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Online self help insights that help to steer you towards the success you deserve. Once you’re truly ready to experience success in all areas of your life, then you'll find these inspired insights and shortcuts invaluable. Of course, the ultimate meaning of success is a personal matter and always depends upon how you've defined success.

However, no matter how much financial wealth or how many material objects we have, I think we can all agree that living a stress-free healthy life goes a long way towards the true meaning of a successful life experience. After all, if you're not happy and feeling good it's unlikely that you be able to enjoy any other success you've gained!

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This online self help shortcuts page is LOA (2) of the Law of Attraction program. I’ll present you with some of the mind tools which helped me to gain more free time in my life. Then I’ll offer insights into living a more harmonious and balanced life. And I’ll present a few practical and useful tools to help you to allow more financial and material success into your life.

'Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.' Thomas Jefferson – 1743 – 1826

Online Self Help Insight to Creating a Flow

I’ve noticed that several people I know frequently fail to complete all of their tasks or things they want to do, on a regular basis. And due to this back-load their previously unfinished tasks also get added to their next day’s to do list, making it almost impossible for them to achieve all of those things as well.

This online self help insight suggests selecting only three things to do each and every day.

This tasks build up action goes on day in and day out and eventually they feel overwhelmed, irritated and frustrated. As a result of being overwhelmed they actually get very little done each day. And then, due to their feelings of frustration many people fall into procrastination and their lives begin to stagnate. One solution to this is to set a goal of doing only three tasks per day. Create a tasks list as indicated below and begin...

     Create A Tasks List

  1. Write out all of your current tasks in a single list

  2. Pick the 3 most important or urgent tasks

  3. Write the 3 tasks on today's calendar

  4. Complete all 3 of today's tasks

  5. Repeat this process everyday

Do your best in a cheerful and relaxed manner to stick to doing the three tasks on your tasks list every day. Get into the habit of doing only three tasks every day, but make sure that you do all of them. Prioritize and don’t worry about the tasks that are not on your list for today as they'll be completed on another day. Note: Your daily task items should not only be work related, they must also include anything that you've promised yourself or someone else that you'll do.

Once you’ve been doing the three tasks every day for a while, you’ll notice that it’s easy to get things done and your life will flow more smoothly.

And because you’re no longer stuck in procrastination, due to trying to do too many things at once and thereby actually doing very little, you’ll be more optimistic and less stressed, thus you'll be happy and feel good. At the end of each day think about the tasks you've completed and congratulate yourself. After all, compared to your previous state of being overwhelmed or stressed and achieving very little, you really do deserve a nice pat on the back. Well done

'No one can cheat you out of ultimate success but yourself.' Ralph Waldo Emerson – 1803 – 1882

Online Self Help Insight to Paying It Forward

Shortly after I started consciously practicing doing things now rather than later I realized that my life had started flowing easily and harmoniously. Miraculously, these days not only do I get everything done, but I actually gain free time in my life as well. How is that possible I hear you ask?

I developed a system called Super Pay It Forward. Aside from the important daily tasks, this online self help shortcut includes doing anything and everything that at some point you know you must do. Things like: doing the dishes, planning a trip, helping a friend or replying to an email, you get the idea.

Rather than leaving the dirty dishes until later or delaying writing that email, which I know must be written and hence, being a victim of my own procrastination - whatever it is I do it now! However, there must be a balance between importance and flexibility, they're your rules and adding stress is not the goal!

And in that moment you'll know that, somehow, you've gained time. And now you have free time to do whatever it is that pleases you and that's a great feeling indeed.

Nature of time is always now!

Once you’re in the habit of doing things as and when they arise, meaning that you normally do them now, lack of time is no longer an issue for you because you always have plenty of free time. By being efficient and doing things now your life becomes stress-free and you move past all procrastination!

The beauty of this online self help shortcut system is that you'll definitely know when you've mastered it. Because one day you'll intend to do something and you'll have the fantastic realization that because you’ve moved past procrastination and have become so efficient, you’ve already done it!

Deeper level - understand (remember) and thus realize that always doing things now means paying it forward to a future version of you. And because a former version of you paid it forward to you the current version of you didn’t have to do a thing, but still received the full benefit. It’s all you and it's all now...

