Self Help Depression Insights
Help You Return To Happiness!

These self help depression insights will help you to recognize that your current state of depression is always only temporary and that dealing with depression always begins with you. Only you have full power within you to bring yourself back to a place of feeling good, if that’s what you really want!

Perhaps you're looking for advice on dealing with depression for yourself or a loved one or maybe you’re looking for some treatment for depression. That’s a great start. However, the truth is that the only self-administered treatment you’ll ever need is contained within your own being, within your way of thinking.

That’s right, these self help depression insights are not offering any kind of medical advice or recommending any drugs whatsoever. Everything written on this page offers a way for you to be fully self-empowered to deal with depression for yourself once and for all. The method I’m referring to is your own emotional guidance system.

'You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution. Change is inevitable, personal growth is always a personal decision.' Bob Proctor –

Let Your Feelings Guide You

These self help depression insights confirm that by utilizing our emotional guidance system at every moment of our life we can tell if we’re on track to maintaining our state of well-being or not, by recognizing how we feel. We’re always in a particular state of either feeling good or feeling not so good, feeling happy or feeling depressed.

Once we’re aware of our own emotional guidance system, dealing with depression becomes much easier than prior to our awareness of it.

Using the feedback from our emotional guidance system helps us to determine if we’re maintaining our natural state of well-being or not. By acknowledging how we feel, in this moment, we’re able to make adjustments to our thinking and thus improve how we feel

Self Help Depression Insights - Cause of Depression

When we’re in a state of depression the reason we feel bad is because our emotional guidance system is informing us that remaining in this state is not serving us. Our natural state is feeling good, and so anything other than feeling good is not where we want to be, because nothing we really want can be found in a depressed state.

These self help depression insights identify and clarify that all depression is caused by negative thoughts and beliefs!

While it may not be possible to move from a deep state of depression back to happiness and well-being in one swift movement it is possible and very practical to move towards a better feeling state incrementally, one thought at a time.

By utilizing our emotional guidance system we’re able to get to a place that feels slightly better and from that place to a place that feels slightly better than that and so on. Thus, we can and do gradually rise up thought by thought, feeling by feeling, all the way back to our natural state of well-being.

'You cannot continue to beat the drum of things that don't feel good when you beat them - without filling your future experience full of things that don't feel good. At some point, there's going to be a tipping point that's going to become a manifestation.' Abraham-Hicks -

Using Our Emotional Guidance

As an example: you think about or imagine something that you don’t like or something that you don’t like comes into your experience. And then you pay attention to it, dwell upon it, and before long you’re not feeling good. That’s all the evidence you need - to know that your thoughts control your feelings.

This self help depression insight suggests that first we become aware of and pay attention to the feeling feedback advice from our emotional guidance system. And then we change our thoughts to match things that are more in alignment with whatever it is that we say we want and thus we’ll automatically feel better because that’s simply how it works!

Knowing this it’s easy not to remain focused upon thoughts that brought you to a state of depression. And all depression is caused by the thoughts you think!

Whenever those negative thoughts arise don’t dwell upon them, but instead consciously decide to think about something else. Or redefine and change your current beliefs then better feeling thoughts will arise. Look at the examples below.

Current thought:

I need to find US$500 within
three days, but I don’t have it!

New thought:

I still need to find money within three
days, but hopefully I’ll get a break.

Current thought:

My partner left me, nobody
loves me. I’m unworthy of love!

New thought:

Our relationship wasn’t really working
anyway, so it's probably for the best.

You should feel some relief from your depression by thinking improved thoughts. Now, do what you can to remain in that slightly improved emotional state. And then you’ll notice that other better feeling thoughts will enter into your awareness, like the examples below:

Improved thought:

Maybe I can extend the three day
deadline to give me more time to pay.

New thought:

A lot can happen in any moment, I’ll
probably find the money before the deadline.

Improved thought:

I’m still alone and unloved, but
that’s better than arguing all the time!

New thought:

Maybe I’ll meet someone who’s right
for me and find true love this time.

