An Inspired Self Help Program To Re-Program Your Mind For Success Using The Law Of Attraction!

The inspired self help program highlighted on this page will help you to re-program your mind for success. Use these mind methods and awareness tools as reminders to help you succeed in life. Become a conscious deliberate reality creator using the law of attraction to enable you to create the life of your dreams!

We all create our own experience of reality in every moment of our lives - through our beliefs, the thoughts we think, our emotions and the consequent behavior that follows. The only question is: are you doing this deliberately and consciously, by successfully using the law of attraction, or are you creating from an unaware state? Study this inspired self help program to find out!

All of the so-called secrets are out. And what we once thought of as magic is really just the way life actually works. This page explains how to correctly use the law of attraction (LOA), and together with this program's associated pages, such as LOA (1), it will help you to uncover things about your thought process that might be hindering your total success.

'Your assumption, to be effective, cannot be a single isolated act; it must be a maintained attitude of the wish fulfilled. Frequent occupancy of the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the secret of success.' Neville Goddard - 1905 - 1972

Inspired Self Help Program - What is the Law of Attraction?

The "Law of Attraction" (LOA) is a very popular colloquial term used to define how we create our own reality. However, it's worth remembering that the LOA is just a term and that there are other ways of defining and describing the same thing. For instance, 1) what you put out is what you get back, 2) with your thoughts you create your world, 3) it's your beliefs that determine your reality and 4) Imagination creates reality. I use any and all of these ideas on this website.

The Law of Attraction Means Vibrational Attraction!

The bottom line to understand and thus to realize is this: it's your current vibration or state of being in each now moment which determines the kind of reality that gets reflected back to you through your life experience. That is to say, the so-called external reality all around you that you see, hear, taste, smell and feel "as" your experience - is nothing more and nothing less than a perfect match to the vibration you output in every Nano second of your existence!

Inspired Self Help Program – Reality Creation

Many people need to rationally understand what is necessary for conscious deliberate reality creation to work for them. This inspired self help program advises that changing or re-programming your mind, and then believing, imagining and feeling the desired outcome - followed by forgetting about it - are all the keys you need for successful conscious deliberate reality creation using the law of attraction.

Here's how to deliberately attract things, people and events into your life:

Prior to the attracting process:

  • Before starting the actual manifesting process, clarify and define what you want - this is now your desire.
  • Believe and assume that your desired outcome already exists. It does, but you have to be in vibrational alignment in order to attract and receive it.

The Universal Law of Attraction Process:

  1. Imagine or visualize the object of your desire with yourself in the picture.
    (This means seeing the end result of the object of your desire.)

  2. Feel the end result of having the object of your desire for about 15 minutes.
    (This means feeling as you will feel once you have your desire.)

  3. Completely forget about your desire.
    (This means not paying any attention to your desire.)

  4. Take any inspired action at the appropriate time.
    (This means only taking inspired action and no other action.)

  5. Receive the object of your desire!
    (Appreciate your new creation.)


  • If this idea resonates with you, script or write out your desire from the perspective of actually being in the picture while feeling good, use the present tense.

  • Have faith and trust that the object of your desire must manifest, this is the same as belief.

  • Some people suggest thinking of your desire often. Although it’s not 100% necessary, it’s OK to do so as long as you’re in a happy feel good state of being. Otherwise, thinking too much may hold your desire away from you.


By releasing all control regarding the how, who and when - you’re surrendering to Universal process.

Release your ideas of any and all specific expectations. If you hold expectations as to how, who and when, concerning manifestation of your desire, you’re getting in the way of Universal process and manifestation will be delayed.

Realize that everything happens in perfect timing, therefore, relax, be happy and feel good while enjoying your life!

By not expecting any specific ways in which your desires will manifest, you’re not offering any resistance to how, who and when what’s wanted can come to you, so you're "allowing" and thus the Universe must and so will yield whatever you desire to you very quickly.

Maintain a state of positive expectancy while knowing that you’ll definitely experience your new reality.

All of the pieces are in place and everything fits together nicely. And now, through the Universal Law of Attraction the objects of your desire are magnetically drawn to you. Through your awareness and practice of this inspired self help program you are now a conscious deliberate reality creator. Congratulations

Once you really get this, once you truly understand that your reality is created by using imagination, thought and feeling and you continue to believe it, "without doubt" - then you will be happy and feel good always and then all of your desired manifestations will be imminent! That’s it, there’s nothing more to add, there’s nothing more to do. The inspired self help program shortcut, listed above, reveals all of the steps necessary in order for the Universal Law of Attraction to work for you, guaranteed!

We’ve always been playing mind games and we always will be...

