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Choose Which Tools Are Right For You!

The self help product insights on this page reveal the true purpose and value behind many self-empowerment products. In addition, I remind you of the self-empowerment tools that we all already have that you can use to help you decide which product, if any, is right for you at this timing.

My desire is that through these inspired insights and shortcuts you’ll have a firmer understanding of how and why a self-empowerment product or tool may serve you and you’ll be better prepared to select the tools that are most powerful in assisting you with self-actualization, evolution and awakening.

Ultimately, no one else can really advise you which self help product or tool is best for you or whether in fact you even need any external influence to assist you with moving harmoniously and happily forward with your life. Thus you’ll have to use your own discernment and common sense when choosing any particular product or tool.

'When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.' Confucius – 551 - 479 BC

Self Help Product Insight – What Are These Tools?

Know that this is the transformational age and that one way or another you will begin to awaken, that’s what you have chosen and it’s why you’re here at this time and in this space. At your own pace, you’re allowing yourself to remember more and more about who you really are.

Self-empowerment tools and products can assist you to achieve greater clarity and acceleration towards your goals and your awakening. Many self help products and tools are available to assist you. These self-actualization tools use different media and come in a variety of forms, including:

use discernment when choosing products and tools to help you.
  • Music

  • Artwork

  • Websites

  • Paper books

  • Screensavers

  • Electronic books

  • Video recordings

  • Audio recordings

  • Stage presentations

  • Courses and seminars
use discernment when choosing products and tools to help you.
  • Music

  • Artwork

  • Websites

  • Paper books

  • Screensavers

  • Electronic books

  • Video recordings

  • Audio recordings

  • Stage presentations

  • Courses and seminars

By using any tool that feels good to you, you’re giving yourself permission to unveil even more of the things which you’ve formerly kept hidden from yourself by the, sometimes unconscious, action of your mind.

Remember that we live in a world of vibrational attraction, thus when a self-empowerment product or tool comes into your awareness the reason it excites you is because you attracted it to you. And thus deep down you know that by understanding it and using it you will receive great benefit from it.

Therefore, when choosing a self help product realize that if any particular tool feels good and excites you it is a tool that will help you. On many pages of this website I make recommendations for such self-empowerment products and tools that I’ve used, but it’s always up to you to determine which ones are right for you by how you feel about them.

Self Help Product Insight – Do I Need These Tools?

If in your day to day life you’re generally very happy and feeling good, you’re healthy and you’re living the abundant life you prefer then, obviously, you don’t need a self-empowerment product to help you to reach and to maintain that state of well-being.

Self-empowerment tools can assist you to allow yourself to have, be and do all that you consider good, sooner rather than later.

However, if you’re not there yet and you want to reach that place of being happy and feeling good in your daily life, which means optimum health, abundance and well-being, then it’s worth considering what a self-empowerment, self-actualization or self help product may have to offer you.

Self Help Product Insight – The Tool Creators

There are many people who're creating self help products that can assist you in your quest for clarity, love, abundance and well-being. And providing that the creators of the tools are genuine and you feel attracted to their ideas then their products will definitely work for you!

Always remember that how you feel about anything indicates if your current beliefs and the knowing of your higher self are aligned. That is to say, your emotional guidance informs you whether you are in alignment with the desire of your higher self or not. So always use discernment when choosing a self help product or tool to determine if it’s really the right one for you at this particular timing, always listen to your gut

'It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.' Ralph Waldo Emerson – 1803 – 1882

Self Help Product Insight – The Tools I Recommend

On many of the pages on this inspired website I suggest and recommend tools that can assist you. My personal guarantee to you is that every single one of the books, audios, videos, screensavers, courses, eBooks and other self help products that I recommend has at one time or another helped me.

The tools I recommend have helped me with health, money, love and spiritual matters. And they have provided value in terms of enhancing my understanding of the nature of existence.

That’s why they’re recommended on this website. If they hadn’t worked for me and helped me in some way, I wouldn’t bother telling you about them. I only support things that provide help and value to me and I ignore the rest. That’s how I’m creating the kind of world that I prefer to live in...

Self Help Product Insight – Choosing the Right Tools

For several years now, I've been living my life and making decisions by using the tools which are contained within each and every human being who's currently having a life experience here on Earth. Below I list the tools and then explain how I use them:

  • I use my rational mind and my center of feeling, my heart, to decide what’s wanted for my future

  • I use my imagination to see and feel the end result of what’s wanted

  • I always listen to and consider the messages coming from my higher self

  • I use my emotional guidance system to keep me on track to what’s wanted

  • Most of the time I relax, have fun and enjoy my life, while appreciating everything currently in it

Examples of using our tools:

Let’s say that you’ve already understood, and thus you believe that true financial abundance is definitely possible for you. Now, through the contrast of your life experience you decide that you’d prefer even more financial abundance.

