Inspired Self Help Goals Suggest Being Happy And Feeling Good, Always!

Inspired Self Help Goals Suggest Being Happy And Feeling Good, Always!

On this inspired self help goals page I’ll share with you how I discovered the secret behind 'The Secret' movie. And then, together, we’ll explore why the state of feeling good and being happy is so important for realizing all of our goals and for receiving everything that we say we now want or desire.

And once the importance of being in a happy and feeling good state is clearly understood, on this LOA (5) page of the law of attraction program I’ll offer suggestions as to how you can reach and maintain that state. With an aim to making the being happy and feeling good state the - state-of-well-being - your normal state of being.

In addition, I'll also share some practical steps of how to attract opportunities for bringing more money and abundance into your life. And through these inspired self help goals I'll also explain the importance of being reliable and sincere and I'll indicate the necessity of taking inspired action at the appropriate time.

'Life can be absolutely phenomenal, and it should be, and it will be, when you start using The Secret.' Bob Proctor –

Inspired Self Help Goals - Get in Lane

Wherever you currently are along the scale of feeling extremely good, excited or ecstatic to feeling very bad, anxious, depressed or afraid, your thoughts about your situation and circumstances are the keys to either reaching up towards more happiness or falling towards deeper misery or fear.

Anytime you’re feeling less than happy, wherever you currently are mentally and emotionally, stop; right now, just stop. Take a deep breath all the way down to your heart center and hold it in for a few seconds, then slowly release it. Do this at least three times. Doesn’t that feel a bit better just a little bit?

If you’re generally unhappy and not feeling good you’ll find some very helpful information on this self help depression page. And in addition, you might feel like learning about the wonderful benefits of appreciation by reading through this inspired self help skill page. I suggest doing that before continuing on this inspired self help goals page...

Inspired Self Help Goals – The Secret Tool

Now that you’re feeling a bit better and regardless of whether or not you’ve already watched 'The Secret' movie, I highly recommend getting yourself a copy and watching it often. It’s impossible to feel bad while watching 'The Secret' because it’s a truly uplifting experience that will inspire you to be happy.

Occasionally, when I’m feeling less than very good I’ll watch 'The Secret' movie or listen to the audio version. Doing so certainly helps with my self help goals of being happy and feeling good, there’s even a book by the same name if you prefer reading about inspirational ideas and tools.

I confirm right here that since watching 'The Secret' movie in 2007, I’ve studied five of its teachers/presenters in great detail. These days, I’ve moved through being skeptically open-minded to believing that what they say in the movie is true to knowing that it’s true, beyond belief.

And now I understand why they used that particular format of focusing on attracting more money and things into our lives, as well as their chosen methods of disseminating that information to get their combined message out to the world, and I’m truly thankful they did so

Inspired Self Help Goals - Attraction and Vibration

Being amazed that I'd never been taught about the Universal laws and wanting others to understand them, I created this inspired self help goals web page so that you’ll have all of the keys you need in order to be fully self-empowered in everything you do. Not just in one or two areas, but in all of the important areas of your life.

As outlined in 'The Secret' movie, we live in an attraction based Universe. Being curious about why all of the people in that movie said those things, I became passionate about understanding and dug deeper. Until I realized that attraction means vibrational attraction, whereby like attracts like.

There's only Yes in the language of the Universe. Yes to what you want and Yes to what you don't want!

And I discovered, or more accurately I remembered, that the Universe doesn’t use language to communicate as we do, the Universe grants our wish or desire by instantly recognizing what we're paying attention to or focusing upon with strong emotion or feeling and then the attraction process begins.

The Universe always brings the vibrational essence of our point of focus to us through attraction or vibrational matching in every second of every day.

So the Universe doesn’t respond to the actual words of language, but rather it picks up on the vibrational signals we’re emanating and it matches our desires through the Universal law of vibrational attraction. However, this attraction process is hindered by our indecision and negative thoughts and beliefs, as outlined on this self help free page.

'Your thoughts and feelings create your life. It will always be that way. Guaranteed.' Lisa Nichols –

Inspired Self Help Goals - Feeling Good Now

When you make feeling good the first and most important of your self help goals, all things that you consider to be good will be magnetically drawn to you. In order for you to be successful in all areas of your life it’s important to feel good. Feeling good automatically means you’re happy.

I’ve noticed that once I’m generally happy, meaning that once I’m feeling good most of the time, then many good things make their way into my life experience.

And as a bonus, the happier I become many of the not so good things in my life become less of a challenge. And over time, as I continue to feel good and thereby maintain my state-of-well-being, many of the people and things that have become unsatisfactory to me naturally fade out of my life experience.

