An Inspired Self Help Skill To Reach
Happiness And Love Through Appreciation!

Mastering the inspired self help skill of appreciation not only keeps you in a state of being happy and feeling good, the state of well-being, but due to your high vibrational state it also brings all good things to you, even things you didn’t know you wanted but are more than happy to receive!

On this LOA (6) page of the law of attraction program, we’ll look into why appreciating and loving everything is so important if you truly desire to live a wonderful and happy life in which you feel great. Learn how and why appreciation is so important and why it’s in your best interest to make all forms of complaining a thing of the past.

When you love and appreciate your life just as it is right now, you begin vibrating at the frequency of appreciation and so you'll attract more to appreciate. Use this inspired self help skill as a shortcut to tune in to appreciation, and by the law of attraction more things for you to appreciate will naturally flow to you.

'I like to think I appreciate things. In fact one of the things I'm comfortably settled on in this life is the value of appreciation in all we do, appreciation for all we have, for the world around us, and for that matter, for things I'm yet unaware of.' - Rodney Miles –

Inspired Self Help Skill - Why Do You Want It?

Why do you want the object of your desire? And once you’ve obtained it, then what? What need in you will the object of your desire fulfill? What do you want that you currently, apparently, don’t already have?

These are good questions to ask yourself, then meditate or relax and contemplate and be honest about the answers that come to you.

Most people want things because they believe that those things will bring more happiness and more joy to them. That is to say, they believe they'll feel better upon receiving those things. And while that belief is true, unless you’re already happy the happiness gained from external things will be short-lived at best!

The reason for this short-lived happiness is because, like love, happiness comes from within and is infinite; it doesn’t come from or depend upon external things. Happiness is a feeling that's always there inside and is something you can always have once you learn to tune in to it. You don't need a reason to be happy.

 And while you’ll be able to accumulate tons of things that brought short-lived happiness to you, what’s the point of running in circles and continually chasing your own tail?

Rather than searching for happiness in wanted external things begin to appreciate everything that’s currently in your life right now. That way you’ll activate the feeling of happiness inside and lessen the resistance towards any wanted external things, thereby clearing the way for those things to come forth into your experience.

Inspired Self Help Skill - Appreciate Everything Now

Because most of us eat two to four times per day, meals are a great way to start the ball of appreciation rolling. It’s easy to get into the habit of appreciation every time you eat, and you’ll have several daily opportunities to remember to practice this inspired self help skill of appreciation. For instance, let’s say you’re sitting in a restaurant about to eat an egg from your plate. First, thank yourself for manifesting a wonderful egg that will satisfy your hunger and sustain your body. Yes, thank you first and foremost for without you at the center everything else is a moot point!

Simply remember to get into the state of appreciation every time before, during and after you eat. It only takes a few seconds and before long it becomes a fantastic habit!

And then, thank the person who served the egg to you and silently thank whoever cooked it, and the person who went to the market to buy it and the farmer who brought it to market. Not forgetting those who produced the feed for the chickens and everyone involved in the chain of distribution and transportation etcetera. Never forget to think about and thank the chicken that laid the egg, ultimately, just for you. Indeed, all of this activity took place just so you can enjoy and benefit from eating this egg. You’re the one who’s eating it so obviously it was laid just for you, how cool is that

And that’s just the story of a single egg. Familiarize yourself with the inspired self help skill of appreciation and begin applying it to a whole meal, every meal and see how far your appreciation goes. You can extend your appreciation to everything in the restaurant. And appreciate those people who came before us who invented these things for our benefit: the spoon, knife, fork, plate, table, chair and kitchen equipment etcetera, the list of things and people to appreciate is never ending and is growing daily on our planet.