Yeah we're playing those mind games together
Projecting our images in space and in time
Yes is the answer and you know that for sure
Yes is surrender you got to let it go...

Inspired Self Help Program – Troubleshooting

But wait, what’s that, the law of attraction doesn’t work for you? Oh, perhaps the process isn’t working as well as you’d like it to because:

  • Without clarity, you won’t get what you want.
  • Without desire, there's no movement.
  • Without belief, nothing is possible.
  • Without imagining the end result, desired change may be sporadic.
  • Without feeling, the time delay will be great.
  • Without faith and assumption, doubt may surface.
  • Without taking inspired action, you might miss a window of opportunity.

If you're having difficulty, I strongly recommend reading this LOA (1) inspired self help free page as it goes deeply into beliefs and how they might be hindering your success.

'Your hands are tied in action, but your hands are not tied in imagination - and everything springs forth from the imagination. Everything.' Abraham-Hicks -

Inspired Self Help Program - Clearing Up Contrast

Let’s examine and clarify some of the pieces...

If you don’t have a clear definition of your direction - where are you going? If you get into your vehicle you must have an idea of where you want to go. Your vehicle can get you there, but you must know where you want to go before setting off. OK? It’s the same with the Universe. Through the Law of Attraction, the Universe will provide absolutely anything we want or desire, but we must be very clear in our mind about what it is that we actually want and then define it as clearly as we can in order for the Universe to do its job.

Through our life experience we come to know what we now want through the contrast of experiencing the opposite of it or the lack of it.

Getting clear about what you want is the first step in this inspired self help program on conscious deliberate reality creation. Once you've clearly defined what you want, refuse to think about or pay attention to that which you no longer want or you'll slow down the process. This LOA (2) online self help page goes into getting clear. Remember that there's only YES in the language of the Universe. Yes to what you want and Yes to what you don’t want. Thinking about and paying attention to "whatever" IS saying Yes to it and you’ll attract more of it, that's guaranteed!

Remember, without contrast and desire or thinking of what you want there can be no movement. Thus, without the desire created by the contrast of what came before there can be no movement, which equals stagnation or death. So in that sense contrast is necessary because it inspires us to move and that's good

Inspired Self Help Program - Imagine and Feel

A big part of this inspired self help program is seeing the object of your desire in your imagination or your mind’s eye. Clearly visualize it and remain in the feeling place for 15 minutes or so, then let the image go. If done correctly it's only necessary to do this imaginary work once in order to bring your desire into your life experience.

Do whatever it takes to feel as if you’re already experiencing what you want. Feeling "as if" activates the vibration of your desire within you and then the attraction process begins.

As Neville Goddard says, "assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled..."

Remember: all possible and probable realities already exist simultaneously here and now. By contemplating the fact that all realities already exist right here and right now, you’ll know that in order for you to experience a different version of reality, you have to tune your vibration, "through feeling," to match the frequency of the desired reality.

Another way of looking at it is to realize that there is no reality other than any reality that I define, imagine and now believe to be reality. The Reality Change section goes into more detail on the parallel nature of reality.

Inspired Self Help Program - Script Your Desire

You might find it helpful to write out a detailed descriptive account of what it is that you intend to attract, including how you feel now that it’s already yours. See it and feel it using all of your senses (in your imagination) and it IS already yours. Make sure to put yourself in the picture.

Start by writing an approximate future date, that’s believable to you, of when you expect to have what you want and write in the present tense. Write everything down as clearly as possible, while feeling "as if" it’s already yours. Begin the sentence, something like: I love and appreciate it now that I have... or I’m so happy and grateful now that...

Your desire can be summed up in an affirmation that’s easy to remember. Repetition of these affirmations throughout the day will help to re-program your mind, install new belief systems and minimize doubt. Previously I used the two affirmations highlighted below daily, until their messages became my actual reality...

I love and appreciate how the Universe brings money and anything else I want to me on a consistent and continuous basis.


I’m so happy and grateful that I’m fully supported by the Universe. And I love the free time that I'm granted in order to inquire within and for the inspirations I receive and pass on through my work.

The idea is that you must be happy and feel good first, before seeing the results you desire. If you're not seeing any apparent results after a very long period, know that something in you is preventing it and you might need to look at your beliefs concerning abundance. This LOA (3) free self help article goes further into affirmations and beliefs as well as offering some tools for manifesting your desires using the Law of Attraction.

'If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.' Henry Ford - 1863 - 1947

Inspired Self Help Program – Thoughts and Beliefs

The essence of our thoughts and definitional beliefs must be reflected back to us "as" our reality. Thus, whatever we most believe to be true will BE our experiential reality. Something can only be true for us if we first define it and believe it to be so. If we don’t believe it or we doubt that something is possible, then it’s not possible for us.