Conversely, at times when I’m not feeling so good and I’m generally unhappy, that means I’m out of vibrational alignment with the things, people or experiences that I truly desire. Therefore, my misaligned state of not-so-well-being can only serve to hold the things that I truly want to experience in my life away from me.

Deeper level, you have to remember that all change happens NOW. Thus, by being happy and feeling good in the NOW moment, as in the image, you're always in vibrational alignment with your desires which only exist NOW. And thus, the change that you say you desire such as receiving a manifestation for instance, is imminent!

Inspired Self Help Goals - Reality of Imagination

Our emotions are determined by our thoughts and beliefs. Thus, the feelings and emotions created and experienced by us are dependent upon the thoughts we think and the beliefs we hold. And this understanding is a huge clue as to how to reach happiness and the state of well-being: redefine your beliefs and change your thinking!

It’s important to know that it doesn’t matter whether the thought you think is in response to an actual observed event that's happening in your life right now, or in response to an event that you imagine from your past or your future.

Imagination creates reality!

Your brain has no way of telling whether your thought is a response to a real or imagined event. Your brain just sends the vibrational signal to the Universe and the Universe responds by reflecting the essence of your vibrational state of being back to you through the events and circumstances of your life. For more detailed information on thoughts, emotions and vibration, I highly recommend reading 'Ask and it is Given,' by Abraham-Hicks.

'This is a feeling Universe. If you just intellectually believe something, but you have no corresponding feeling underneath that, you don’t necessarily have enough power to manifest what you want in your life. You have to feel it.' Michael Bernard Beckwith –

Inspired Self Help Goals - Maintaining Your Balance

While there are many things you can do to assist you with maintaining your vibrational balance on the side of happiness and well-being. I find this passively enjoyable idea to be extremely helpful, so I'm sharing it with you here. If you like the idea, create a folder on your computer or smart phone and label it favorites or something similar. Browse through all of your popular music collection and pick out individual tracks/songs that you consider to be your favorites.

It doesn’t matter why you like the tracks or which artists perform them or how old they are, pick those you love the most. Find approximately 100 songs in MP3 format and copy/add each track to your favorite’s folder or playlist. Now, anytime you notice that you’re feeling less than joyful or passionate. Let’s say you’re feeling contented or hopeful or perhaps you're a bit bored and you want to feel much better and thus raise your vibrational frequency higher.

Relax in your favorite chair, lay down or whatever’s most comfortable for you. Play your favorite’s folder or playlist of music making sure to use the random or shuffle play setting.

The beauty of this idea is: because you love each of these tracks, no matter which one’s playing, at a minimum, by simply listening you'll maintain your vibrational state of being. And in the best case, it’ll help you to raise your vibrational frequency further up the scale to the better feeling emotional states of passion and joy.

Tip 1: feel free to add or remove tracks depending on how they make you think and feel. Experiment with your playlist until you're really happy with every track in it.

Tip 2: listen to your playlist on your computer or smart phone MP3 player or create (burn) an MP3 music cd. Listen to your playlist at home, on your home theatre system or in your vehicle etcetera.

It’s worth remembering that in our attraction based Universe; the concepts of random, chance and luck do not really exist. Therefore, understand that whichever song is currently playing it is the most representative of the vibration you’re currently being! Thus, your enjoyment of listening to your favorite music will help you to feel better and that will naturally raise your vibrational frequency. And as you feel even better the tracks playing will be those that make you feel even better and so on

Inspired Self Help Goals – Attracting Opportunities

Let’s say that one of your self help goals is having more money in your life. You desire more money, so you automatically mentally ask for opportunities to have more money. And you believe in the possibility that money making opportunities will show up in your life. Great, you’ve asked, now relax and enjoy your life!

The Universe sets everything up so that an opportunity to make money comes to you. And once the opportunity arises, don’t delay. As soon as possible find out all of the details and what’s required of you from those who’ve been attracted to you and who’re making the offer.

The opportunity would not have arrived if you didn’t have the capacity to fulfill it in some way!

Think about the money you’ll make from the opportunity and how you’ll spend it and how you’ll feel once you have it. In other words, play with the end result and feel good in your imagination. This mental action sends another signal to the Universe: that having XXX extra cash in your life makes you feel extremely good.

Now, because the law of attraction is always working, another attraction process begins. So in addition to attracting more opportunities to make money, you’ll begin attracting more actual money and greater financial abundance as well.

'As you think thoughts that feel good to you, you will be in harmony with who-you-really-are. And in doing so you will utilize your profound freedom. Seek joy first, and all of the growth that you could ever imagine will come joyously and abundantly unto you.'