'All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.' Buddha - 563 BCE - 483 BCE

Inspired Self Help Skill - The Universe Always Knows

The Universe recognizes how we feel while we’re appreciating those things that we appreciate in our lives. And so, in response to how we feel the Universe brings more of those things for us to appreciate. And hence, the Universe helps us to remain in a state of happiness and feeling good, always! Use this inspired self help skill shortcut and start paying attention to things you can appreciate right away, as soon as you wake up each morning. Things like your comfortable bed, your sheets and pillows, your bright room, your lovely partner and the sounds of nature outside etcetera.

Because the Universe is all, it knows all there is to know. So the Universe or All That Is certainly knows everything there is to know about each of us.

Spend a few minutes thinking about those things before you arise and begin your day. Just lie in bed and appreciate all that you already have in your life right now. Once you're familiar with this process, you can use it at anytime during your day, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. I’ll run through a few examples of my typical thoughts as I wake up each morning and as I go about my day. You can alter them to meet your own circumstances. Once you've practiced daily appreciation a few times the process becomes automatic and the benefits are huge.

Upon waking think - I really appreciate:

  • My lovely bed, pillows, sheets and blanket that afforded me a great night’s sleep, thank you
  • My nice peaceful breezy house with its lovely natural surroundings, thank you
  • My toothbrush/paste that help to keep my teeth healthy and my breath fresh, thank you
  • This delicious breakfast that tastes so good and all those who did their part in bringing it to me, thank you
  • The lovely bird and insect sounds all around me, thank you
  • My wonderful high tech computer and the internet that makes my life so easy, thank you
  • This delicious lunch salad, prepared by my loving partner, that I asked for and received, thank you
  • Riding my motorcycle along the tropical island roads while being bathed in and surrounded by a lovely breeze, thank you
  • The beautiful tropical beach with outlying islands, fine white sand and sunsets like never before, thank you
  • My wonderful friends with their unique perspective on life and their joy and humor, thank you
  • The mouth watering dinner that I conjured up and enjoy, all served with a smile, thank you

I can think of no better skill to learn and apply in your daily life than the inspired self help skill of appreciation. There really is no end to the things for us to appreciate and the list gets longer by the second. While it may not be possible to consciously appreciate everything all of the time, it's unecessary. The first step is the only step and once you begin you’ll be in a state of appreciation and that, indeed, is love

'Appreciation and self-love are the most important tools that you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others, and the appreciation of yourself is the closest vibrational match to your Source Energy of anything that we've ever witnessed anywhere in the Universe.' Abraham-Hicks –

Inspired Self Help Skill - Never Complain or Criticize

Everything that you feel the need to complain about exists in your life because, at some level of your being, you called it forth. This inspired self help skill suggests that not only do you find more and more things in your life to appreciate, but also you completely stop complaining, criticizing and worrying about everything, right now!

Make complaining a thing of the past, something you did prior to your new understanding and leave it at that!

Remember that what we pay attention to through our thoughts and beliefs must be reflected back to us as our life experience. So more appreciation brings more things, people and events to appreciate and more complaining brings more things, people and events to complain about it’s that simple. Appreciation is the key to getting yourself back to a place where you feel good, the state of well-being, your natural state. Being in a state of appreciation is the opposite of being in a place of complaining, fear and doubt, one state feels good while the other state feels terrible.

It’s really very simple and our only real work is monitoring and adjusting our thoughts and feelings along the lines of appreciation, always.

It’s always your choice in any moment which state you choose and thereby how you feel. Look around you, there are many things for you to appreciate and be happy about. Get into the habit of appreciation and before long, you’ll only be surrounded by all good things, SURE

Inspired Self Help Skill – Ignoring What’s Unwanted

Until you’re actually living a life in which you’re surrounded by all things that you consider good, old reflections of your former state of being will still be apparent to you as the daily circumstances surrounding you in your life experience. For instance, years ago I was surrounded by people whose main goal was getting rich. They didn’t really care how they got rich; money was the only thing that really mattered to them, even if getting it meant not adding value to the collective or involved doing things that created a certain level of pain and suffering for others.