Online Self Help Insight to Appreciation

Now that you’re living a more flowing and less stressed life and you have more free time on your hands, begin appreciating all of the good things already in your life. Look around you, there really is no end to all of the things currently in your life for you to appreciate, love and be thankful for. Appreciation always brings more to appreciate.

In our Universe of vibrational attraction, loving and appreciating nets us more to love and appreciate!

The simple act of acknowledging and appreciating activates the vibration of more. When you love and appreciate everything as often as possible, doors open to more things, people and experiences for you to appreciate. To go deeper into appreciation read this LOA (6) inspired self help skill page and then watch the success that’s sure to follow you.

'Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.' Richard Bach –

Online Self Help Insight to Clarifying Success

Through the contrast of what you’ve been living, new desires are automatically born within you. Your desires are your preferences that are formed by you, based upon what's gone before in your experience of life thus far. You like or prefer a certain type of vehicle, the make, model and color etcetera, no one needs to tell you these things. However, previously, you may have had a belief system running that said something like: I’ll never be able to afford that vehicle or I’ll have to work extremely hard to get it etcetera.

Now consider this: if you don’t know that you can’t do something, you can and if you don’t know that you can do something, you can’t. In other words, it’s your own belief which determines what you’ll allow yourself to experience or not experience at any given time. I’m here to remind you that you can definitely have anything you really desire, and that you are the only one who’s holding the things that you say you want away from you, by your resistant, self-limiting or negative thoughts and beliefs.

Observe all of your actions, words, thoughts and beliefs and adjust them where necessary.

Moving towards the success you desire is really simply about identifying your preferences and knowing that, because you create your own experience of reality, your desires must manifest into your experience. By believing that they will and by releasing all negative resistance, evidence of your desires must materialize.

However, in order for the Universe to bring exactly what you want to you in the fastest time; it pays to be clear about which things or experiences you desire at this time. So be as clear and specific as possible with your preferences, then relax and enjoy your life. If you're sending out mixed or unclear signals to the Universe, such as: I’d like it, but I can’t afford it, then the law of attraction must respond to your automatic vibrational requests and you'll get mixed results. It's nothing personal; it's simply how it works.

Online Self Help Insight to Clearing Negative Beliefs

If you truly understand that we create our own reality by our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behavior (aka state of being), but you're still having problems creating the kind of life you want. Then these online self help shortcuts suggest that you might need to become aware of and release some of the unconscious self-limiting beliefs that you hold.

Learn how to move past thoughts that are hindering your progress in achieving the success you deserve.

Many people have negative or self-limiting beliefs concerning money, sometimes without even being aware of them. To find out if you're one of those people, focus on the object of your desire and not on the money needed to buy it, and see if that helps. And read through this LOA (1) inspired self help free shortcuts page to uncover self-limiting beliefs.

Online Self Help Insight to Imagination

Whatever it is that you really want, focus on that and imagine or visualize already having it. Place yourself in the picture in your imagination. It’s important to feel as if the object of your desire is already yours. Have faith (believe) that it is already yours and don’t entertain any thoughts to the contrary through worry and doubt!

Because we create our own experience of reality, we're the producers and directors of our own lives. This means that you can definitely have anything you desire and using these online self help shortcuts will speed up the process. Life really does work like that. The Universe, through the law of attraction, will bring us anything that we ask for, but it needs images, feelings and clarity from us in order to quickly bring those things and experiences into our life.

Thus, to be successful: our work is to be clear about what it is that we really want and send that message to the Universe and don’t doubt that we’ll receive it and we will receive it. In other words, all that's needed is to be specific about what we want while imagining and feeling as if we already have it. For practical ways in which you can begin attracting money and things into your life, read what's being said on this LOA (3) free self help article page.

'Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.' Kahlil Gibran – 1883 - 1931

Online Self Help Insight to Doubting Your Desire

Not only will doubt keep you from successful manifestation of your desires, but it'll bring unwanted things into your life as well. Because of your doubt concerning a positive or successful outcome you're allowing for the possibility of an unwanted outcome, by offering negative thoughts and feelings towards it.

For instance: let’s say that your important mail frequently gets lost in the post. So you visit your local mail center and you advise the manager about this issue. The manager courteously and politely assures you that it won’t happen again. At this point you can choose to either believe or doubt the manager. If you repeat your story of doubt to yourself and everyone you know and you're convinced that your mail will still go missing, then you're creating a belief in an unwanted future outcome.

