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Hello friends and welcome to the About page. I trust that you’ll enjoy reading this personal self help page and the rest of this inspired self help shortcuts website as much as I'm enjoying creating it. The site is a work in progress and I expect there will be 100+ pages by the time it's finished.

The information on this About page will clearly reveal who I am. And with that knowledge on hand my desire is that you'll come to remember and thus realize, through your own conscious awareness, that who I am is who you are also.

This About page offers an overview of this site and informs you what I aim to achieve with it. After that I’ll touch on awareness, belief, consciousness, illusion and creator. And I’ll explain how I discovered, through studying personal self help subjects, that each of us creates our own reality using imagination!

Enjoy! Eddie

'A life lived of choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived of chance is a life of unconscious creation.' Neale Donald Walsch –

Personal Self Help - About Me

I'm originally from the United Kingdom (UK) and have lived on tropical islands in Thailand for more than twenty years. After holidaying several times in Spain I decided I wanted to live in a hot climate. At that time I worked for British Telecom as a telecommunication technician - I loved that job! At the time I'd decided to leave the UK many of my colleagues expressed their disbelief that I was giving up a lifetime job with a good pension.

My reasoning was simply: there must be more to life than settling in to an 8am-4pm 5 day per week job for the next 40 years. As it turns out I was right. I've experienced so much of life since leaving the UK that I've become much more consciously aware. I've only worked part time for the past fifteen years and my life is really quite easy. Of course, during that time I've had my ups and downs, but without knowing darkness could I know what light is?

Actually, the main reason I created this website is because I found it hard to believe that so many people seem to be stuck in situations and jobs they don't prefer. Through my life experience I created the life of my dreams, so I know what's possible and I have an idea of how to achieve it. Thus I wanted to share that knowledge and illustrate some ideas with anyone who might want to know how to create the life of their dreams!

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Personal Self Help – The Path of Communication

Some time ago while contemplating my life experience I realized that every job I’ve done in my adult life had a core theme of communication. To illustrate this point, the paragraph below indicates the kind of work that I’ve been involved with over the years.

I was a telecommunications technician for seven years. For twelve years I was involved in and managed several publications, with an average of one hundred clients. I was a computer technician for more than six years. And in 2009 I launched this inspired shortcuts website.

I loved all of these jobs and I appreciated that all of them involved meeting with and communicating with people. And that’s all I’m really doing on this website - I’m communicating ideas. These ideas are not new; many people throughout history have seen them. The presentation might be different, but the ideas I'm communicating here have literally been around forever.

Personal Self Help - Website Theme Explained

Quite often I've been asked to explain what I mean by inspired self help shortcuts, so I'll elaborate here.

  • Inspired - means that information comes to me via my higher self. That information might be from another being, but my higher self is the gateway and connection to spirit or non-physical. Communication between my higher self and my physical self is through the channel of imagination - so that's how I receive inspiration.
  • Self Help - means that whoever finds and appreciates this information is on the path of awakening. This is not about finding information for others; it's about your personal journey. Even if you are looking for information for others, the fact that you found and appreciate this website means there's something here for you.
  • Shortcuts - means the fastest way to reach your destination. It does not mean you'll be able to cut out or bypass any important or relevant steps that you need to take to get there. By really understanding that your higher self always knows the fastest way for you achieve your desire, you'll pay more attention to its guidance and wisdom.

Through the ideas on this website my desire is to help you to help yourself, by offering examples of how it's done.

' possess what the rest of Nature does not possess – Imagination – the instrument by which you create your world.' Neville Goddard – 1905 – 1972

Personal Self Help - Becoming Consciously Aware

And now let's begin. In addition to wanting satisfactory answers to many of the beliefs that had been handed down to me through my life experience, looking back I can see that my personal self help journey began the moment I started questioning many of life’s deep issues and so-called truths.

