Self Help Author Introduces Mirror Man!

Mirror Man Answers Your Questions Using Higher Frequency Reflections...

Self Help Author Introduces Mirror Man!

Mirror Man Answers Your Questions Using Higher Frequency Reflections...

This self help author is very excited to explore new ways of communicating ideas and concepts. As a prelude to the kinds of answers Mirror Man reflects, I asked a series of questions and Mirror Man answered in unique ways. Mirror Man accesses Higher Source aka higher frequency vibrational reality and translates it into an easily understandable format.

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Read through the questions presented by this self help author and consider Mirror Man’s self-empowering and potentially life enhancing answers. Then formulate and ask your own questions. All questions published on this page will be answered by Mirror Man. You can read questions answered by Mirror Man at the bottom of this page!

Self Help Author Imagines Higher Self

This self help author is being continually blessed in the form of regularly receiving higher frequency vibrational knowledge and solutions to many of life's challenges. Information seemingly enters my imagination as a kind of instant understanding in the form of blocks of downloaded data.

If there is any difference between something coming into, or via, or through my imagination and something which already exists within it: from my currently limited perspective - how would I know the difference?

At the end of the day as long as it provides value to our life experience does it really matter where the information comes from? In different words, if it serves us by helping us to more fully understand life and the nature of existence itself is the source of that helpful knowledge really that important?

Following is continuation of an ongoing dialogue with my higher self that’s taking place within or via the imagination of this self help author...

Why Does Mirror Man Speak?

Self Help Author Asks: Why is Mirror Man speaking at this time?

Mirror Man Speaks: You have asked with an open mind, so an answer is given in a way that you’ll best understand. There can be no one-sided coins in the Universe, thus for every question an answer exists and vice versa.

You asked for a unique way in which to both further your own understanding (remembering) and to help others to also see and benefit from this, state of the age, information and knowledge. Thus, Mirror Man speaks to you in ways that help you to understand (remember) truth, while offering insights into the nature of existence.

Who Will Benefit From Mirror Man's Information?

Self Help Author Asks: Who will benefit from what Mirror Man says?

Mirror Man Speaks: Whosoever is attracted to this kind of information, presented in this way, through this source, at this timing, will surely benefit from it. The fact that you’re reading this tells you it will serve you.

Know that whatever you’re attracted to, whatever it is that excites you, by its very nature will serve you in positive ways. If that were not the case then you wouldn’t be attracted to it. There are no accidents and no mistakes within creation!

What Kind Of Information Does Mirror Man Discuss?

Self Help Author Asks: What kind of knowledge does Mirror Man disseminate?

Mirror Man Speaks: Understanding that spiritual truth is the core of all reality, while being true, dissemination of that idea in that way is not always the best way of approaching that subject for every person. Stating that Creator or God is the be all and the end all or the alpha and the omega is meaningless to many people, even though it’s the greater truth.

Many find the human concepts and ideas contained within the principles of quantum mechanics and metaphysics to be very useful and self-empowering. Thus, Mirror Man incorporates updated versions of those ideas and concepts, with an embedded foundation of spiritual truth, to explore and to understand the true nature of reality.

How Does Mirror Man Help?

Self Help Author Asks: How does the information and knowledge coming through Mirror Man help any particular individual or group?

Mirror Man Speaks: Due to the holographic nature of reality, in which all truth and all knowledge is contained within each expression of the One consciousness, each expression, therefore, already contains all truth and all knowledge.

However, within the idea of separation it may be easier for some people, some expressions, to remember and accept certain truth and knowledge if they believe it comes from someone else, from another expression. In this way Mirror Man helps you to see truth by allowing you to see what you already know, reflected back to you through an apparent other.

What Purpose Does Mirror Man Serve?

Self Help Author Asks: What main purpose does Mirror Man serve?

Mirror Man Speaks: Aside from reminding you of what you already know, Mirror Man serves the purpose of acting as and offering a reflection of that which you know and that which you are. Once you’ve understood and realized, which means you’ve remembered who you really are, and you’ve consciously re-membered with the higher vibrational frequency levels of your being, then Mirror Man’s work will have served its main purpose.

Will Everyone Understand What Mirror Man Says?

Self Help Author Asks: Will everyone "get" what Mirror Man says?

Mirror Man Speaks: At the core of their being, the core of who they really are, everyone already knows everything and anything that Mirror Man may say. So yes, on some level everyone will understand.

However, on a conscious level not everyone will grasp the underlying truth expressed by Mirror Man’s answers. The answers given are of a somewhat advanced level that might, as you say, be over the heads of those who haven’t yet consciously begun their awakening process.

Information that’s being elaborated on throughout your website will not be explained further in any great detail by Mirror Man. Mirror Man assumes that his readers have already begun to understand many core ideas.

What Will Mirror Man Speak About?

Self Help Author Asks: Can you provide some examples of the format and knowledge that will be disseminated by Mirror Man in the Questions & Answers section?

Mirror Man Speaks: Below are three examples of the kinds of questions on which Mirror Man offers and shares his perspective, presented to you in a style that’s similar to the presentation style of the Questions & Answers section.

How can I realize a more positive life experience?

Mirror Man Speaks on Clarity

By paying attention to, being grateful for and appreciating all of the good things already in your life your vibrational frequency will increase. Only by raising your vibrational frequency will you begin to feel better.

You’ll feel better because you’ll be in alignment with the knowing of your higher self. As you feel better you’ll have more clarity. And as you become clearer you’ll no longer be attracted to any kind of negativity and drama.