In other words, you've reinforced your existing belief system that your mail always goes missing. Of course, the other choice is to believe the manager that it won’t happen again and see what happens... Either way, it's you who creates and who believes your story and the Universe has no choice other than bringing to you whatever you've focused upon and paid most positive or negative attention to. Believe it!

Online Self Help Insight to Trusting the Manager

By viewing the Universe as the manager of the outcomes of everything you've asked for and by trusting the Universe, you’re allowing It to do Its job. Don't worry about the how, who, when or where, because you have very little, if any, control over these things, they're in the domain of the Universe.

Believe and know that as soon as you’ve done your work of raising your vibrational frequency enough (through your beliefs) so that it’s a match to everything you desire, the Universe must and so will bring those things to you.

In the meantime just relax and go about your life, while knowing and thus trusting that the Universe will take care of all things on your behalf. And don’t doubt that this is true; otherwise you may get in your own way.

'When your thoughts constantly move back and forth between wanted and unwanted, pros and cons, pluses and minuses – you lose the benefit of the momentum of your pure, positive thought.' Abraham-Hicks -

Online Self Help Insight to Emotions and Time

How you currently feel about any subject of desire indicates whether you’re allowing it in or pushing it away. If you're feeling negative emotion towards something you want, say more money, then in that moment you're not allowing the Universe to bring money to you, because you're not a vibrational match.

You're holding your desire away from you by your negative focus and thoughts about your current lack of money, and this in turn lowers your vibrational frequency. The negative feelings generated and felt are your signal to change the direction of your thoughts, which in turn will change your emotional state to one of feeling better.

You have to feel good about the things you want, thereby raising your vibrational frequency, before those things can manifest into your experience!

It’s important to remember that in this space-time reality, there's a time period between asking for something and receiving it. We can never really know exactly when our desire will manifest, only that it will. Any negative thoughts and emotions we have can only serve to increase the time it takes to arrive into our life.

That’s why I urge you to do your best to be happy and feel good always, then all good things will come your way, sure!

Once you’ve made a request, you have no idea of how long it will take to manifest. Thus, these online self help shortcuts remind you that it's always best to simply relax and enjoy your life, while confidently having an expectancy that the object of your desire will show up once you’re a vibrational match to it.

Abraham: The 30-day better-feeling thought process.

Online Self Help Insight to Calendars as Reminders

Another online self help success tool that I use daily is positive messages that are displayed at certain times in the calendars of both my computer and smart phone. Thus, wherever I am I get reminders to self from self, such as:

The online self help shortcut to well-being.
  • It’s all God

  • It’s all good
  • Think positive

  • Be happy now

  • Feel good always

  • Remember to remember

  • Money flows to me consistently

The reason I started using these online self help reminders is because the way in which the world actually works and how life actually is, is vastly different to the model I’d been conditioned to believe in prior to my new understanding. Until I gained more control of my thought process and the direction of my thoughts, my old, inaccurate and self-limiting belief system was still active and dominant, so I had to change that by using these daily electronic reminders.

In other words, I had to teach and convince myself by using online self help reminders that the new for me, but actual way things work in our Universe is different from the lifelong beliefs I'd held. I still love getting daily reminders... This LOA (5) inspired self help goals page goes into more detail about how to achieve the desirable state of being happy and feeling good.

'Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.' Thomas Edison - 1847 - 1931

Online Self Help Insight to Catching that Window

Everything's been set into motion, you're happy and you're feeling good as you relax and enjoy your life. Now, all that's required of you is to take inspired action when the timing is right. I’ve realized that when I take any kind of action where I’m trying, it’s a waste of time.

For me, inspired action means that I intuitively feel that it's the right thing to do and it's always easy. Put another way, the action taken is not rooted within my negative ego-self, with its fear, worry or doubt attached to the outcome. I’ve found that being aware of my thoughts and staying alert in a relaxed and positive way is the key.

Sometimes, I realize just after the fact that I’ve missed the window of opportunity that presented itself to me. My response is to laugh at myself (in a friendly way) as I know that another opportunity will soon arrive. Of course some kind of action is usually required, so if you don't pick up on the inspiration to act as suggested by this online self help insight you'll miss that particular window of opportunity.

To your clarity and success in every area of your life, always

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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