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Although this inspired self help web site has several sections covering many subjects, such as health, success, abundance, love, truth and the nature of reality etcetera, the overall theme is one of harmonious reintegration with your whole being, resulting in a complete and total re-awakening to the truth of who you really are.

The first and only real step necessary for gaining greater understanding is being consciously aware of the action of our mind and the consequences that follow that action. By observing how our mind works, the actual mechanics of it, we begin to see how our own thoughts hold us in versions of reality we don’t prefer.

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On this self help web site page, based upon my observations, I review and offer insights into the Zeitgeist Moving Forward Movie. In addition, I indicate, through example, the difference between new and old style thinking. Once this has been clearly understood, then together, we can surely co-create a New Earth

'The majority have been programmed from their past experience to expect physical decline. And while it is something they don't want, they are programmed to expect it. And so, they're going to get what they expect. It's not that what they expect is the reality that everyone lives, but that everyone lives the reality of what they expect.' Abraham-Hicks –

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Movie Series - Introduction

You’ve probably seen the previous Zeitgeist movies and you might be familiar with the latest one – Zeitgeist Moving Forward. On this inspired self help web site page, I’ll offer some insights and observations into the thinking, the mindset and the state of being of the movie producers.

Everything written here should not be viewed as a criticism, but rather as an observation from a different point of view. On this self help web site page I’m using a slightly different approach to my normal style of communicating:

Red text within any paragraph serves to highlight and indicate any old style or old school thinking that we'd be wise to be aware of and be wary of.


Green text within any paragraph serves to highlight and indicate fear-free new style thinking which will quickly help us to move into the experience of a New Earth.

I’ll leave you to work out the actual difference between these two styles of thinking for yourself, after all this is a self help web site

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Movie Series - Background

The first two Zeitgeist movies highlighted the way things have been for many people in our reality. Those movies highlighted the ideas of control, greed, manipulation and insanity into mainstream attention and for that I'm truly grateful. Good work!

Having said that, from my personal perspective none of the so-called negative things and events portrayed in the Zeitgeist movies affected my life in a detrimental way. I didn’t allow government to affect the choices I made in my life while in the UK or after the time I consciously decided to leave.

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - The Positive

Some people are actually thinking and I’m sure that their intentions are positive, which is nice. There was a bit about conditioning and beliefs in the movie which was quite informative and revealing. I liked the idea of cooperating and collaborating to create a sustainable idea for our collective future. And I love the new high tech innovations and can see the benefits of some of them, which is cool.

'Out of our confusion and despair, we choose our guides, either political or religious, and they must inevitably, because of our choice, also be in confusion and despair. They may put on an air of certainty and all-knowingness, but actually, as they are the guides of the confused, they must be equally confused, or they would not be guides.'
Jiddu Krishnamurti – 1895 - 1986

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - The Confused

The fact that it took me three sessions spaced out over a two week period to watch this movie is very revealing. I always follow my passion and my excitement, the thing I love to do, but this movie is Fear Based, so it was very difficult for me to sit through because I no longer entertain notions of fear.

It seems as though many people featured in the movie still use and spurt out old school thinking, which actually makes sense because those people were attracted to the producers, as was everyone else involved in the production of the movie. But we've moved on now and we can leave the old school thinking behind, if we so desire to.

It was said in Zeitgeist Moving Forward: "There is simply no logical alternative."

However, there was no spiritual reference throughout the movie, which implies a lack of understanding that the rational, reasonable and logical thinking from our physical mind, without the input and direction of higher self or higher mind, always creates more confusion and more problems with every solution, always!

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Abundance

The producers, obviously, don't believe in abundance, but they do believe in scarcity and lack. In my view the movie makers haven't understood that each of us lives in our own abundant Universe which merely reflects our state of being back to us through our Universal mirror. It's no wonder the producers are living in and projecting a world of pain and suffereing...

Once we’ve realized and we maintain a clearer connection, our physical and higher minds become more integrated and thus they willingly work together as a cooperative and holistic unit.

The Zeitgeist producers still seem to exist and function in the victim mentality state and they definitely have issues with money, which, in my view, implies a lack of understanding of one’s ego-self or physical mind.