You do believe it’s possible don’t you? You believe it, you doubt it, you believe it, you doubt it, you believe it, you doubt it, you believe it, you doubt it. This mental attitude will keep you in a holding pattern of where you currently are or close to it. Without a solid belief your desire will remain unfulfilled!

If you hold conflicting beliefs or definitions then there's doubt. Any doubt will seriously impede your progress or render your creation efforts worthless!

Upon examining your beliefs and definitions about how your reality is created, previously unrecognized, probably old, conflicting or negative beliefs may surface in your mind. These beliefs need to be cleaned up as and when they arise!

If you're struggling with this I recommend reading this LOA (4) inspired free self help page for more on conscious deliberate reality creation. And remember that the Law of Attraction applies to every area of your life, not only to material objects! Tip: perhaps listening to "The Clearing Audio," by Joe Vitale will help you. I listened to it every day for one year and it really helped me to clear many of my self-limiting beliefs.

Understanding something intellectually and rationally is fine, but if you truly believed that you create your own experience of reality and hence, can have, be or do anything that your heart desires, then you’d already be living the life of your dreams. Or perhaps you’ve already begun to believe this truth, and so this inspired self help program is serving as confirmation that what you believe is true. Either way, I’m happy to serve you

Inspired Self Help Program - Our Father the Universe

Know that you're not alone in your desire. Conscious deliberate reality creation is really a co-production or co-creation with the Universe. This inspired self help program suggests that you look at it like some of the religious scriptures. The way I now see it is that we're like children of the Universe and the Universe is both our mother and father. Alone we can do nothing or very little to achieve our goals. The Universe or our father through the Law of Attraction does all of the work and takes care of all of the details by lining up all of the things, people, places and events etcetera, through serendipity, coincidence and synchronicity, that transforms our new desire into our Now reality.

As our parent our father absolutely wants us to have, be or do anything that makes us happy. Our father wants for us what we want for ourselves.

With that knowledge on hand it makes perfect sense to relax, feel good and be happy while enjoying every moment of your life experience. Because the moment you achieve the object of your desire, a new desire is born. There will never be an ending to desiring and actualizing reality, so enjoy it all! Any successful conscious deliberate manifestation is really a self-fulfilling prophesy, because whatever desire or wish we have it is automatically granted by our father, the Universe. So have fun with this inspired self help program while knowing that your desire must manifest!

'The Universe likes speed. Don’t delay. Don’t second guess. Don’t doubt. When the opportunity is there, when the impulse is there, when the intuitive nudge from within is there, act. That’s your job. And that’s all you have to do.' Joe Vitale -

Inspired Self Help Program – Taking Inspired Action

You know what you want and you believe that it will manifest into your experience. You’re happy, relaxed and are enjoying your life. You’re not waiting for something to happen and you’re not expecting that any particular serendipity, coincidence or synchronicity will occur, but you have faith that things are in motion.

These are the signs from the Universe of when you must act. This is the inspired action that you must take to realize your desire!

Perhaps someone calls you unexpectedly, or an advertisement stands out to you, or maybe a book you notice seems to be shining. These are examples of the signs to be aware of from the Universe and they are your indicators of when to take inspired action, if any is needed. Listen to the person carefully, read the advertisement or buy the book! This LOA (5) inspired self help goals page introduces "The Secret" and highlights the importance of taking inspired action while using the Law of Attraction.

Inspired Self Help Program - Lasting Happiness

While the information in this inspired shortcut will help you to create what you want, will you be happy once you've received the object of your desire or will you be continually searching for more in order to stay happy?

To achieve your desires effortlessly this inspired self help program suggests totally appreciating all that’s already in your life right now. Appreciation brings lasting happiness and nets you everything you want on a continuous basis in the fastest time, as explained and elaborated on this LOA (6) inspired self help skill page.

Finally, a willingness to re-mind yourself or to re-program your own mind is vital for your success. Your definitions, beliefs and thoughts concerning reality up to this point are probably not your own. We all pick up other people’s ideas along the way, but those ideas are normally largely erroneous...

I ask you to look around you: do you see true happiness, peace and joy coming from those who've passed on their ideas, beliefs and definitions concerning reality and what is real to you, and who thus assert their false truths? The bottom line is that only you can discern truth or what is real!

No one else can do this work for you, but once you grasp the ideas and begin to implement the changes suggested in this inspired self help program concerning the Law of Attraction, then no one and nothing will be powerful enough to thwart your total success

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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