The Best Self Help Advice For Changing
Our Experience Of Reality!

On this best self help advice page we’ll be looking at the whole idea of how we actually change our reality, and thus our experience. I'll be highlighting how to utilize deliberate and conscious reality creation methods. All written from the perspective of someone, anyone, who already knows how it’s done and why it works in the way that it does.

Know that even if you don’t yet consciously know how to change your experience of reality, by believing and by acting as if you do know eventually you will know. You’ll know because the nature of realizing your beliefs is to imagine what you want first before seeing the evidence of what you want. That is to say - to fake it until you make it!

By reading through what's being said on this best self help advice page, you’ll see the idea of conscious deliberate reality creation holistically. And then, perhaps you’ll be able to join the dots of knowledge that I’ve outlined here - and as you do so the picture will become clearer for you. Following is a bite-sized guide to many of the key elements that are helpful for changing our life experience.

'You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.' Jim Rohn – 1930 - 2009

Best Self Help Advice – A Valid and Useful Question

After reading or listening to a variety of material containing and outlining many details about spiritual reality, metaphysics and the nature of existence you might have some questions. One of your questions may be:

How does knowing who we really are and what life really is affect my everyday life experience?

That’s a valid and useful question; at least I believe it is. Therefore, the rest of this page is devoted to highlighting many of the possible answers to that question, from the perspective of people who know.

Best Self Help Advice - Awareness is the Key

At deeper levels of our being each of us knows the truth about the nature of existence. However, if from our current physical perspective we’re not consciously aware of what we know then we’re unable to act upon what we know. Thus, conscious awareness is the key to a deliberate physical life experience.

Consciously knowing about the deeper levels of our being empowers us to create a reality that fits our preference, rather than merely going along with the general consensus idea of what reality is and what life’s about. By knowing, we change our belief about reality and consequently our experience of life changes

Best Self Help Advice – Believing is Seeing

Now that we know that the world around us is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs we no longer cling to the false idea that seeing is believing. We know that the Universal mirror is a reflection of our vibrational state of being and thus we use it as a gauge and an indicator of our state.

Knowing that this particular reality is driven by our beliefs we no longer anxiously look to the reflection in the Universal mirror for things that we know must first be created in our mind. And we know from experience that in this space-time reality time is needed prior to the manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs, so we wait in joy.

Best Self Help Advice – Using the Universal Mirror

We know that like any mirror the Universal mirror only has the ability to reflect back to us who we’re being in any moment. So we no longer push against the reflections of our life experience, as expressed by the Universal mirror, instead we change our vibrational state by changing our mind.

We know that all change begins within our mind and not in the reflection that we’re seeing in the mirror of our life experience. And we’ve realized that the others in our life are there to reflect back to us who we’re being in every moment. And based upon those reflections we know what to change about ourselves in order to see a different reflection in the Universal mirror.

Best Self Help Advice – Behind the Universal Mirror

We look to the mirror for evidence of our thoughts and beliefs, but because we know that from this perspective time is necessary to see external evidence of the internal change of our mind... We don’t complain, become impatient or panic, we simply relax, have fun and enjoy our life...

While knowing that because the Universal mirror is a reflection and that because we’ve done the mental work, ultimately the reflection must and so will eventually change. Gone are the days of worrying and doubting and oscillating back and forth between being positive and being negative.

Best Self Help Advice – Changing Our Mind

We know that our mind consists of memories, thoughts and beliefs and that these are precursors to feeling. Without some kind of psychological response we know we can’t feel anything in an emotional sense. And we know that, together, these things comprise our vibrational state of being.

Knowing that we were born into a reality of self-imposed limitation and that along our journey we’ve most likely picked up on some of other people’s false ideas and false truths, we now choose to release them, along with all inherited emotional baggage. After all, someone else's truth may not be our truth!

'Have expectancy – not expectations. Expectancy is the emotional knowingness that, (a.) you have changed, and therefore, (b.) your physical reality will follow suit. Expectations is placing upon the change that your physical reality will go through the method that your ego thinks should be the way it should change, to represent the change you have made within yourself.' Bashar –

Best Self Help Advice – Using Our Guidance

Because we know that our own higher self or higher mind is truly our best guide, we do our best to act upon the intuition, inspiration and emotional guidance that it’s feeding back to us. And if we knowingly fail to act upon these things, we forgive ourselves and look for more feedback.

