Self Help Web Directories And Other Useful Links!

On this self help web directory page you’ll find links to human edited directories that I've used for researching resources. Additionally, I've included links to other very useful and self-empowering website resources that I use fairly often.

The benefit of using directories that use human editors is that the websites listed are of a higher quality and usually contain information that’s pertinent to what the end user is looking for. Further, these kinds of web directories contain categories that are easy to use and thus are actually useful for the end user.

In addition, I've included some other links to websites from people who focus upon and teach self help and self-empowering information, either from human or channeled sources. Also included are links to some of my writing.

Using This Self Help Web Directory Page

Below I indicate the human edited web directories I use. Click on the text link to open that directory in a new window.

This web directory page only contains links to web directories that I’ve used for my research and have found to be useful. As I discover more of these kinds of directories I’ll add more links to this page.

Many of the web directories listed on this page contain useful categories from which you can find other helpful websites. The categories they include, but are not limited to, are:

Self Help






Mental Health


Body Mind Spirit

Seek Confirmation Using Web Directories

To see what some of the sources that I've used are about, click the graphical links to open the website on a new page. Tip: hover over image with mouse to see more info...

Goes to Higher Frequencies/Wendy Kennedy
Goes to Bashar/Darryl Anka
Goes to TUT/Mike Dooley
Goes to CWG/Neale Donald Walsch
Goes to Mr.Fire/Joe Vitale
Goes to Abraham/Esther Hicks
Goes to Eckhart Tolle

Higher Frequencies




Mr. Fire


Eckhart Tolle

I believe that it’s always best to consider what other people are saying about the important subjects of life, rather than soley relying upon one source of information. So by all means, please seek out other people’s ideas on similar subjects to those found on this inspired self help shortcuts website.

These sources of information have helped me to reach a higher level of awareness, so I offer them here as a sign of appreciation and respect to those beings who brought that knowledge to me. I still use some of these sources today!

When you find information that resonates with you, which is similar to what’s being said on this website, then you’ll have confirmation from more than one source and that will encourage you to start believing in the truths that are being outlined here

Web Directories Where I Contribute

Because understanding the true nature of existence is my primary passion, over the years, I've contributed a fair amount of articles and writing to websites and online groups with the aim of sharing knowledge. To discover some of the articles and writing I've contributed outside of this website, click the graphical links below.

Goes to Inward Quest/Eddie
Goes to Self Growth/Eddie

Be Assured Using The Web Directories Listed

While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of web directories on the internet, many of them seem to be disorganized and so lack any useful categories. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to actually find the kind of information or website you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for other self help, spiritual or self-empowerment websites, please be assured that you can rely on the self help web directory listings on this page to point you in the right direction to finding the sources that offer the information you need.

Happy Hunting

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