A Self Help Confidence Test To Find Out If You're Allowing The Divine Into Your Life!

Read through this self help confidence test to discover if you’re allowing the Divine into your life experience. And if you’re not, contemplate the information highlighted on this page and then make the required changes to your definitions, beliefs, thinking and behavior - in order to allow the Divine to guide you on your path.

The Divine is always doing its best to reach you, in the form of inspiration, intuition and emotional guidance. And if you allow it to do so the Divine will naturally lead you to what you now need to know and to where you now need to be - in order for you to rapidly receive all things that you consider good into your life experience.

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On this inspired self help confidence test page we’ll examine a personal example of a real event in my life. And then we'll use it as a kind of test to help you to bring yourself back into alignment with the Divine and who you really are. Then you’ll be back on your path to attracting and letting in all good things.

'People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.' Norman Vincent Peale - 1898 - 1993

Divine Self Help Confidence Test - Playing the Game

In the sport of badminton the first player to reach 21 points wins the game. One day I was playing a game of badminton with my regular partner of about 3 years. We’re so evenly matched that our games nearly always end with scores of 21-18, 21-19 or 22-20.

On that particular day after winning one game each, even though I felt good and quite confident, I began to lose the game quite severely. As my partner’s score accelerated ahead of mine I wondered about the reason for my sudden poor play, which was causing me to lose this game so badly.

Divine Self Help Confidence Test – Old Self Reaction

One part of this inspired self help confidence test requires relating to you the reaction that a former version of myself had whenever I began severely losing a game of badminton. In the past, my old self’s knee jerk reaction would have been to criticize and get angry with myself.

In other words, I used to judge and disapprove of myself and react against my current circumstances, in this case losing a game of badminton.

Formerly, I would continuously and loudly rant and rave at every poor shot or miss-hit I made. And even though my partner knew that he wasn’t the intended target of my outbursts the atmosphere was thick none the less.

An even older version of me would get angry at my partner too

Now of course, all of the blame and anger being directed by me at me only served to lower my vibrational frequency, and thus hold me down at a lower than ideal level, which in turn caused similar events or happenings to be attracted to me, such as making even worse shots than before.

Divine Self Help Confidence Test – New Self Response

This part of the Divine self help confidence test requires that we look into the response of my new self towards the actual perceived events which were happening at that time – losing a game of badminton quite severely. My new self chose to respond rather than to react, thus even though I was losing quite severely I kept repeating my favorite mantra:

I Love You - I’m Sorry - Please Forgive Me - Thank You

By continually repeating a mantra and refusing to focus upon negative thoughts, I maintained a composed happy state and I still had fun playing the game. In not too much time I lost the game 21-8 and I still had no idea what had gone wrong with my skill and why I’d lost so severely.

Note: observe how my new self responded while my old self reacted. My new self’s confidence and attitude towards similar circumstances is completely different from that of my old self. The point is that when we have a knee jerk reaction, then in that moment we're not allowing the Divine into our life.

'Through forgiveness, which essentially means recognizing the insubstantiality of the past and allowing the present moment to be as it is, the miracle of transformation happens not only within but also without.' Eckhart Tolle - www.eckharttolle.com

Divine Self Help Confidence Test – Is That So

Each time I lost a point I just thought: is that so, is that so, and just continued repeating my mantra and refused to entertain any negative thoughts on the matter, right up to the point of losing and then taking a small break.

During that game I had enough confidence to know that whatever is happening is always only temporary. And that thought enabled me to ride out the apparent storm, (as defined by my negative ego-self)

While we cannot necessarily stop negative thoughts from arising, we can consciously choose not to pay any attention to them!

In that way, we avoid having any negative emotion and we continue feeling good no matter what the circumstances are. And thereby, at a minimum, we maintain our vibrational level and our current state of being, thus allowing the Divine to remain in our experience.

Our emotions are a response to our thoughts. And they indicate, through feeling, if we’re attracting wanted or unwanted things.

