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On this inspired self help quote page I share many inspired deep quotes that have entered my conscious awareness during the past few of years. Inspired deep quotes help me by pointing out ideas and concepts that I may not otherwise have considered. Inspired deep quotes also help me to understand the nature of existence on a deeper level while using very few words.

Thus, throughout this website I highlight respected people’s inspired deep quotes to help to confirm certain ideas that are bubbling into my conscious awareness. These ideas are in the areas of awareness, beliefs, consciousness, ego-self and the true nature of existence, for instance. You’ll find other people’s inspired quotes on every other page of this website if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Each inspired deep quote presented here is listed under a particular heading. Some of these quotes fall into more than one category, so I’ve chosen the category or heading that I believe to be most helpful. Enjoy

Listed below, in no particular order of importance, are my own inspired deep quotes which use as few words as possible to indicate a subject, a theme or a deep knowing. For those people who may need a bit more clarity, below each deep quote I use different words to explain and elaborate on my insight into each quote.

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Eternity

'Anything that can exist already exists and anything already existing has always existed.'

That is to say, there's only the present moment of now. Thus all realities and all beings exist now. Forms change, but our spiritual essence always remains, that’s eternity and eternal life.

'Fiction or not, it’s still as real as reality gets.'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Reality

That is to say, the reality we experience started as a thought in someone’s mind. All reality exists as potential until someone imagines it into existence. Thus, reality is nothing more and nothing less than a fictional story that we make up, imagine, define and then believe in, thereby making it real for us to experience.

'Love is real - Real is love...'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Love

That is to say, love (consciousness or spirit) is the only real thing. Because Love is in and IS everything, there’s nothing outside of love.

'There’s reality and there’s what’s real. Love IS real, whereas reality is a fictional story that we imagined and then agreed into existence.'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Agreements

That is to say, Love is real, it’s who we are. Whereas, reality is a clean slate devoid of any meaning, other than the meaning that we impose upon it through collective agreement, for the purpose of experiencing and remembering more of who we are.

'Being happy and feeling good in your now moment is success, everything else is just details.'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Success

That is to say, as long as you’re happy and feeling good in your now moment, what difference do your intellectual, emotional or spiritual quests make? You only want those things believing that they’ll make you happier anyway.

'Life isn’t hard, unless through the choices you make you make it so. Life can be fun and you can reside in a state of well-being and happiness, always.'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Happiness

That is to say, why would infinite spirit, you, condemn you to a life of difficulty and hardship? Get in touch with your beliefs and definitions concerning how life is for you and change them into those that serve you better.Then over time, all things that you consider good will make their way into your experience and your life will be one of fun, ecstasy, bliss and joy. Believe it!

'Is it even possible for a man who loves women to forget them? I don't think so and it's not necessary. The important thing is to be in a state whereby it's OK to be alone.'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Relationship

On the subject of wanting a new romantic partner...

That is to say, when the two who are happy alone come together and combine, they form a third reality which is greater than the two separate individuals.

'If it is not your memory it's just a story. If it is your memory it’s just a story that you had a hand in creating.'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Memory

That is to say, life can be seen as a story that we make up and then believe to be something real. You say this or that happened because... No it didn’t! It happened because you decided to take it on board. You imagined it, defined it and believed in it, you made a story out of it and it became your now experience.

'The eternal infinite spirit, you, lovingly encompasses all that is now...'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Spirit

That is to say, Spirit, which is who we really are, is eternal and infinite in nature. Spirit is the only real thing and it’s in and is everything, it’s All That Is. The quality of spirit is love and this can only be truly known in the real time of now.

'The ego-self or false-self is a product of reason. As a product of reason, it’s contained within the limited perspective of this 4D time-space reality of reason and logic. On its own it can’t see anything outside of that box.'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Ego

That is to say, when you see this it means you’re looking from the perspective of your higher mind or higher self. Your higher self is not contained exclusively within the box of reason and logic, thus it has a broader and wiser perspective and can see from both within and from outside of that box.

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Truth

'You’re not wrong...'