I began to question many ideas and beliefs concerning life and the true nature of reality that I’d heretofore taken for granted as truth.

Prior to my new state of heightened awareness I had no reason to doubt those beliefs and the so-called truths. Truths that were handed down to me by my parents and those involved and concerned with my upbringing and education - and others who I’d met through my life experience.

My personal self help inquiries began when I was in my twenties, but up until about 2006 my knowing was sporadic at best. I would constantly alternate or fade in and out of knowing and not knowing, remembering and forgetting, being consciously aware and slipping back into unconsciousness once again, sometimes for years at a time.

Previously my life choices and my ego got in the way of my understanding of greater reality. But at a deeper level and in hindsight, I know that everything was a perfect unfolding.

Even though I was unconscious (unaware) for much of the time, I persisted with my introspection and deep desire to understand. These days I’m extremely appreciative and very happy that, through a greater sense of awareness, I’m consciously aware for most of the time

Being consciously aware for most of the time means:

By being happy and feeling good in the now moment you will automatically be in the state of well being.

  • Being happy

  • Feeling good

  • Knowing that it’s all good

  • No longer being afraid of death

  • Accepting where I am on all levels

  • Being at peace with the present moment

By being happy and feeling good in the now moment you will automatically be in the state of well being.
  • Being happy

  • Feeling good

  • Knowing that it’s all good

  • No longer being afraid of death

  • Accepting where I am on all levels

  • Being at peace with the present moment

Being consciously aware also means taking responsibility for my creations, meaning everything in my life right now. Even when the present moment is not as I wish it to be I accept it for what it is, as my own creation, and move on to something better.

Personal Self Help - The Conscious I Am

The truth is that there is only I AM or consciousness. Absolutely everything That Is springs forth from the one consciousness and is still a part of consciousness, thus consciousness is the ultimate and in fact the only true reality. All consciousness is one and rightly understood cannot be broken up into individual parts or separated into this and that or you and me. Most about me sections tell us a lot of details about the history of the person writing it, how old they are, their family and status, how they’re qualified etcetera. But those things are only transitory details; they don’t go to the core of who that person really is.

Your past is gone, your now is a present pre-sent to you by you and your future is: whatever you decide and choose, consciously or unconsciously that you now want to experience!

If I wrote a summary about me with all of the details of my past and who I currently am, by the time I’d finished writing the summary would be out of date. Why? Because the consciousness that I am is forever changing and it cannot remain the same. Change is the reality of every moment. In other words, no two moments throughout history, past, pre-sent and future are ever the same. The I Am That I Am is continually changing, constantly morphing into something new, forever and ever ad infinitum.

The Double Slit Delayed Choice Experiment

Experiment and Discussion Proving That
Consciousness Determines Reality

Furthermore, because the now moment is all there really is, it's understood that I AM already is everything, so the statement I will be is never spoken, because it's a denial that you are already everything.

Denial is disbelief and in a Belief Driven Universe you can’t experience that which you do not believe is possible. So anytime you want to experience something different, always say: I am now... or I now choose...

Note: I use the words, consciousness, spirit and love interchangeably.

'Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.' John Lennon – 1940 - 1980

Personal Self Help - Using Your Imagination

Being aware of and thus realizing that everything is consciousness begin to see that everything in your world came forth because, at some level of your being, you called it forth. A house, a car or a soul mate, a child, a garden or a business empire exist because you imagined them into existence. Such is the power of awakened imagination!

Studying personal self help subjects will improve your personal growth, but it’s important to have a strong belief that your reality, all of it, is created by you, through your own imagination. Because without this belief, none of this can be true for you even though it's the greater truth!

'That which appears so real is based on fiction anyway, and fiction is fact in the sense that it is all imagination!' Neville Goddard – 1905 – 1972

Personal Self Help – Belief and Knowing

Formerly, I believed that we live in a Universe that’s driven by our beliefs. I didn’t know for sure, so I had faith or a kind of inner knowing that whatever I believed in, without doubt, must become true for me.