Again, you should be feeling a sense of relief from these new improved thoughts. Prior to learning about the importance of making the mental effort of observing and changing your thoughts, those thoughts weren’t available to you. Using this self help depression insight about your emotional guidance system is the key to feeling better.

Every time you choose better feeling thoughts, you're actually raising your vibrational frequency. The more you raise your vibrational frequency, the better you feel.

For a thorough and complete explanation of your emotional guidance system and how to correctly utilize it I highly recommend getting a copy of "The Astonishing Power of Emotions" by Abraham-Hicks. I found that book to be very helpful, that’s why I introduced it to you here

'The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.' Eckhart Tolle - 1948 - Present

Self Help Depression Insights - All in Your Mind

Now that you’ve practiced these self help depression insights which advise you to become aware of and change your thoughts. Realize that the only thing that actually happened, which offered a sense of relief and better feeling, happened in your mind. That is to say, the circumstances that seemingly caused your depression remain the same. For instance: although you’re still alone and you still have to find some money, your mental attitude towards these things has changed causing improvement in how you feel.

And here’s a truth: it’s all about how you feel. All improvement in every situation in your life begins with your state of being and hence, how you feel.

Your current life circumstances are the end result or the effect of the vibrational output of your former state of being. Thus, new and improved life circumstances can only arise with the changed vibrational output of your new and improved state of being. Therefore, feeling good and hence being happy, in this moment, brings you closer to all good things!

As Bashar says: 'Circumstances don't matter only state of being matters...'

That is to say, your current circumstances do not determine or become (materialize into) your future experience. Only your current state of being determines and becomes (materializes into) your current circumstances.

Remaining in a Positive State

Believe me; I know what it’s like to be feeling fantastic one moment and then suddenly to plunge into the deepest throes of depression the next. Fortunately, now that you’re aware of your emotional guidance system, you’ll be far less likely to slip back into depression so easily.

However, these self help depression insights suggest that there may be times when you’re having difficulty directing the flow of your thoughts and sustaining positive thoughts. During these times I find it very helpful to silently repeat a mantra to myself. A mantra is a word or several words that you silently repeat to yourself over and over. While there are many mantras you can use, this one suggested by these self help depression insights is highly recommended.

I love you – I’m sorry – Please forgive me – Thank you

Previously, whenever my thoughts started in a downward or negative direction and I felt I was losing control of my positive state of mind, I just started repeating those words to myself over and over. When you’re consciously focusing upon those positive words, it’s impossible to think negative thoughts. In this way a mantra can serve us by holding us in our current positive vibrational state.

Start saying your mantra right away. Every time you remember just keep repeating those words. After you’ve been practicing for a while, whenever your thoughts start in a negative or unwanted direction your mantra automatically kicks in and holds you in your current positive state of mind.

I first heard this particular mantra by listening to "The Clearing Audio" by Joe Vitale. It’s a fantastic, spiritual, self-empowering audio message that's well worth listening to on a regular basis. I highly recommend it! Once you're generally no longer depressed and you want to bring yourself to an even higher positive state, in which you're happy and feeling good for most of the time, I suggest reading this self help goals page.

'Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.' Buddha - 563 BCE - 483 BCE

Letting Go of Depression

After reading these self help depression insights how do you feel in your now moment? Do you really want relief from depression? Or are you, secretly, using your state of depression to gain attention from others? Be honest with yourself, is your outward depression really self pity masquerading as depression? If so, do you really love yourself? Or is there a part of you that’s somehow lacking love? Do you believe that you need the attention of others to fill the emptiness that you feel? Find out on this self help relationship page.

If you're really stuck and you genuinely can't seem to shake off feelings of depression and hopelessness, I suggest that you read "When Everything Changes, Change Everything" by Neale Donald Walsch. I'm sure that Neale can help you to see life in a new way. While these self help depression insights will definitely help you to move in the right direction, the choice to start moving towards a place of feeling better, by thinking positive thoughts, will always be yours.

Here's to your clarity and well-being, always and in all ways

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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