The Awakening Self Help Kit Reminds You To Be Who You Really Are!

By Assisting You To Remember Timeless Universal Truths...

The Awakening Self Help Kit Reminds You To Be Who You Really Are!

By Assisting You To Remember Timeless Universal Truths...

Dear friends,

This is the story of how the Awakening Self Help Kit continues to help me in my daily life and my personal story about how it came into being. This page highlights the benefits that will be gained by anyone who is attracted to and chooses to use the Awakening Kit.

Please Note: The Awakening Kit is is currently being upgraded so that it can be used on smart phones and tablets. Therefore, it is not available at this timing. Please check back in a few weeks to get the upgraded version of the inspired Awakening Kit. Thanks. Eddie.

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If you feel attracted to the Awakening Self Help Kit and you have the desire and the willingness to awaken to the realization and truth that you’re more than you’re currently consciously aware of, then this inspired tool is for you! This self help kit will assist you to bring many different areas of your life into balance and harmony, guaranteed.

'Everything you can imagine is real.' Pablo Picasso - 1881 – 1973

The Benefits of Using the Awakening Self Help Kit

The Awakening Self Help Kit consists of three products sold together as one package. There’s the Awakening Screensaver, the Awakening eAlbum and the Awakening Images. Below is a list of some of the benefits you’ll gain from using the Awakening Self Help Kit:

  • Timeless messages that provide years of value

  • Profound messages that enhance your awareness

  • Positive messages that assist you with manifesting

  • Truthful messages that help you achieve well-being

  • Loving messages that help you allow soul connections

  • Profound truth expressed using as few words as possible

  • Passive daily reminders at exactly the time you need them

  • Beautiful artwork that adds additional insight to each message

  • Spiritual insights that help you maintain your state of well-being

By using the Awakening Self Help Kit you’ll learn to remain focused and thus you’ll maintain your state of harmonious well-being. And if you do go off track, the awakening messages will appear at exactly the right time to assist you in bringing yourself back into harmony and balance

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'Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.' Marcus Aurelius - 121 - 180 AD

#1 Awakening Screensaver

The Awakening Screensaver is a product or tool which contains a collection of timeless truths which will be gradually and passively integrated into your awareness, through constant reminders. Each of the 50 images contained within the Awakening Screensaver offers clarity in one or more of the following areas:

Awareness – Well-Being – Abundance
Relationships – Chakra Energy

How the Awakening Screensaver Works

After downloading, the Awakening Screensaver is installed on your computer. The screensaver is pre-configured to use the shuffle display setting and an image display delay time of 7 seconds. You choose when it will start displaying the images on your computer monitor, i.e. 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes etcetera.

Because, there’s no such thing as randomness, chance or luck, each time you see one of the images, the message it contains is a coincidence (two events occurring simultaneously) caused by vibrational attraction. Thus the message you see will be the one that you most need to consider at that time.

You’ll love the images and messages contained within the Awakening Screensaver. You’ll be amazed at the synchronicity between what’s on your mind and the message being displayed on your computer screen at that very moment. And you’ll really appreciate the pertinent reminder that occurs - just when you need it most

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'You believe in God? Believe also in imagination!' Neville Goddard – 1905 – 1972

#2 Awakening Words eAlbum

The Awakening Words eAlbum is a beautifully laid out professionally made eBook. The Awakening Words eAlbum contains each of the 50 images from the Awakening Screensaver, plus an additional 5 images used to clarify and introduce each of the eAlbum's subject sections.

On the left hand side of each image page, I’ve written an expanded explanation that goes deeper into the meaning and usefulness of each of the images and inspired messages, as in the example below. The Awakening Words eAlbum is a stand alone product, which on its own is worth the price of the complete Awakening Kit package!

The Awakening Words eAlbum contains images and information about the nature of existence.One of the 59 pages from the Awakening Words eAlbum.

Using the Awakening Words eAlbum

To read the Awakening Words eAlbum, after downloading the PDF file, you’ll need to install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or later) or another PDF reader in order to be able to open the Awakening Words eAlbum. It's as simple as that.

Read Awakening Self Help Kit
Questions and Reviews here

After reading the Awakening Words eAlbum, if for any reason you’re not clear about any of the Awakening Images and inspired messages, I’ve set up a questions and answers area on this page so you can ask questions relating to the Awakening Self Help Kit package if you feel inspired to do so.

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Created with Love and Care - One Year in Production...

#3 Awakening Images

The Awakening Images contain timeless messages that focus on the five main areas of: enhancing spiritual awareness, achieving and maintaining the state of well-being, attracting and manifesting abundance, relationships (soul connections), and understanding and balancing the chakra energy centers of your body.

Because of the timeless nature of the Awakening Images, I've included each of the 50 images/messages as an individual (1280 x 924 pixels) high quality jpg file and have included them as part of the Awakening Self Help Kit package for you to use freely.

After you've purchased the Awakening Kit, I grant you full permission to use any of the images/messages (unaltered) in ways that you feel will assist you to achieve a greater sense of awareness and understanding.

