious mind will absorb will be light and joyful. Aside from helping you to not have negative dreams, doing this will help with the kinds of thoughts you have when you arise each morning.

3. Once you are more consciously aware you’ll be more in balance, which means that your lower physical mind or ego-self will be tuned more with your heart center. From this place you’ll begin loving yourself more and forgiving yourself for any perceived wrong doing, which is really misunderstanding, that you’ve done. Remember: the only person judging you is you and this is only possible due to the beliefs you hold!

Once your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavior are in balance with the self-love from your heart center, your vibration will begin to rise. The thing to remember about your higher self is that it’s not separate from you, it is you. So what you are doing is not connecting to your higher self, you are reminding yourself of the already existing connection. That is to say, you are re-minding yourself to re-member the connection that has always existed and always will exist.

This can only be achieved by raising your vibration to the vicinity of the vibration where your higher (vibrational) self exists. In this way, you are able to perceive what has remained invisible to you as long as you are at a lower vibration and out of the higher vibrational frequency range where your higher self exists.

Once you’ve raised your vibrational frequency you’ll notice more synchronicities in your life. In addition, you’ll have insights and receive inspiration in a multitude of ways. While you might receive a positive thought concerning something to act upon, it could just as easily be an image in your mind; after all, imagination is the channel of your higher self.

4. At all times remember to use discernment via your emotional guidance system to know if you’re on track or if indeed you’re out of alignment with the path your higher self has determined, via your feedback, is in your best interest. Good feeling is always an indication that you’re on track and bad feeling indicates that your current thoughts are out of alignment with the path your higher self wants you to take!

I’ve written in much more detail about all of the subjects in this reply on this website. For more information simply open any page and search for a subject, such as awareness, self-love or higher self.

Dear friend, I sincerely wish you all the best!

Peace "of" Love ♥

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Jun 02, 2021
Thanks for your Question Gabriele
by: Eddie (site owner)

Thanks for taking the time to share your question and concerns. I sincerely wish that my reply will help you and others in some way ♥

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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