My belief was all I had, until such a time that I knew beyond belief and beyond doubt, which is the state of knowing. I believe means exactly that, I believe. A lack of faith is the same as disbelief or doubt.

In the words of John Lennon from #9 Dream:

I believe, Yes I believe. More I cannot say, what more can I say...

Now that I’ve seen and experienced my beliefs becoming my reality, it’s easy to say with confidence that we live in a Belief Driven Universe because I know that we do, beyond belief and beyond doubt!

Your imagination is the conduit between your higher self and your physical self.Keep on believing whatever it is that resonates within your
imagination. And before long your belief will become your truth!

Personal Self Help – Creator Source

It seems unlikely to me that there’s an ultimate, personified, Supreme Being "out there" who knows and can give us all the answers about everything. And once you've inquired into the true nature of existence yourself, you’ll realize that there isn't even an "out there" to begin with!

Unless and until you begin your own personal self help inquiry and start asking the big questions, you’ll always be uncertain of the truth!

Having said that, I do believe that God, Source or the Universe permeates and IS everything That Is. And for anyone who’s listening, for anyone with the willingness to inquire, God can and does provide answers to any and all questions we may have, often in ways we hadn't previously considered. To go deeper into the true nature of reality, from scientific, metaphysical and spiritual perspectives - click this self help tutorials page link to check out the Reality Paradox section.

'A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering.' Buddha - 563 BCE - 483 BCE

Personal Self Help - Seeing Through Illusion

If you can see that consciousness, spirit or love is the only true reality and therefore is who we really are, then you see as Buddha saw and stated, that the everyday reality surrounding us is illusion. It’s illusion because there is no, independent of us "out there" solid reality per se!

Each of us is at the center of our Universe, thus that's the only Universe we perceive. Our personal reality exists because we sculpture and create it by drawing it to us through our own desires, definitions, beliefs and emotion. That is to say, our imagination determines what kind of Universe we'll personally experience.

Paradoxically, wherever you consciously are it is real for you. If you're aware and imagine your future it comes about and is real for you. When you dream, you're there as consciousness so it’s real for you. When you take a trip using a psychedelic drug, you're there as consciousness so it’s real for you

The Matrix of Illusion

The Illusion of Reality - Consciousness & Quantum Theory

Personal Self Help - The Point and Purpose of Creation

Once we remember and understand that there is only I AM or the One Consciousness and we realize that everything, including us, is indeed part of and not separate from that, a logical question in our personal self help inquiry might be:

If the true reality of life is consciousness and the world around us is illusion, albeit a very persistent illusion of our own choosing, what’s the real point and purpose of it all anyway?

I believe that the point and purpose of life is more life, more joy, better feeling and more happiness etcetera. Life just gets better and better and there's no ending to that, no ending to the life that we are. There can be no ending to the only real thing, the consciousness that we eternally are.

Seeing all this it makes perfect sense to me, to always take delight in being and enjoying all of our creations. Be here now, enjoy your life and feel good now, because there is only now and ever will be only now.

'To bring anything into your life, imagine that it's already there.' Richard Bach -

Personal Self Help – Who You Really Are

View this website as a kind of tapestry of life through the ages. There are no random quotes on any of the pages. Each quote has been hand-picked by me to show you that the knowledge I impart is timeless. Sure, I have my own take on it and some things I say may be incomplete or not 100% accurate, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking into the ideas and the timeless messages from those who came before us.

Once you realize that much of what we’ve been taught is inaccurate at best, you’ll begin to relax your prejudices and allow yourself to remember more of who you really are. And once you begin to remember and realize who you really are, then what others have said and what I am saying throughout this inspired self help shortcuts website will serve as confirmation to you of the truth that it is. For more clarity about who we really are read what's being said on this inspired self help article page. You'll feel and know truth when you hear it.

Just Imagine

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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