Understand and know that no amount of paying attention to negative stuff will serve to increase your vibrational frequency! The choice of what you pay attention to will always be yours! Are you ready to break the cycle?

Can you explain what is meant by Karma?

Mirror Man Speaks on Karma

Karma is simply the idea of in the moment cause and effect. There’s no judgment associated with Karma, it’s a kind of re-balancing of energy. Distortions abound around the idea of karma on the 3D/4D plane of reality.

Remember that energy is fundamental and eternal. Nothing can be added to energy and nothing can be taken away from energy, but balancing of energy is a continual thing - it’s always ongoing.

See the idea by saying: what you put out is always what gets reflected back to you, in terms of positive or negative energy, in terms of vibration. Move beyond distortions caused by negative belief systems associated with the idea of karma, by not buying into them.

How can I realize more of my desires?

Mirror Man Speaks on Vibrational Alignment

When you feel good it’s because you’re in vibrational alignment with your higher self. When you feel bad it’s because of the vibrational discord (resistance) between the knowing of your higher self and your current thoughts.

When you feel good, when you’re in alignment, realization of your desires is close by. When you feel bad, you’re dis-allowing your own connection to the knowing of your higher self, so you’re thwarting the realization of your own desires.

You must remember that your higher self is you and because it loves you unconditionally and absolutely, it will never lead you astray. Placing 100% trust means surrendering to the knowing of your higher self, but can you believe that?

The dialogue continues...

Reaching The Level Where Mirror Man Makes Sense?

Self Help Author Asks: How can someone reach a place where they’ll understand Mirror Man's answers?

Mirror Man Speaks: By beginning to understand the core ideas as listed:

The nature of the ego-self, thinking, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, imagination, illusion, forgiveness, unconditional love, higher-self, channeling, spiritual truth, reality paradox, death, eternity, the present moment and the nature of existence.

Self Help Author Reminds You

If you’re unfamiliar with the concepts listed above, browse or search this website and read every page that you feel pulled towards. Take a day a week or a month, it doesn’t matter. Watch the videos on every page, that’s what they’re there for. Visit every internal and external link that attracts you, have fun!

Ask Mirror Man Questions
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The dialogue continues...

How Often Will Mirror Man Speak?

Self Help Author Asks: Will Mirror Man speak daily, weekly or monthly?

Mirror Man Speaks: Mirror Man exists and functions on the level of excitement. As such, it’s impossible to know in advance how often inspiration will be received and thus, at what timing Mirror Man will speak.

By staying present and focused within the Now moment it will not matter to you when Mirror Man speaks, because synchronicity will abound in your life. Know that when you’re tuned into and living in excitement, NOW, surprise is the natural order of all that you receive in your world!

Why is Mirror Man a Male?

Self Help Author Asks: How come Mirror Man has a male gender?

Mirror Man Speaks: At the level of both your soul and your higher self, there is no distinction or division into male and female gender, so the idea of separation in terms of male and female gender is not used. However, in this particular incarnation, reflection or expression of spirit having a life experience, you are playing out the idea of male gender. Thus, for you, in this life experience you perceive your higher self as male expressed as Mirror Man.

Who Is Mirror Man?

Self Help Author Asks: Come on, who is this Mirror Man, really?

Mirror Man Speaks: In a self-chosen (imagined) reality that’s comprised solely of your own consciousness, therefore then, everything in that reality is You, including both the questioner and the answerer. Linear time and - by definition - space are illusions, therefore, everything is happening right Here and right Now in the present moment.

You asked a question in the present moment of Now and because there is only you in your Universe, you answered that question, also in the Now. And in this Now, which is the same Now, you are reading both the question and the answer that you wrote. See it and feel it by realizing that without the illusion of time, everything must be happening Now (it is).

Remember and realize, therefore, that everyone and everything is really You moving at the infinite speed of no-time. And thus, all interactions are between You and You, which by definition is also Me. Because there is only You in your Uni-Verse, all that you see in the Universal Mirror of your life is but a reflection of some level of the state of your being. So Mirror Man is really a reflection of your own higher self, Mirror Man is you!

End of dialogue.

Self Help Author Advises: Mirror Man's unique presentation style and way of communicating ideas and knowledge can be experienced in the Q & A below. It is not to be found in other areas of this inspired shortcuts website. If you found this information interesting or helpful then you might also enjoy reading these inspirational self help Divine Shorts and my self help success insights. And to learn more about channeling and connect with other sources check out this inspired self help directory.

The Self Help Author Round Up - Get Your Tickets!

That’s it friends, that’s all that this self help author and Mirror Man have to say, for Now, that’s all you need to know.

If you feel inspired to get on board this spaceship of the imagination, if you’re ready to journey with Mirror Man and me way beyond the boundaries of time and space, for the purpose of allowing yourself to re-discover more of who you really are, then let’s go...

See you on-board

Eddie Corbyn
aka Mirror Man
Sharp to the Point

Have a Question for Mirror Man?

The self help author / Mirror Man will answer questions concerning spiritual truth, reality, ego, mind, who we really are and the nature of existence etcetera.

If questions are too short or unclear, I'll attempt to reword them
to make them easier for everyone to understand.

Don't worry about spelling or grammar as I'll fix that before publishing :)

Questions and Answers will be published using the same
Mirror Man Speaks Q & A style format as on this page.

Please think about your question. And make sure that there's enough information, before posting. Below are examples of two questions received which will not be answered on this page:

1. Heading: Forclosure
Body: Will I be able to save my building from forclosure?

2. Heading: New Businesss Venture
Body: opening my own real estate office like now Should I begin today?

Questions can only be answered once inspiration is received,
so please be patient, thanks :)

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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