Inspired Self Help Test Expands Your Conscious Awareness And Clarifies Reality!

Throughout this inspired self help test page I embed key Universal laws into a collection of realizations and insights concerning Universal conscious awareness, Love and the Nature of Existence. Read through the subjects and test your knowledge to see if it resonates with my own inspired ideas, understanding and knowing.

Use these inspired self help test insights to see if we’re on the same page, in tune with each other so to speak, for the sake of mutual agreement, comprehension and understanding. I’ll provide very clear and deep examples and illustrations, together with actual personal experiences that helped me to gain more conscious awareness.

In addition, I also introduce the idea of the New Earth and help you to decide if you will join us on Earth 2.0. This inspired self help test page cautions that, at this timing in our evolution, it’s crucial for us as individuals to always examine, choose and follow the path which resonates with us, the path that excites us and feels best to us in every moment. Always follow the path with heart! Enjoy!

'Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.' Confucius - 551 BCE - 479 BCE

Inspired Self Help Test Insight - Agreements

In order to get off to a good start, let’s begin from a place of mutual agreement. Please answer the questions below and if you’re still reading at the end of this mini Q & A then we can begin:

  • Q: Do you exist?
  • A: Yes, I exist.

You exist and I agree that you exist!

  • Q: Do you agree that I exist?
  • A: Yes, you exist.

We exist and I agree to allow you to co-exist!

  • Q: Do you agree to allow me to co-exist?
  • A: Yes, I agree to allow you to co-exist.

We agree to allow one and other to co-exist!

  • Q: Can we agree to cooperate for the sake of inquiry?
  • A: Yes, we can agree to cooperate for the sake of inquiry.

We agree to cooperate for the sake of inquiry!

OK. So no matter what comes next, if we can’t agree on certain subjects or issues we can always return here to this place of agreement and begin our inquiry again, we can look again with fresh eyes and a fresh mind!

It’s not that you need to agree with me further or that I need you to agree with me, I have my own ideas and my own understanding. But most importantly, in this inspired self help test we’re beginning our inquiry together, starting our journey into consciousness from a place of agreement.

I’ve seen certain things and through this inspired self help test am pointing them out to those who might be interested. If you see these things too, then our agreement will serve as confirmation for both of us. After all, isn’t that what reality really is: a place or a thing defined by agreements?

Now, if we’d only start negotiating the Middle East peace talks this way

Self Help Test Insight - Love is Real – Real is Love

Paying attention means appreciating, or the act of giving love. By paying attention, appreciating and loving something, anything, we infuse it with the light of our consciousness and we make it visable.

From the ocean of infinite probable realities within the idea of infinite possible realities, we focus upon one idea and make it visable to us by loving it. Wherever our consciousness is presently focused it is an act of love, it is love.

Unconditional Love is all and it permeates everything that is - it's All That Is. Everything around you and in your life right now is there because you love it, it is love. You are love and everything that comes from your consciousness is not separate from love.

Love is the only real thing and everything, everywhere, anywhere and anywhen is love, which is you, who you really are, you are love. And all that you love is reflected back to you in the Universal mirror of your life experience, which is not separate from who you are also.

'Unconditional love is what you are made of. Ecstasy is your birthright.' Bashar –

Self Help Test Insight – Playing The Game of Life

Life is Love experiencing Itself through an infinite variety of perspectives and that’s where we come in. Love is experiencing Itself through the unique perspective of our individual consciousness or point of view.

Now can you see why the "game of life" is rigged in our favor? Nothing that's outside of our consciousness can hurt us without our permission because there is no outside, except as potential. And we decide whether we want to make any potential real for us by paying attention to it, appreciating it and loving it.

Our body and our mind are tools used by love for the act of experiencing, but without the attention, appreciation and love of self, by self, these tools will decay, die and fade back into potentiality once again. That’s why forgiving, appreciating and loving yourself is of primary importance for optimum experience of the game!

However, even when we eventually die nothing bad really happens to us, because life on Earth is just a game and we are eternal spirit beings anyway, so relax and enjoy your life...

Inspired Self Help Test Insight – Reason to Believe

The reason that I do a lot of research and write material for this website is because it excites me more than anything to share what I’m remembering and real-izing with others. That is to say, I created this website because I'm passionate about the nature of reality and of existence - I love it.

And this means that what I do cannot be considered as hard work in the traditional sense because I’m doing what I want to do, what I love to do, what I’d rather be doing with my time in this game of life on Earth.

Why are you doing the job that you currently do? How do you feel about doing it? What are your emotions towards it?

Whatever answer you provide is your reason for doing it. And how you feel about doing it will not change, unless you change the reason for doing it. Whatever reason you choose, you choose it because you believe that it will serve you in some way. But if you’re in a job you don’t like and you don’t feel good about, is it really serving you?