Inspired Self Help Goals – Money from Nowhere

To help you to see how it works in physical reality, I’ll share three examples of how I effortlessly received money and abundance from nowhere:

One day, due to cash flow, I found myself with absolutely no money, nada, zip, nothing. I had no food and no money available to buy any. I’d never been hungry due to the lack of money, so rather than react negatively my response was to laugh at the ridiculousness of my situation.

Within one hour of my laughter a friend called inviting me to a BBQ at his house that evening. I had no money to buy anything, but I still didn’t want to show up empty handed, so I asked if I should bring anything. My friend said that he was supplying all of the food and drinks for free. No worries.

Later, while I was at that BBQ, a couple of good friends called inviting me to dinner at their house that same night. This time there were tears in my eyes as I knew beyond all doubt that the Universe was taking care of my every need. I knew that even if I’m completely broke the Universe won’t let me starve.

On another day, during a time when I was short of money, a friend who was leaving the island where I live gave me a one year old 42" plasma TV. I sold my existing TV for US$150, and I used the 42" plasma TV for one year and then sold it for US$650. That's abundance, SURE!

Another time, I’d been looking after a motorcycle for a friend and had been riding it occasionally. One day my friend, who lives overseas, called saying he was giving the motorcycle to me, for no obvious or particular reason. I used the motorcycle for several more months and was casually considering buying a new state of the art motorcycle, when...

Another friend called asking me if I’d like to sell the bike I’d got for free. We agreed on a sale price of US$750.

The important thing about all of these examples of money and abundance from nowhere was my lack of resistance to those ideas. I didn't doubt the Universe.

While I remember casually wanting those things, I didn't really care one way or the other if I got them, so I wasn’t pushing hard against my lack of them.

I already had a solid belief in the law of attraction, which allowed for the possibility that money and abundance can and does come from nowhere before being realized as now-here... And you might say...

Why not just focus on the end result of getting money from nowhere in your imagination? If you can be successful with that idea, please do so and cut out the opportunity middle man. However, most of us require a strong belief in something before we can successfully attract it into our lives.

Think about it: it’s a lot easier to believe that money will come to you in the form of a business opportunity, than to believe it’ll arrive from nowhere, even though at a deeper level it’s the same thing

Inspired Self Help Goals – Sincere Reliable Action

After mulling over what will be required of you, if you feel less than excited about any of the opportunities that come to you, know that you’re under no obligation from the Universe to actually accept or fulfill any of them! I never accept any opportunity that comes to me unless I'm passionate and excited about it!

Remember that how you feel about something now is probably how you’ll always feel about it.

As soon as you’ve decided that the opportunity isn’t for you, the best action to take is to politely refuse it by informing those who made the offer and just keep focusing on positive things while enjoying your life. Continue believing that more better-feeling opportunities are en-route to you. They are!

Caveat: here’s something to consider. Imagine that you’re the Divine, God or the Universe. Now let’s say that I ask you for opportunities to make more money. You always grant my wish so you bring those opportunities to me, but whenever they arrive I don’t act. What signal am I sending to you? I ask, you give, but I’m not really sincere and so I don’t act. That is to say, I’m unreliable.

Therefore, I shouldn’t be surprised if receiving opportunities to make more money and more financial abundance are infrequent or unreliable as well! Remember that in our vibrational attraction based Universe, the mirror of your life experience always reflects back to you who you’re being in every moment, what you put out is what you get back! So always take inspired action when the opportunity arises!

'Whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality.' Brian Tracy -

Inspired Self Help Goals – State of Being

Until you find yourself actually living the kind of life that you say you want to live in your Now moment, your state of being may tend to fluctuate between feeling extremely good and feeling not so good. That's perfectly normal. As you improve this balance by thinking better thoughts, you’ll move to a general state of joyful well-being. A high vibrational state of being is represented and expressed by you Being Happy and Feeling Good, the state of well-being.

When you really think about it, aside from more happiness and feeling even better, what more could you want? After all, isn’t the ultimate aim of achieving your self help goals linked to more happiness and feeling better in some way?

Everything adds to your vibrational mix, every Nano second. By feeling good and being happy you’re allowing all things that you consider good to be magnetically drawn to you. Likewise, wallowing in states of unhappiness and feeling bad can only serve to attract those things that you say you don’t want into your life. That’s why I believe that in addition to aiming for any single thing that you desire or that you simply must have, the most beneficial of your self help goals is to aim for making the state of well-being your normal state of being.

Once the most important of your self help goals becomes focusing on achieving and maintaining the state of well-being, thus making it your natural state, then you’ll know that you’ve finally mastered the art of being happy and feeling good. Here's to you feeling wonderful in your Now moment, always

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