Inspired Psychological Self Help Suggests
Surrendering To Your Higher Self!

These inspired psychological self help shortcuts suggest that you begin to observe and really understand your mind, as this will bring you into a state of higher conscious awareness. It's worth realizing that your parents and teachers as well as society in general have forgotten about the totality of their being. This forgetfulness was necessary and thus agreed upon by each individual in order to play the game of polarity called “life on earth!”

Read on to discover how we’re unconsciously controlled by our ego and how our ego-self mind unconsciously maintains the artificial separation between man and nature and between man and man. Learn about the importance of moving beyond mere reason and logic and into a life lived from a higher perspective, a higher state of conscious awareness.

And once you're more consciously aware by understanding the knowledge outlined on this inspired psychological self help page, then you'll be fully self-empowered to create the life of your preference, the life of your dreams. So prepare to move beyond your rational mind and surrender to your higher self, that older and wiser part of you which knows the shortest route to everything you want and thus can take you there in the fastest time!

'All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts...' William Shakespeare - 1564 - 1616

Inspired Psychological Self Help - A Rational Mind Comes First

As a modern human living in the 21st century you may believe that you’re rational, intelligent, clever, wise, smart, and any other label you choose, but have you truly examined your own mind and your own thought process to see how it really works? Contemplate what’s being said here and then observe and look within your mind to find out!

In order to move beyond rationality and into knowing, a rational mind comes first. But what does it mean to be rational and do you really have a rational mind?

To become a balanced and thus whole human being and hence, to remember who you really are and what life really is you need a rational mind. A mind that’s not fragmented into this or that, but rather a mind that sees the fragmentation for what it is and hence automatically and harmoniously moves beyond it into deeper knowing.

Inspired Psychological Self Help - Can You Just Be?

Are you aware of all of the roles you’ve assigned to yourself? And can you strip away all of the labels formed by words that you’ve created about who you are and what life is and just be? Can you see through all of those labels and the roles you play that constantly remind you that you’re:

  • A Father, a Son, a Brother

  • A Husband, a Lover, a Breadwinner

  • A Footballer, a Golfer, a Sailor

  • A Psychologist, a Psychiatrist, a Psycho-analyst

  • A Democrat, a Republican, a Liberal

  • A Patriot, an American, a Westerner

  • A Believer, an Atheist, a Skeptic

  • A Body, a Mind, a Spirit

All of which are concepts about you, which are created or accepted by you. Individualized concepts and fragments of the whole divided up by you and maintained by your mind. And these inspired psychological self help shortcuts identify that when you go to the true root of any of them, there’s nothing there - how could there be?

Please remember, as established on this inspired self help tutorials page physical matter doesn’t really exist, it’s illusion of our mind. Therefore, that implies, it logically follows that if your world isn’t really real then neither are any and all of the mind-made concepts and labels that you’ve created and now believe about yourself!

Inspired Psychological Self Help - Nothing New From The Past

Now, let’s say that you’re looking for psychological self help and your therapist or specialist advises you that your problem or challenge is due to this or that reason and therefore, you should do this or that or take this or that drug in order to heal, to become sane or rational.

Please remember that, in general, whatever doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists or psycho-analysts etcetera have learned, it was learned from within the limited box of this world of reason and logic. And thus their knowledge was gained from others who were living in a kind of "boxistential" reality to begin with.

The disadvantage of that kind of thinking is there’s no space into which something that’s actually new can flow into, so no actual change in understanding is possible!

And due to this "boxistential" reality their accumulated knowledge and thinking is always based on what others, who came before them, have said or concluded in the past. That is to say, their knowledge and hence their conscious awareness is always limited by the past and projected into the future. And you might say:

But surely to understand how our mind works we have to trust and rely upon psychologists, psychiatrists and psycho-analysts etcetera!

And my reply is: No we don’t. And the reason is because you are an extremely powerful sovereign being unto yourself who can easily become aware of the action of your mind and thus you can easily solve your own perceived challenges. Unless you choose to do so, you don't have to hand any of your power over to others, period!

However, you were born into a system whereby you were convinced and now you believe that others hold power over you or know more than you do. You believe they do and so it is for you! You say and believe these things because you’ve convinced yourself of them and now you believe that that’s how reality is for you.