'That government is best which governs least.' Henry David Thoreau – 1817 - 1862

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Governments

In the movie they talk about governments, without seeming to realize that we are the government and the government is us. Here is a self-empowerment tip for changing the egotistical nature of any government, the great protectors of society. Just write to your representative and say:

"I appreciate you for protecting me from my own fears, but I can handle it now. I've seen through fear now! I no longer need nor want your fear-based, controlled, egotistical government structure to protect me. I now choose to release you from that burden! Thank you."

When we change our minds our governments must change!

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Fear

From the perspective of the movie producers it’s not that the negative current and future projections of fear by the Zeitgeist Moving Forward movie are wrong or erroneous, because all truths are true. However, by observing and paying attention to present or projected future unwanted circumstances, the only possible future outcome is more of the same or something very similar, and so the cycle continues.

It’s impossible to create a positive future outcome by focusing on what's wrong with the present. That’s not how positive reality creation works!

By focusing on fear and lack, only fear and lack can be reflected back to us in the Universal mirror of our life. Whatever we pay the most attention to, with imbued emotion, must be reflected back to us. It’s the physics of how we create our experience of reality.

Thus, the way to allow a wanted future reality experience is by focusing on our imagined end result. And this works much better when we feel as we actually will feel had the end result already become manifest. We have to visualize and feel our way into our already existing creation.

Understand that reality is created within and that our mind cannot, and so does not distinguish between actual observed reality and imagined reality, but the end result of allowing our creation based upon where we place our focus and attention is the same!

'Fear only exists when you do not understand that you have the power to project thought and that the Universe will respond.' Abraham-Hicks –

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Two Earths

In the movie it was stated that: "Two Earths will be needed by 2030."

In truth, two Earths exist right now. There's the negative, new world order, scarcity and lack filled, resource starved, warring version of Earth, as projected in the Zeitgeist Moving Forward movie. And there's the Earth which already exists on a higher frequency plane of reality, a different wavelength altogether.

The people who populate that New (for us) Earth have changed their minds and raised their vibrational frequency and thus they no longer think in terms of lack or outside influences because they understand that in truth - there is no outside!

They understand that physical reality, where our consciousness is currently focused, aka Earth, is a projection of our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behavior or our vibrational state of being. They do not live in fear and they do not use fear-based methods for disseminating information or for deliberate reality creation, as they understand that - what you put out (vibrationally) is always what you get back.

All we need to do is decide which version of Earth we now want to experience? In my view, it's better to get in lane and decide which version of Earth we wish to exist on and pay attention to that, appreciate and love that. That's all we need to do.

The high frequency 2012 energy has already begun and it continues to increase in frequency. The less clear you are about what you want the more pain and suffering you will go through during the transition period of at least the next several years.

This self help web site image reveals how there are multiple earths for you to choose from.Two probable versions of Earth, represented energetically.

We get to choose which version of Earth we wish to experience. Focusing on and paying attention to either positive or negative ideas is deciding which version you want to experience. There's still time for you to choose. However, after a certain time frame not all probabilities will be available to us, so make up your mind. Find out "how" to shift your perspective into a new, for you, reality called Earth 2.0 by reading Reality Change in the advanced level section.

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Revolution

At the end of the movie they talk about a revolution, believing that external action will solve the current social economic, equality, power, control and manipulation issues. However, when we look back at his-story or the story of male domination, we see that even if a revolution takes place and that external action succeeds in removing despots, dictators or so-called wrong doers from power...

Within a short period of time someone similar comes along to fill that vacant position. A position created and sustained by both individual internal corruption and the collective corruption of the totality of physical minds or personality constructs (ego-selves) within that reality.

Thus, through this self help web site, I observe and suggest that the only revolution necessary or even possible, the real revolution must and can only take place within an individual’s mind. And this can only happen now. So Step Up Now! Change Now! When else will you do it?

Self Help Web Site Insight - Zeitgeist Moving Forward - Conclusion

So in conclusion I can't condone this or similar themed fear-based movies, such as 'An Inconvenient Truth.' The only purpose I can see them serving is in showing us what we don't want, however, through the contrast of what we are living, we already know that, so their purpose becomes null and void!

These kinds of movies seem to imply that in order to survive we’ll all have to live in similar accommodation and all have to share appliances and vehicles etcetera, due to scarcity and lack of abundance, when in truth those things only exist on the old Earth!

Besides, on the New Earth in my world there exists infinite free energy and entire cities float above the land. The Spacer I drive is an anti-gravity hover car powered by free energy and it has no use for roads

To you stepping up your vibrational frequency and joining us on the New Earth

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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