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On this inspired self help websites page, together, we’ll uncover some common fears, false beliefs, misconceptions, disinformation and outright lies - which you may have picked up through your life experience - and which you now believe to be real, factual or truth. But what is truth and what are facts?

There’s his truth, her truth, their truth, your truth and my truth, but whose truth is really true? From your perspective or unique point of view, it seems so real and so you say it’s a fact, but is a fact really something fixed or is a fact always relative and thus always dependent upon one’s perspective?

Through this inspired self help websites page, I’ll go into such subjects as: what is a normal life, hard work, media, fears, faith, freedom and 2012 apocalypse. Let’s examine from a higher perspective to see if we can unravel some of the confusion surrounding those subjects and bring the actual meaning of truth and facts to light.

'Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it - even if I have said it - unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.' Buddha - 563 BCE - 483 BCE

Inspired Self Help Websites – A Fact Must be True?

While you may have been led to believe that if something is a fact then it must be an ultimate truth, in reality that’s not quite the full story. When seen from a higher perspective, all facts and all truths are relative and thus, facts and truth always depend upon your current perspective or point of view. For instance:

You state that you just watched a beautiful sunset, and while that’s true and factual from your current limited perspective, when seen from the higher perspective of space what you actually experienced was the earth turning or rotating on its axis. The sun didn’t really move, it stayed in relatively the same position as it always does.

In the same way, much of what we’re fed through popular media, such as TV news and newspapers, generally contains lies mixed in with truth and facts. Someone’s agenda needs a boost so the news is geared up to lead the unthinking masses in a certain desired direction, in order to create and/or sustain that manipulated reality.

The sad truth is that we’ve been conditioned to believe what’s on the mass mind control box, aka TV, as if it’s all based on factual information and thus, it must be true. These half-truths mixed in with outright lies make it much harder for us to discern truth from fiction and manipulation and to know what to believe.

So facts and truth are not as clear cut to understand as you might believe. With this in mind, let’s find out if we can unravel some of the lies and deceit that’s been fed to us over the years and clear up the mystery surrounding some of the so-called facts and truths in our reality.

Inspired Self Help Websites - What is a Normal Life?

From an early age we’re bombarded with suggestions, advice, directions and even orders as to how we should or should not be, do or say - in short, instructions on how we should live our lives. At a minimum, this normally well-meaning input comes from people in these areas of our lives:

Our Family

Our Friends

Our Schools

Our Colleges

Our Teachers

Our Employers

Our Colleagues

Our Governments

The main drawback with the input received from the vast majority of people giving it is that they don’t really know what they are doing, they have not begun inquiring within their own being, and thus they do not lead happy lives. And hence, they’re not really qualified to give instructions or advice to others on living life!

Certain kinds of knowledge and understanding can be gained from masters, books, videos, audios, courses, seminars and self help websites etcetera, but ultimately, each of us needs to inquire within our own being to find out if there really is such a thing as a normal life.

Think about it: a normal life, which means an idea, a concept and a label that’s been passed down from parents to children, from generation to generation for scores or even hundreds of years. And these ideas, concepts and labels are then believed in by the masses, who never question the soundness or validity of those ideas and beliefs.

Only when we learn to use our minds rationally and sanely, without judgment, to inquire within, can we form our own unbiased and valid opinions, in order to reach our own conclusion as to what kind of life is right for us.

Only then can we know ourselves directly and completely without the age-old, shaky at best, mass beliefs attached.

We can always tell by how we feel about any subject, whether it seems right or if there is something in it that's worth our while pursuing or finding out more about. Of course, we need to be aware of and tuned in to our emotional guidance system if we're to take full advantage of our own discernment or feeling-awareness.

Each and every person on the planet is totally unique and has something to offer which can benefit others. No two people share exactly the same life experience. We all have different parents, family, friends and teachers etcetera and we’re born in different countries with different cultures and in different generations.