Our feelings are like a barometer that tells us what’s coming next into our experience. Good feelings indicate that we’re on track to receiving the positive experiences which we’ve indicated that we do want through our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions. The same, but opposite, is true for our negative feelings.

Best Self Help Advice - Eternal Journey of Desire

New desires will always be popping into our conscious awareness, and once we have the object of our desire a new desire will be born within us. Our only work is to stay connected to the vibration of our higher self, by staying in the now moment, so that we’ll receive the guidance that only exists in the present.

The one thing that we can be assured of in our quest of fulfilling our desires is the journey in between desires. Knowing that our higher self has everything worked out in our best interest, and will bring all things we desire to us in perfect timing, we relax, have fun and enjoy our journey through life.

Best Self Help Advice – Belief Ability

Our ability to believe in the life that we’ve imagined is the driving force that brings that life experience to us. As a child, we looked up to the top diving board at the swimming pool and saw others diving from it. Even though we believed we could also do it, we hesitated on the ladder.

Slowly, we inched our way up the ladder to the top diving board; worry and doubt were there as our companions. Eventually we overcame our fear and took the plunge and it felt good. Within an hour of our first dive, now we were running up the ladder and our companions were nowhere to be seen.

Best Self Help Advice – Believing Becomes Knowing

In a new imagined reality, breathing water is normal. Although we believe it, because others are doing it, our belief must be so strong that all traces of worry, fear and doubt must be absent. So as we submerge our body and breathe in the water we trust and have faith that we’ll survive.

That’s how strong our belief must be. And once we begin to breathe the water and we realize that in this version of reality breathing water is normal, then we know that it is and that’s simply how it’s done. Once we know how it’s done, we move beyond belief and into knowing.

Self Help Advice – The Vibrational Nature of Reality

Knowing that any reality we experience is actually nothing more and nothing less than energy vibrating at different frequencies. Which in turn are translated by our brain to reflect a particular reality is an extremely powerful place to be. Knowing this we realize that any and every reality is an illusion, in the sense that it's no more real and no less real than any other reality.

Gone are the days of trying to change our reality because we know that it’s impossible to change any reality. We know that in order to experience a more positive reality with preferred circumstances, we must raise our vibrational frequency and vibrate as a higher state of being. This inspired self-help group page goes deeper into how to change your life experience into one you prefer.

Best Self Help Advice – Appreciating the Illusion

Once we’ve inquired deeply into the nature of reality, we realize because we’ve learned, which means we’ve remembered, that the physical reality all around us is really nothing more than our brain’s estimation of vibrating energy. So we know that reality is not real as in the typical meaning of real.

If there was such a thing as a hard and solid reality which was real in the sense that we normally think of as real - that would be miraculous enough. However, because physical reality seems and feels so real, while actually only our experience of it is real, the fact that reality is an illusion makes it even more miraculous

Best Self Help Advice – The Power of Illusion

Every reality exists in parallel to every other reality, simultaneously here and now. By knowing this you know that the parallel reality illusion in front of you was called to you through your definitional beliefs aka imagination and allowed to be activated by you through your negative or positive emotion. Knowing this is a place of real power.

It’s a powerful place to be because from that place of knowing, you know that you created your experience of that parallel reality illusion and therefore you also know that, within the idea of probabilities, you can certainly create any other preferred experience within any other parallel reality illusion. The three pages linked below highlight how to change your reality by understanding and using your knowledge of parallel realities.

The self help motivational call to action page helps you to discover practical ways to shift to preferred parallel realities by choosing the kinds of physical products to support and the kinds not to support. The inspired self help techniques page introduces the Basics of Parallel Realities - Part 1 Time and Space. And the advanced self help health page continues with the Basics of Parallel Realities - Part 2 Health and Well-Being. Both of these pages offer practical ways to change your experience of reality to a parallel reality of your preference!

Best Self Help Advice – Realizing the Dream

Knowing that life on earth is akin to a dream and that we’re waking up within the dream, we’re fully self-empowered to steer our life in any direction we choose to. Because we know that we create our own version of reality, we also know that whatever we imagine must and so will BE our experience.

We understand that our current reality, our experience of our dream is determined by our definitional beliefs and resulting emotions, thoughts and behavior so we pay close attention to and adjust those things, knowing that, over time, we will create the life of our preference, our dream life experience.

'Most people believe the mind to be a mirror, more or less accurately reflecting the world outside them, not realizing on the contrary that the mind is itself the principal element of creation.' Rabindranath Tagore - 1861 – 1941

Best Self Help Advice – Redefining Success

Most people want success, but the success that they believe they want is based upon what someone else has or what another has achieved. And while that is an expression of a certain level of success, everyone on this planet has already achieved the greatest success simply by being here.