That is to say, everyone’s doing their best based upon what they know on a conscious level. If their perspective was different they’d say or do things differently, it’s as simple as that. Ultimately there is no right or wrong. To believe that another is wrong is to believe in the idea of judgment, when in truth there isn’t any because there’s no judge!

'Understanding something intellectually is fine, believing that what you’ve understood is correct and true is helpful, but it isn’t until you personally experience the feeling of oneness of all life that you remember what you already know.'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Oneness

That is to say, having a satori moment of enlightenment cannot be held and captured by memory.

Because of the immensity of this feeling/knowing, it’s always a fleeting experience of oneness which cannot be contained within the limited box of our rational mind.

'The spiritual world encompasses all that is. There’s no true understanding of self help without understanding spirituality and the spiritual world.'

An Inspired Deep Quote on Spirituality

That is to say, first understand your rational mind and your ego-self. Then through that awareness you’ll automatically be introduced to the idea of your higher (spiritual) self. Being balanced and working harmoniously together with your higher self is the epitome of self help.

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Reality Creation

'When everybody cares - Nobody cares.'

That is to say, once everybody remembers that we create our own experience of reality, everybody automatically cares about the thoughts they think and how they feel. And hence, nobody cares about what another is creating, because it’s automatically understood that everybody has free will to create their reality as they so choose.

'It feels good and sounds right, so I believe it and so, it IS so...'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Belief

That is to say, we can’t have an experiential reality unless we believe in any particular reality in order to bring it forth out of the soup of potentiality. Once our minds have been released from our self-imposed bondage, we’re free to choose, believe in and experience any version of reality that feels and sounds right to us.

'In a belief driven universe, where reality is illusion of our own choosing, failure has never been an option. We can’t fail to create our own reality, it’s what we’ve always done.'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Illusion

That is to say, all realities are illusional in nature. However, we can’t experience any reality unless we first believe it’s possible for us. We’re always believing in and creating some version of reality to experience. Look around you to identify your own beliefs.

'I imagined all this and now it's real-ish...'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Imagination

That is to say, everything in your life right now is a result of how you’ve imagined it to be. We always get the life experience that we most believe to be true in any moment, thus anything you can imagine can be your experiential reality.

'In a meaningless existence the only real question is: which one of the infinite number of probable realities do I now choose to focus upon and experience?'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Meaning

That is to say, of the infinite possibilities that lie before me, which one do I now choose to believe in and hence make available for me to continue my joyous and blissful journey?

'Whatever it is we made it up. Whatever it is it is all GOD!'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on God

That is to say, don’t get caught up in words. God, Love, Creator etcetera are merely words and labels that we use as placeholders for our rational mind. Words are used as pointers to what is real and to what will always remain nameless.

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Enlightenment

'Enlightenment’s no big deal, but it’s the big deal...'

That is to say, everyone is already fully enlightened, everyone already knows and understands all there is to know and understand. Life is a game of remembering that which we all already know.

Don’t make a big deal out of this. Relax and enjoy your life. Then watch as your life unfolds in the timing that’s right for you. Trust that everything always happens in perfect timing and synchronicity

'Expectation leads to pain, whereas expectancy leads to joy!'

An Inspired Self Help Quote on Expectation

That is to say, by having an expectation you’re allowing for the possibility of disappointment, and the decreased vibrational frequency and pain that follows. By having a general expectancy that things always work out you’ll never be disappointed and your vibrational frequency, absent pain, will continue to increase.

That's all of the Deep Quotes for Now

That’s it, you’ve reached the end of this inspired deep quotes page. I trust that you found some of these insights to be helpful in some way. Thanks for your time and participation in viewing this page and for exploring this inspired shortcuts website. I think you’ll agree that an inspired deep quote can serve as a shortcut to understanding greater truth using very few words, making ideas and concepts easy to remember.

As and when I receive more downloads containing more of these kinds of deep quotes, I’ll update this page accordingly. If you’d like to be the first to know each time a new inspired quote has been added, please subscribe to the RSS feed from any page on this website. Here’s to the eternal expansion of yourself and to the ever deeper realizations of who you really are and who you can really be

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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