Self Help Marriage? What is the Truth? It is all the Truth!

by Bill

I agree with what you talk about on this self help marriage page. Life is ongoing and I am forever growing spiritually and mentally. My life has gone thru many changes. It took a while for me to realize that the choices I was making were due to Peer pressure, as well as my parents stormy marriage, and the residual effects from religion having grown up catholic. I made a lot of bad choices that effected my life and relationships. I now know it was MY CHOICES and not anyone else responsibility.

As I started to grow the truth as I saw it changed. I got married for the first time was I was 37. I knew at the time it was not the best decision but it is what I needed to do at that time. I continued to grow spiritually and the truth as I saw it changed again. This was becoming a frequent occurrence. I started to realize that what everyone else believed I did not have to. I was becoming my own person. It did not happen overnight but thru mini spiritual awakenings.

My wife at the time had the same spiritual beliefs and it made it easier to grow and learn. Our marriage after 15 yrs started to look different to me. I realized that I was not in Love at least the kind of love you need to sustain a relationship. We decided to split. We both knew it was the best decision. Although it did not make it any easier emotionally. I had this fear of abandonment. Today I still love this person and we are still really good friends who I speak with at least once a week. We still can confide in each other. I am now married to a wonderful woman and yes I am in love just a different kind of love.

Is it real? FOR NOW. I now know the truth is always changing because as I grow spiritually my reality changes. Is it the truth, it is for now.

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Nov 30, 2012
Nice Story
by: Eddie (site owner)

Thanks for this story :)

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