Between 50 million to 100 million sperm cells wanted to create life expression in this reality at the exact time and place that you wanted to. Of all of those sperm cells, which must be extensions (ideas or thought forms) of non-physical beings, you are the one sperm cell who succeeded! How’s that for success

Best Self Help Advice – Changing the System

The old social-economic political and financial systems are corrupt beyond repair. And as such, there is no place for them in the new reality that we’re bringing into focus at this timing. Knowing this, we disregard all rhetoric and lies from those who allegedly know what’s best for us, but who don’t really know! That is to say, we no longer place our faith or our trust in any old-style political party or tyrannical governing entity.

As new cooperative systems emerge, we support and trust in the systems that resonate with us. We the people get to decide which systems will be beneficial to the new earth, not the corrupt old guard! This inspired self help test defines Earth 2.0 reality and offers suggestions on how to use the new rules of playing the game of life that will prepare you for the New Earth!

Best Self Help Advice – Let’s Pretend Again

We’ve been pretending that our life isn’t OK for so long that we’ve forgotten that we’re only pretending! Now we know that our experience of life and physical reality are illusion of our own choosing, using self-empowerment we can now pretend that life and our experience of physical reality is all good.

We already know that we create our own experience of reality so we imagine, we pretend and we believe in whatever we’re pretending. And then, before long, fiction becomes fact and the physical reality all around us and our life experience really is all good

Best Self Help Advice – Not Caring Is Caring

By not caring about what others in our life experience, such as our children and our friends, are creating for themselves we’re allowing them to create their reality as they see fit. Not caring means not minding, not interfering and not controlling the decisions and the paths of others.

When appropriate we offer advice and direction, but all the while we never forget that everyone came here to create the life experience of their choice. So we support them with their choices and we care about their choices and that in-deed is unconditional love

Best Self Help Advice – To Know or Not to Know

We know that ultimately it doesn’t really matter whether a person wakes up and realizes who they really are or not in any particular life experience. Because we know that at the time of their death experience they’ll wake up and remember who they really are anyway.

Because we know, we realize that at the time of their physical death they’ll remember that life on earth, like every other experience of every other reality, was a dream. We know that they’ll know that because they’ve awoken from their dream, that it was a dream. So they’ll remember who they really are, sure!

Best Self Help Advice – It Doesn’t Matter

Remember that we’re all eternal beings, so the idea of any ending or death is merely an idea or a point of view; it has no relevance outside of the limited perspective of our limited physical human mind.

Even if someone experienced a physical life of pain and suffering, in whatever form, for 50 or 100 years, it doesn’t matter.

Know that it doesn’t matter because when using the scale of eternity it’s not even possible to measure the time spent in that life experience. It could be compared to cutting yourself while shaving; will you remember that next year or even in an hour from now?

Best Self Help Advice – Shining Our Light

And yes, by knowing and by acting upon what we know and by living that life, we’re on the leading edge of assisting others, through our example, to understand and to know that if they feel inspired to do so, they too can create the life of their choice, their preferred life experience.

Remember that we’re bringing into focus a version of reality, a parallel reality which already exists. A reality comprised of consciously aware people creating the life of their dreams. And before long, we’ll look around us and everybody in our reality will have remembered who they really are and what life really is.

Click this image to get a FREE PDF document containing a very powerful list of Best Self help Advice Reality Check Keys. Once the new window has opened up you can read the document or save the file to your computer. Enjoy.

'Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. What you see reflects your thinking. And your thinking but reflects your choice of what you want to see.' - A Course In Miracles

Best Self Help Advice – Our Real Value

Knowing about these points is helpful, because by knowing you’ll relax your efforts and your insistence that everyone needs to or must get it when in truth we don’t know what they came here to experience and ultimately it’s not our responsibility nor should it be our concern!

Our only concerns must be about who we’re being, what we’re doing and how and what we’re creating. And once our life experience is one in which we’re very happy and we’re feeling good for the most part, then and only then do we have something of value to offer another. That brings us to the end of this best self help advice page.

To continue exploring ways of changing your reality outside of this website, please visit Iasos's inspiring Metaphysical/Spiritual website for a lot of great information, especially the Abraham, Bashar, Elan and Ektar pages.

Here's to you relaxing and enjoying your journey of life upon whichever earth you choose

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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