And so it is for you...

But the truth is that anyone who can type "psychological self help" into a web browser can truly understand the action and workings of their own mind but nobody else can, how could they? In other words, you’re the only specialist or authority of your own mind. No one else can be inside your head and think your thoughts for you. That is clear!

PS. "Boxistential" is a word I created by combining two words - "existential" and "box" and means existing in a box

'The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.' Kahlil Gibran – 1883 – 1931

Inspired Psychological Self Help - This is ME

And let’s not forget about the censor or ego-self, the orchestrator and controller of the many fragments which you believe are you. The ego-self which sees all of this and yet forms more illusions as to what it all is and what it all means etcetera - around and around the ego-self goes continually chasing its own tail.

Observe your mind and find out how it really works, first hand, not through someone else’s work or through their assertions and ideas - meaning their take on it, their opinion and possibly the false truths of their ego-self.

These inspired psychological self help shortcuts suggest that to become rational and sane human beings, you need to be aware of the action and workings of your mind. You need to start becoming aware of all of your conscious and unconscious beliefs and thought processes and the automatic habits which result from them.

Start by simply observing the ego-self’s need:

  • To defend itself

  • To always be right

  • To seek worthiness

  • To impress another

  • To control every situation

  • To continue the illusion of itself

  • To be anywhere else other than here and now

  • To live in the past or future, but never in the now

When in truth:

  • There is nothing to defend

  • There is no right or wrong

  • If you were unworthy you would not exist

  • The fact that you exist confirms your value

  • You have very little control over circumstances

  • You believe in permanence, but you are forever changing

  • Here and now is all that is real

  • The past and future only exist in your mind

As you practice observing your mind, you’ll realize that you’re not really in control of your thought process, its running on auto pilot much of the time. That is to say, you're unaware of yourself. However, it’s very important to do your best to forgive yourself for your own lack of awareness, especially when you realize that you failed to forgive yourself for it.

While the truth is that forgiveness is never necessary, for you can do no wrong, it always serves you better to be in a state of forgiveness, rather than in a state of anger.

So now, contemplate all that's been outlined by these psychological self help shortcuts, which means examining not judging or analyzing, but simply observing your own mind and understanding how it really works.

Inspired Psychological Self Help – Heightened Awareness

The ego-self or false-self is a product of reason. And as a product of reason it’s contained within the limited perspective of this 4 dimensional space-time reality (3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time) of reason and logic, on its own it can’t see anything outside of that box!

So the trick is to help one’s ego-self realize that greater reality lies outside of the box of reason and logic.

Reaching this heightened state of awareness allows one to see everything from a higher and broader perspective. A perspective which reminds us that in a self created illusion, absolutely anything is possible because you say it is and because you now choose to believe that it is...

And so it is for you...

An awareness that advises you not to take any of your illusions too seriously, after all if you no longer want to experience your current illusional reality, you and you alone have full power within you to change it into something you now prefer by simply changing your mind!

Inspired Psychological Self Help - Perspective of Higher Self

As mentioned at the beginning of this page we’ve forgotten all that we are. For whatever reasons, we’ve forgotten that there’s another piece to our mind. In order to access and take advantage of the missing piece of our mind and to become whole human beings, inner quietness and peace are very helpful as indicated on this self help meditation page.

Understanding the limited perspective of the lower physical mind requires seeing it from the perspective of your higher mind or spiritual higher self. Your higher self has a broader and wiser perspective, so it has a bigger view and thus sees more clearly than you can from the limited perspective of your physical mind.

If you rely on your rational mind alone, you can’t always see which path you need to take, so it's in your best interest to engage your higher mind (spiritual higher self).

Higher Self – Perspective One

Imagine that you're lost in the middle of a forest as in this image. While relying on your rational mind alone, due to all the trees and multiple paths you can’t see which path you need to take in order to reach your destination.

Thus, when making choices that affect your future it isn't in your best interest to rely solely on your physical mind (your lower physical self), it's always best to engage your higher mind (your spiritual higher self).

If you feel lost, connecting with and surrendering to your higher self will definitley serve you. Listen to the messages from your spiritual higher self, via feeling, intuition and inspiration.