Beliefs are self-perpetuating, so the way to stop the cycle is simply to ignore your current unwanted circumstances and to only focus on what’s wanted.

That was my reality and I’d attracted those people to me because, due to my beliefs I was vibrating at a similar frequency to my friends of that time. That is to say, I contained the vibration of "get rich at any cost." When I returned to my senses and realized that I no longer wanted to be that person I was frustrated to find that I was still attracting similar people into my life. Until I realized that my old beliefs and thus my old vibration was still playing out in this time-space reality. My circumstances didn’t really change that much. I’d changed, but those old beliefs were still running and they continued to do so as long as I noticed and paid attention to them thereby causing perpetuation of them.

Inspired Self Help Skill - Our Vibrational Reality

Through quantum mechanics we now know, scientifically, that there is no hard, solid substance that we call matter. At the base level everything is fundamentally vibrating energy. Everything in existence is the same energy, but vibrates at a different frequency. Therefore, what makes anything look different is its unique vibration.

There are two ends or states of the spectrum of vibration. At one end is the vibrational frequency of love or appreciation and at the other end is the vibrational frequency of fear. Everything else vibrates at a frequency range somewhere in between these two states. We have a choice in every moment of what to focus upon.

For a better understanding of what we now know scientifically, it’s worthwhile doing a bit of research. We’ve moved way beyond Newtonian physics and currently understand our universe on a Quantum level. You may also find what’s being said in the Reality Paradox deeper level section to be helpful.

Inspired Self Help Skill - Reaching Love

To reach the state of love we must vibrate at or near to the frequency of love. Think about it, if love had to lower its vibrational frequency to a lower level in order for us to experience it, it would no longer be love because its vibration would have changed to something that’s vibrating at a lower frequency than love.

Click this image to get a FREE PDF article entitled "Observation of Love" in which I do my best to outline a perspective of Love. Once the new window has opened up, you can read the article or save the file to your computer. Enjoy.

Mastering this inspired self help skill of appreciation is one way to reach and experience the state of love, by appreciating absolutely everything. In other words, we need to make the mental effort to Step Up to a higher vibrational frequency and thus to meet love half way. To go deeper into the idea of appreciating and loving yourself, please visit this self help relationship page.

While I don’t want what you want I absolutely want for you what you want for you and I sincerely trust that you’ll receive all that you want and definitely deserve!

When you meet others who're eager to share stories of their desires with you, having an attitude like the one quoted above brings you nearer to your own desires because your vibrational frequency is in harmony and balance through love and appreciation. Abraham goes deeply into appreciation and offers many techniques to reach and remain in a state of appreciation. I highly recommend reading the Ask and it is Given book by Abraham-Hicks.

'We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present.' Marianne Williamson -

Inspired Self Help Skill - A Deep Appreciation Shortcut

There really is no end to how far or how deep you can go with appreciation. Once you’ve practiced the art of appreciation for a while and you really feel appreciative throughout your being, these thoughts of appreciation become second nature. Ultimately, you realize that your very existence on Earth is only possible due to the Earth, Rain, Sea, Moon and Sun, so you really appreciate those things in a big way. I use this deep shortcut to appreciation regularly.

Here’s the inspired self help skill deep shortcut:

  • Thanks to the Earth for providing a foundation and soil in which all things grow.
  • Thanks to the Rain without which nothing could grow or be.

  • Thanks to the Sea for all its cleansing and recycling, and its bountiful and unending harvest.

  • Thanks to the Moon for its beauty and never ending contribution to the growth cycle.

  • Thanks to the Sun for providing light and life sustaining energy and for transferring it into every living thing.

  • I am in absolute appreciation of all of these things through which all life is made possible.

Practice the inspired self help skill of appreciation and be appreciative often and then you can’t fail to be happy. Being happy and always feeling good right now will net you all good things, even things you didn't know you wanted but are more than happy to receive. Here's to you being happy and feeling good right now

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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