Is there another kind of activity that excites you more, that you’d prefer to be spending your days doing? If so, then focus upon that, pay attention to that, appreciate and love that! And then, over time, that will become your primary daily activity, the thing you spend your days doing, the thing you love to do. That's living a life of love!

And if you believe you can’t, for whatever reasons you come up with, ask yourself why you believe that? Why do you believe that believing that will serve you?

To change the external manifestation of your life experience, examine your reasons and get in touch with your beliefs and change them, then the external world of circumstances, whatever they are, must and so will change, guaranteed!

'Here's a rule of thumb that will help you: If you believe that something is good, and you do it, it benefits you. If you believe that something is bad, and you do it, it is a very detrimental experience.' Abraham-Hicks -

Inspired Self Help Test Insight - A Friend Saver

I love my friends for who they are. I’d love for them to see more of the things I see, but I don’t lecture them on the subjects of this inspired self help shortcuts website. When friends and associates start complaining to me about how unhappy they are with the way things are going, and how disappointed they are with the current circumstances of their life etcetera...

Rather than listening to the endless details and stories of their pain, that they’re about to reveal: I stop them by leaning closer to them, raising my voice slightly and simply saying:


And then I laugh at myself, which usually causes them to laugh as well, thereby breaking their negative self-reinforcing train of thought and saving me the bother of removing myself from their presence. Yes, that’s right. If anyone continues and tries to draw me in or force me to listen to endless and pointless details, I simply remove myself from their company - no matter whom or where it is - no exceptions! Why?

Because I’m wise enough and selfish enough not to be concerned about what anyone else thinks when it’s not serving either them or me!

The only way I can be of service to myself and others is by maintaining my high vibrational frequency, thereby remaining in a state of well-being, which means feeling good and being happy. So if I have to do a runner or show them my back in order to maintain that state, so be it!

Self Help Test - Holographic Universal Consciousness

Due to the holographic nature of the Universe, the One expression of Consciousness (All That Is) is contained within All of the myriad separate expressions of Consciousness. And All of the myriad separate expressions of Consciousness are contained within the One expression of Consciousness.

Therefore, everyone you meet is your mirror. Everyone you meet is an aspect of You with a message for You. It could be a reminder, a helpful hint, a signpost or a direction pointer towards the most love you’ve ever experienced in this lifetime. Whatever it is, it's controlled and orchestrated by the Universal Laws of Consciousness.

Due to the holographic nature of the Universe, the One expression of Consciousness (All That Is) is contained within All of the myriad separate expressions of Consciousness. And All of the myriad separate expressions of Consciousness are contained within the One expression of Consciousness.

Therefore, everyone you meet is your mirror. Everyone you meet is an aspect of You with a message for You. It could be a reminder, a helpful hint, a signpost or a direction pointer towards the most love you’ve ever experienced in this lifetime. Whatever it is, it's controlled and orchestrated by the Universal Laws of Consciousness.

Inspired Self Help Test Insight - Coincidence?

Let's say that two vehicles are heading towards a traffic junction from different directions and collide. We commonly refer to this as an accident and of course it can be seen that way. One driver might say, well it was pure chance or coincidence that I didn't see the other vehicle. However, on a deeper level we know that this game of life is an orchestration that's perfectly played out by all cooperative components, aka each facet, fragment or shard of the One Universal Source.

Absolutely everything happens due to vibrational frequency resonance. Knowing this you know that what we generally refer to as an accident or a coincidence is really the law of attraction (LOA) in action. And thus you know that these so-called accidents happen due to two or more people being on the same vibrational frequency wavelength at the same time. Therefore, you no longer place blame on external circumstances, you take responsibility for ALL of your actions.

Inspired Self Help Test - Allowing A Romantic Partner

Let’s say that you desire a romantic partner. In order to allow the right kind of romantic partner into your life it pays to consider these things. You know what kind of person you want to share a part of your life with. You’ve identified and decided it will be a man or a woman and you inherently know what values you’d like that person to have. How many of those kinds of people do you personally know: 3, 10, 50 or 100? Now consider these questions:

  • Are they all single?

  • Where do they all live?

  • Where do they all eat?

  • What are they all like?

  • Where do they all work?

  • What gym do they all use?

  • Where and when will they all be going on holiday?

  • What kind of person do they all want a relationship with?

It’d be hard for anyone to accurately assess and answer these questions for 3 people let alone 100 people, but the Universe knows the answers to all of these questions about every person on the planet and any other question you might think of too, Universal Consciousness knows all!

We always get to choose the kind of life experience that excites us the most, but only if we allow it to be. And we allow it to be by allowing the Universe to do Its job of lining up the who, how, where and when in every imaginable scenario, all we have to do is decide, define, imagine, believe, feel and allow, while relaxing and enjoying our life.

Not by focusing on one particular person whom we simply must have and no one else. Because in that way we’re hindering the Universe in doing Its job! If we demand a particular person we’re ignoring the infinite wisdom of Universal Consciousness, so we’re out of alignment with what we truly desire. And remember that the will of your consciousness is not greater than the will of the collective Universal Consciousness of Earth.