Higher Self – Perspective Two

You’re still lost in the middle of a forest as in this image. But you know that connecting with and surrendering to your higher self will always serve you best, so you'll never go wrong.

By listening to the messages from your spiritual higher self mind - via feeling, intuition and inspiration aka imagination – you’ll be given a clue as to which path serves you best. That is to say, you’ll always know which path to take.

This psychological info advises that understanding the limited perspective of the lower physical mind requires seeing it from the perspective of your higher mind or spiritual higher self.

Higher Self – Perspective Three

Imagine that you’re setting off in your vehicle as represented by the yellow car in this image. You’ve allowed enough time for your journey to meet a scheduled appointment. If you rely solely on your physical mind it will advise you, based upon past experience, to take what it perceives to be the fastest route as indicated by the red dotted line.

However, if you take a moment to relax, connect with and surrender to your higher mind you might be inspired, perhaps via a gut feeling to take an alternative albeit slower route as indicated by the yellow dotted line. Your physical mind might object, but would you rather sit in traffic for an hour or be on your way and be on time for your appointment?

Inspired Psychological Self Help - Mind Mechanics

In the "Brick Walls and Beliefs" video, Bashar very clearly explains how we create our reality as we go along by using the three unique functions of our mind. Each function or part has its own job to do and each works in the following way:

The Higher Mind (higher self) conceives an idea and sends it to us (as the physical mind personality structure) via the channel of imagination.

The Physical Brain receives the information from the higher mind.

The Physical Mind perceives and experiences the current reality, and then based upon the experience it sends feedback to the higher mind via the channel of imagination.

Unfortunately that video is no longer avalable for free, so I included a different one.

Highlights from "The Triad mind."

The process is automatic and the only thing we have to do is to maintain a clear connection. This way of looking at it resonates with me, so I've included it on this inspired psychological self help page. Bashar is an extraterrestrial consciousness channeled by Darryl Anka. Thanks guys

In my view, the important thing to remember is that by reducing the amount of internal dialogue or self-chatter of the physical mind or ego-self, you’ll be clearer and thus will become a better receiver of ideas from your higher mind via the channel of imagination, so you’ll be a better channel.

If you continually talk to yourself then there’s no space in your awareness to receive information from your higher mind.

And please remember that fundamentally there’s no real separation between your physical mind and your higher mind. Due to the limitations of language these terms are used for communicating and understanding ideas. Higher mind, physical brain and physical mind are all a part of who you are, you’re one conscious whole being!

'Intuition is the supra-logic that cuts out all the routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer.' Robert Graves - 1895 – 1985

Inspired Psychological Self Help – Channeling Clarity

Everything is energy vibrating at a unique frequency. And as we can only experience things that are in a similar vibrational frequency range to us, in order to be able to receive information that exists at a different vibration we must first tune in to its frequency. This is similar to the analogy of tuning your television or radio to a different station (frequency) which already contains the program you want to see or hear.

Therefore, what channeling must be is us becoming more consciously aware and tuning in to a vibrational frequency that we were previously unaware of – the frequency of our higher self and beyond. Thus, when you tune into higher frequency reality, you’re reconnecting to and remembering a part of you, your higher self, which was previously forgotten. That frequency has always been there, only now you’re becoming aware of it.

At this level or state of awareness, time is no longer needed to learn things in a linear fashion, it’s more like an instant and complete knowing.

Once you've raised your vibration to a higher frequency you'll have a clearer connection to your higher self. And now as you tune into the frequency of your higher self you’ll receive immediate downloads of information. The downloaded data comes in chunks consisting of immediate understanding of the ideas and concepts contained within them.

Inspired Psychological Self Help - The Ending of Time

Linear time or time of the clock is an artificial man-made construct, a social convention. Like everything else, it’s not real per se. Oh sure, it’s useful, practical and convenient for navigating the illusion, but it’s still part of the illusion, it doesn’t have an independent objective reality of its own!

Oh, you might say - but I did that yesterday or last week, sometime in the past. Or you might say - things will get better in the future. But the truth is that the past and the future that you imagine are still merely concepts within your physical mind, they are ideas and concepts that only exist in your mind, but not outside of it!

Think about it. Does a bird ask a sunflower what time it is? Of course not, because animals and plants only know the present moment of now, they have no concept of not now.