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Awakening Kit - Purpose and Usage

The Awakening Self Help Kit is a self help product or tool that’s designed with several purposes in mind: each person who uses it will gain more spiritual awareness and understanding, experience true well-being, find harmonious relationships and enjoy financial abundance. That is to say, they'll awaken in all of the important areas of their lives, in the timing that’s right for them. Once you’re able to say...

I'm very happy and I'm feeling good. I love myself and my life unconditionally and absolutely!

Then in that moment, you’ll know that you’ve awakened from your total slumber, a slumber in which, at some level of your being, for your own reasons and for your own growth, you purposely chose to impose limitations on your conscious awareness and your personal power - as did we all.

I don't believe in hard work - I never have and I never will!

That's why the Awakening Self Help Kit is designed to be easy, fun and extremely powerful.

Little by little and day by day, the insights contained within the Awakening Self Help Kit will become apparent to you and you’ll begin to re-awaken to long forgotten truths

My Guarantee for the Awakening Self Help Kit

I personally guarantee that if you’ve browsed some or all of the pages on this website and you find that a lot of what I’m saying resonates with you and makes sense, then you’ll love the Awakening Self Help Kit and it will benefit you by assisting you to BE more of yourself.

I further guarantee that the frequent reminders of timeless Universal truths contained within the Awakening Kit will be highly beneficial in assisting you to understand (remember) more of the truths of life and the true nature of existence. Get the Awakening Kit to experience the states of freedom, bliss and well-being!

'Some will hear, but not listen. Some will listen, but not understand. And some will understand, but not act.' Mike Dooley –

Awakening Self Help Kit – Software Requirements

To view and read the Awakening Words eAlbum PDF, please install Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or later) or another PDF reader application.

Click this link to open new window then download the file to your computer.

There are no special requirements for the Awakening Images. The downloaded compressed (zipped) file can be opened by your computer’s default compression (zip) application.

Click this link to open new window then download the file to your computer.

The Awakening Screensaver is a software application that you’ll install on your computer. This screensaver was designed to run on desktop, notebook and netbook computers and it’s been extensively tested using both Mac and Windows computer operating systems.

Get The Awakening Screensaver For Mac

Monitor Size: 20" (inches) and above:

Click this link to open new window then download the file to your computer.

Monitor Size: Below 20" (inches):

Click this link to open new window then download the file to your computer.

Get The Awakening Screensaver For Windows

Monitor Size: 20" (inches) and above:

Click this link to open new window then download the file to your computer.

Monitor Size: Below 20" (inches):

Click this link to open new window then download the file to your computer.

The Awakening Self Help Kit Story

Several years ago whenever I was happy, feeling good and relaxed I began receiving many rhyming messages from out of nowhere. I got into the habit of promptly writing the messages down and before long I had a collection of hundreds of spiritual, awakening, self help and self-empowering messages.

I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular and I certainly wasn’t 'trying' to create poems or spiritually awakening  messages. I was simply enjoying myself and happily going about my daily life. I guess that after all of the time I'd spent working on my ego that my mind was free of worry and doubt, thereby providing an opening or a space for what needed to come through to me to do so.

As each message entered my mind I had to think about what it was telling me. Some of these messages were easy to understand, while it took me some time to truly understand or really 'get' many of the other messages, due to their deep spiritual nature.

As you know, I love exploring life and the true nature of existence. Due to that I found many of these messages to be truly self-empowering and noticed that I was using them as easy 'mind mantras' that assisted me to remember certain truths about life and the nature of existence - the subjects of my passion.

After using these spiritually inspired awakening messages for more than one year, I began to wonder why they kept coming through to me. Then one day, in a flash of inspiration, I just knew that I had to create a self help product that can assist anyone who’s attracted to it to become more consciously aware, thus the idea of the Awakening Self Help Kit was born.

'Those who surrender win, nobody loses - we all reach the final...' Eddie Corbyn –

Awakening Self Help Kit – Closing Thoughts

Update: I’ve been using the Awakening Screensaver on and off for more than one year now. And it never fails to amaze me when I return to my computer and see a timely and valid message displayed on my monitor.

Quite often I’ll be thinking about something and perhaps there’s an element of worry or doubt going on in my mind. And then I see a truly self-empowering message that serves to remind me that my fears only exist within my mind and that I can choose to think better thoughts at any time.

When you use the Awakening Self Help Kit you’ll be reminded of the timeless Universal truths that have always been there and which always will be there, for anyone who wants to know - for anyone with the willingness to allow themselves to remember and thus to realize these truths.

Download Now

Here’s to you allowing you to choose the Awakening Self Help Kit to assist you with awakening to long forgotten truths, in the timing that's right for you

Warmest Regards,

Eddie Corbyn

PS. Made with Care and Love ♥

PPS. Please feel free to ask questions and/or write a small review here.

Please Note: Visit the Awakening Kit SelfHelp Software Page for any additional software support questions you may have, thank you.

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