In reaching this conclusion you’ve already used your rational mind and the feelings of your heart to clarify what’s wanted. And now a new desire of wanting more has already, automatically, been created within you.

Next, it’s helpful to visualize or imagine yourself as already experiencing your desired future - as already existing within it! Do whatever it takes to feel as you will feel once more financial abundance is present in your life.

Notice any good-feeling intuition, inspiration or insight and act upon it. Always follow the nudges coming from your inner being or higher self.

And finally, simply relax and enjoy every moment of your life as much as you can at this timing. Always do your best to ignore any worry and doubt that may surface within you. Only choose the thoughts that feel better, not worse, at each and every opportunity.

Perhaps you’ll be directed to a bookshop and be attracted to a particular book. Or you might feel inspired to browse a certain website where you’ll find a self help product that feels good to you. Maybe a friend will invite you to a dinner party where you’ll meet someone who can help you in some way.

We never really know how we’ll get to where we want to be, but we must have faith that we’ll get there, while allowing all events to unfold in perfect timing!

Whatever idea comes to you, recognize how you feel about it. If it doesn’t feel good, it’s probably best to wait and see what else pops into your awareness. Wait and choose something that does feel good to you, always follow your gut

For a thorough and detailed explanation of your emotional guidance system, I highly recommend getting a copy of "The Astonishing Power of Emotions" by Abraham-Hicks.

'Don't do anything that you don't really want to do. Keep yourself in a place of feeling good. Reach for the thought that feels better -- and watch what happens.' Abraham-Hicks –

Do You Believe All Information Should Be Given Freely?

Perhaps you’re currently holding a belief which says: "All spiritual and self help information should be given freely." If so, it's worth asking yourself if this belief is really serving you or if it's hindering you from progressing towards a more fulfilling, harmonious and joyful life experience? I've personally spent around US$ 5,000 on self-empowerment tools.

Is your belief that you should not have to pay for someone else’s work holding some of the tools and information that you need away from you? While it’s true that absolutely all information exists now and can be summoned by anyone, if you didn’t personally bring it through into this reality then you might have to pay for the time of the person who did.

Changing Your Core Beliefs About Money

Self Help Product Insight – The Tool of Evolution

Let’s talk about evolution. You might believe that evolution is a huge subject better left to scientists and academics. Forget about what those kinds of people say about evolution and the world for a minute and bring it closer to home, closer to who you're currently being. In its simplest term evolution simply means change.

Today you are the person you wanted to be yesterday, you’ve evolved into that new person - that’s evolution!

And if today you’re not the person you wanted to be yesterday, the only possible reason for it is your own resistance to your own idea of who you say you now want to be. Remember that the moment a desire is born within you, your higher self instantly, vibrationally, already becomes that new version of you.

So your only real work is to relax and allow the physical you to become the new you that the greater part of you, your higher self, has already become. Anything that you do which doesn’t feel good to you, in this moment, is your own resistance to your new idea of you...

'We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.' Galileo Galilei – 1564 – 1642

Self Help Product Insight – Deeper Meaning of Tools

As I said earlier, no one actually needs any tools to wake up to the realization of who they really are and what life really is. However, we’ve immersed ourselves in so much limitation that we’ve forgotten the true nature of existence. By using a self help product tool that feels right to you, you’re giving yourself permission to begin the process of re-awakening and remembering the things that have been forgotten and which are laying buried deep inside of you.

Giving yourself permission to use a self help product means you’re allowing this forgotten knowledge to surface within you in a more accelerated way.

If some or all of the things I say on this inspired shortcuts website resonate with you and make sense, then you’ll love the Awakening Words self help product. Please visit the self help ebook page for more information and how you can get that tool!

You can read about how and why I created the Awakening Words product on this self help kit page. Please note: due to the release of the Awakening Words self help eBook package the Awakening Kit on this inspired self help software page has been discontinued. This selfhelp software page had support info for the Awakening kit.

Finally, check out this complimentary self-empowement tool...

Click this image to get a FREE PDF document containing a very powerful list of Awareness Keys. Once the new window has opened up, you can read the document or save the file to your computer. Enjoy.

As I develop this inspired self help shortcuts website further, I’m remembering more and more of the knowledge and truths that I’d previously forgotten. So in that sense this website is a tool that I’ve created for myself. And I’m really pleased that many others are finding value and benefit from it too!

Here's to you finding the self help product that’s right for you and to you relaxing and evolving into the person you say you now want to be

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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