Remember: thought is energy and so our thoughts are what actually send energetic vibrational messages to the Divine. Thus, our thoughts are signaling whether or not we’re allowing the Divine to bring all that we say we want into our experience, in that moment, or not.

'We didn't say, when you feel good you are allowing good, and when you feel bad you are allowing bad (although it may translate into your experience in that way). There is only a Source of Well-being—which you are allowing or not.' Abraham-Hicks - www.abraham-hicks.com

Divine Self Help Confidence Test - Winning the Game

Now back to my story. So I’d just lost the game 21-8 points and I was down two games to one. Normally we’d stop playing there, but due to the quick low scoring games we still had quite some time left on the court. My partner asked if I wanted to play another game, so I agreed to play again.

Even though it’s normal for me not to make a comeback from losing a game so severely, these days fun is always the overriding factor for me that's why I was happy to play again

Now, in that final game of badminton for the day, I had exactly the same confidence and attitude as always and I repeated the same mantra as usual. Surprisingly I played even better than when I’m winning on a good day. I was unstoppable and very quickly went on to win the game 21-11 points.

Divine Self Help Confidence Test – Divine Message

Now, of course you can believe that it was luck or that I tried extra hard or whatever, but the truth is upon winning that game I had a wonderful realization, a message from the Divine... And the message that came through from the Divine clearly stated:

You can and naturally do rise up from anywhere as long as you maintain your vibrational state.

Even though I immediately understood the message, I thought about it for a while in order to internalize it and to be able to communicate the message and its implications. It really doesn’t matter where you are in your life or what circumstances you find currently surrounding you...

The Divine message of this inspired self help confidence test is clear:

Just continue working on your vibrational state of being, by being in joy no matter what you do. Because when we maintain our positive vibrational state by doing our best to feel good and be happy, then the circumstances of our life must and so will change for the better, it can be no other way!

Divine Self Help Confidence Test – The Hindrances

Consider your Source or Soul, the Divine greater part of you, as a magnetic force. The smaller pieces of your Divine Source, of which you are a part, are naturally attracted closer and closer to the larger part of you, closer to all of the good things that you feel and know you want and that you definitely deserve!

That’s right, all good is naturally making its way to you as you are to it. Unless of course, that you, through your negative behavior, caused by your resistant thoughts and beliefs do not allow that alignment, that full connection to your Divine Source of well-being and to all good that is your birthright!

Just have the confidence to believe and know that all good will naturally come to you, without you even trying, especially when you’re not trying.

Through this divinely inspired self help confidence test, we can observe that any kind of criticism, judgment, anger and negative knee-jerk reactions can only serve to lower or hold our vibrational frequency down, thus hindering our Divine connection.

Why? Because those things all have their roots in fear and fear is the opposite of love, a different vibrational frequency entirely. A lower frequency vibrational state of being holds us apart from our desires and holds our desires apart from us. That’s why it always pays to stay in joy and do whatever you love doing, with love

'I have learned this at least by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.' Henry David Thoreau - 1817 - 1862

Divine Self Help Confidence Test - The Divine Big Wheel

In closing, here’s a Divine message which can be reflected upon at times when you're feeling less than confident.

And spurned on by the cynic, the believer asked the Divine:

"Where is that lover you promised me, and what of that new car I ordered?" "And what happened to all those riches you said I’d have?"

Then a quiet voice from the Divine gently answered:

"The big wheel is turning my friend, the big wheel is turning. Just continue believing as you’re doing, without doubt, and all things that you say you desire must manifest into your experience. For as surely as the night will become day the Divine big wheel is turning!"

If you like the idea above, you can find similar Divine messages in the deeper level Spiritual Essence section.

To you observing your thoughts with love and responding with Divine confidence, no matter what the circumstances. And thus then, to you allowing the Divine to bring all good things to you in perfect timing

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn - www.inspired-self-help-shortcuts.com

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn - www.inspired-self-help-shortcuts.com

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