Wherever you are and whatever is going on in your life right now is what’s real for you, in this moment. Absent linear time only the present moment of Now is real. And because there’s only the present moment of Now, how can something have happened in the past? Due to the simultaneity of time, it happened Now, is happening Now, and always will be happening Now!

Thus these inspired psychological self help shortcuts suggest that outside of your psyche linear time does not exist. In other words, time exists psychologically but not independently or objectively. Seeing this brings the whole concept of time to a new level, a new way of understanding.

Indeed, time is still used to get from A to B, to learn a language or to catch a flight in our physical world, but it’s no longer used to create psychological pain and suffering in terms of regret of past actions or fear of some future event, such as illness, ending or death.

'The Higher Self is whispering to you softly in the silence between your thoughts.' Deepak Chopra -

Inspired Psychological Self Help - Your Preference

As a species, for whatever reasons, we’ve convinced ourselves and now we believe that there is and can be only one version of reality, rather than realizing that there are an infinite number of realities, which are all illusional in nature. We must break free of this restrictive and self-limiting viewpoint if we are to evolve as a species.

Therefore, start by deeply understanding the truth that "time" and "matter" are illusions, there’s no physical reality per se. This opens up the infinite possibilities that lie before you and then you simply choose which of the infinite probabilities is to your liking and decide which one you'll now choose to experience.

In a belief driven Universe, where reality is illusion of our own choosing, failure has never been an option. We can’t fail to create our own reality; it’s what we’ve always done!

So again, you as the overseer, the over achiever, the under achiever, the false-self or ego-self will posit, state or assert that this is true and that is false, all the while not remembering and thus not realizing that it’s just an illusion.

However, in truth you always have free will to create and view any reality as you so please, as you prefer. You can choose to imagine, believe and thus perceive that reality is friendly or hostile, when the truth is reality is always neutral - an illusion doesn’t have preferences of its own!

Realize through these inspired psychological self help shortcuts that it’s not true or false or right or wrong, unless you say it is. That is to say, the only preference illusion has is the preference that you impose upon it!

Inspired Psychological Self Help - Insane Irony

When I see so-called VIPs, such as politicians or so-called leaders on television I can’t help chuckling to myself as I watch their egos in full swing. They don’t realize that control, greed and power aren’t necessary to implement positive changes; all that’s necessary is a change of mind.

And here’s the irony in all this. Those who don’t really understand the nature of their ego-self, quite often judge and consider those who do understand it - and so have integrated it into their total being - to be a bit odd, slightly mad, neurotic, deluded or perhaps even completely insane.

In truth, those who know about the ego-self, know that the illusion isn’t real, know that it’s just a fantasy and thereby avoid the entire ego-self created pain, suffering and insanity.

That reminds me of a line in a John Lennon song called 'Instant Karma:'

How in the world you gonna see,
laughing at fools like me...

Isn’t it insanity to be living in and experiencing a negative reality, chosen by you and all the while forgetting that you chose it and thus created your experience of it? Isn’t it insanity to wage war and kill other people, all the while not realizing that those other people are yourself?

'Enlightenment means rising above thought, not falling back to a level below thought, the level of an animal or a plant. In the enlightened state, you still use your thinking mind when needed, but in a much more focused and effective way than before.' Eckhart Tolle -

Inspired Psychological Self Help - Now Can You Just Be?

Now, after reading what’s been said on this page, can you drop all of the labels that you’ve created about who you are and just be? Which means being present, alert, still, in this moment here and now, just being who you really are.

As advised through these inspired psychological self help shortcuts, can you, just for now, be the Universal point of view that you actually are and nothing more? That is to say, can you simply observe without justifying, condemning, judging, complaining or blaming and simply see what is? Can you just be?

Inspired Psychological Self Help - Surrendering to Higher Self

Re-mind yourself through these inspired psychological self help shortcuts and re-member or re-connect with your higher self. Surrender to and trust your higher self’s wisdom and be effortlessly guided to what you now need to know or to where you now need to be.

Here’s to you waking up to the realization of the oneness of all beings everywhere, and to you following your feelings or using your emotional guidance system and hence, finding inspiration from your higher self and thereby instantly knowing which path now serves you best

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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