'If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.' Marcus Aurelius – 121 AD - 180 AD

Inspired Self Help Test Insight - Babylon

I came across this fantastic chorus from a track called "Wires & Watchtowers" from the album "The Cosmic Game" by Thievery Corporation. Not only is this a wonderful and lovely track, but it contains huge insights that serve as shortcuts to revealing our self-imposed and self-limiting beliefs.

Tell me why oh why are we so blind
The treasures of love lay buried inside
Tell me why oh why do we deny
The chains of Babylon are all in our mind

The Treasures of Love or the blueprint for any reality that resonates with you lays buried beneath your beliefs and the agreements you’ve bought into. We’ve already covered a part of what love is and we know that the world is the inside reflected out or love manifest physically.

And Babylon symbolically represented the principle of tyranny and a place of captivity, the beginning of the tyrannical "states-of-mind" which are still prevalent in much of today's world, although that's changing very fast. However, those states of mind, their governments and societies are only real for us as long as we agree that they’re real.

And the only thing keeping you in that reality is your own mind. Remember that no reality is ultimately real per se, everything originates in our mind.

By continuing to pay attention to those realities you’re keeping them alive in your mind by agreeing to play the role of victim to them. By focusing upon them you’re giving them love and in so doing you’re handing your power over to the controllers and perpetuator’s of those realities. And by handing over your power to them you’re living in denial that you’re an eternal God who can bring forth and experience any reality you so wish to.

If only many of those conspiracy advocates could see this, they’d probably move past their pain very quickly and they'd join us on the New Earth that we’re collectively creating, by bringing it into focus right now

Inspired Self Help Test Insight – Now Change

Understanding, by its very nature, is limiting because our limited consciousness cannot encompass All That Is and pin it down to a set of beliefs and labels, which are definitions, and say: finally I understand it all! Because All That Is, is forever growing and expanding into something new, without end, ever! Even if we could take a snapshot of All That Is - in the moment we did so the next moment has already changed, so All That Is - is no longer the same. Thus each moment is a complete and discrete stand-alone Universe unto itself.

Please don’t make understanding what's being outlined on this inspired self help test page into a big deal. We’ll probably never really understand everything about the nature of reality and definitely not from our limited physical human perspective, as so many things end up as paradox anyway. For instance: while we perceive reality from our unique perspective, one of an infinite number of probable and possible Universal points of view, all realities must be happening now because the idea of chronological or linear time is merely an artificial construct of this reality: time doesn’t exist independently!

So it must rationally, reasonably and logically follow that all realities and all interactions are occurring simultaneously here and now, and that therefore, every player in the drama of life is you. Thus in effect, there’s only one of us here and all conversations are between I and I or me and me. Again, paradoxically, while there’s only the present moment of now our perspective of the now moment is in a state of constant flux, so change is the only constant.

Inspired Self Help Test Insight – The New Earth

Bearing the inspired self help test insight above in mind, it’s not that we’re creating a New Earth that doesn’t already exist. It’s rather that we’re tuning into a different Earth which already exists, by raising our vibrational frequency so as to hop onto the wavelength which contains that Earth. It pays to find out what kind of New Earth you're heading for and how to ensure that your personal transitional journey proceeds smoothly.

Through the contrast of all the negativity previously and currently being expressed and played out here on this Earth, anyone who’s still reading this inspired self help test page has already decided that that’s not for them. That’s not the direction in which they want to go and not the reality they want to continue to support and thus to experience. And so they no longer agree to buy into that idea!

Remember that fundamentally everything is vibrating energy, so to change our reality we have to change our vibrational frequency.

So always stay in your power and simply allow the old Earth to go in whatever direction it needs to, along with all of the people - the individual eternal consciousness's who have decided that they want to continue in that reality. They want to go along with it for their own reasons or perhaps just for the ride. It’s their business and not our concern!

All we have to do, our work, is to maintain our natural state of well-being, which means being happy and feeling good and then our vibrational frequency will naturally adjust and tune-in to the New Earth. This self-help-test-2 page reveals how to create Earth 2.0. That is to say, it's a guide on "how to shift your perspective into a new, for you, reality called Earth 2.0."

'People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Albert Einstein - 1879 – 1955

Inspired Self Help Test - Final Thoughts

Through the insights and information on this inspired self help test page, you’ll be able to see if my perspective and my view of how things are and how things work resonate with your own perspective. And just in case you didn't pick up on the embedded Universal laws, this inspired self help test identifies them here:

  • You Exist

  • Everything is Here and Now

  • The One is All and the All are One

  • What you put out is what you get back (LOA)
  • Change is the only constant

To our unending existence, oneness and well-being, and may your individual reflections in the Universal mirror be of love, peace and joy, now and forever now

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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