Therefore, through this inspired self help websites page I observe and conclude the truth that - nothing is normal - including what kind of life we lead. So do your best to release and move beyond other people’s opinions and assertions as to what is right for you. Always do what feels best to you

'An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.' Mahatma Gandhi – 1869 - 1948

Inspired Self Help Websites - The Hard Work Myth

You may have been raised with the idea that hard work is required in order for you to get anywhere in life. While it’s true that it’s possible to achieve some kind of perceived status and a lot of material things by working extremely hard and for long hours for 20 or 40 years of your life, what's the point?

The idea of hard work is nothing more than a concept and a belief, albeit a belief accepted by the masses. A concept and a belief that was created by others and passed down to us and eventually incorporated into our own belief system, nevertheless that doesn’t make the necessity of hard work a solid fact or an ultimate truth!

Considering this then, is it really true that you need to work hard to get what you want or need from life? Well, like everything else, it’s true if you believe it to be so; our beliefs always determine the reality we experience!

Using the evidence of my own life, I confirm, through this inspired self help websites page, that having to work hard to get what you want is a fallacy and a myth. Although I did kind of work hard for about one year after leaving school, that was it, since then hard work has not been a part of my reality.

Since then I have nearly always worked in jobs that I'm passionate about and love to do. Many years ago, through deliberate and conscious choice, I relocated from the UK and have lived full-time on tropical islands in Thailand ever since, I still love it...

What kind of life is it if you're neither passionate nor love what you do, and you don’t have enough free time to enjoy your life?

I only do the things that I love and I make my own, extremely flexible, work schedule. If a stressed-out person calls demanding that I work under their conditions and timing, I politely refer them to someone else. I refuse to work with stressed-out people or situations and I feel great about it!

I'm an ordinary person born into a poor family which had many self-limiting beliefs. For unknown reasons I didn’t pick up many of those self-limiting beliefs and, somehow, I always knew deep inside that no other person was above or below me or is any more or any less deserving than I am – than you are!

Furthermore, when looking for a job it just seemed natural for me to do something I like doing. Thus, to get a particular job I just decided upon the work I’d like to learn and simply turned up on site. I just believed that somehow I’d easily find a new job and most times there was a vacancy to be filled.

I used to think I was just very lucky or it was a coincidence that someone had just resigned. However, these days I realize it was the Universe conspiring in my favor and that the job was mine purely because I wanted it and I believed I could have it.

The point in all this is - if I can consciously and deliberately live the life of my own choosing, the life of my dreams, so can you. Clarify what you want and know that you can have it. Imagine and feel what kind of life you really want and believe it’s possible, then it’ll be true for you in fact.

This inspired self help websites page advises, confirms and concludes that hard work is a myth and a fallacy; we're here to enjoy our lives. The idea of hard work is nothing more than a belief that's been handed down and believed in by the masses, but you don’t have to. Change your beliefs to change your life!

'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.' Confucius - 551 BCE - 479 BCE

Inspired Self Help Websites - Govt. – Faith - Freedom

Even if you’re a minority of one due to your beliefs, that doesn’t make you wrong; it simply means that you have a different opinion to everyone else. Personally, these days I don’t pay much attention to or worry about what the majority want, unless it’s in line with my beliefs.

I’m not saying that voting or governments are good or bad, but through this inspired self help websites page, I suggests that you definitely should not put your faith in any government. At least not until that government becomes what I call a voluntary republic, in which the elected officials were chosen to govern because they're passionate about doing so, rather than for being eager to fulfill their own and other's agendas!

In a democracy, 51% majority means that 49% either don’t agree or don’t know what they want. Democracy is bound to fail as it always creates division which leads to disharmony and conflict!

Trust and have faith in yourself by knowing that whatever you personally want to achieve is possible. And have faith and trust that the Universe can and will deliver whatever it is that you say you want to you. Believe that this is true and do your best not to doubt the wanted outcome, get out of your own way.

That's why this inspired self help websites shortcut concludes, that once you truly understand that you always have a choice, you'll realize that you don’t need governments in order to exercise your free will in the thoughts you think and the choices you make, and hence your freedom is always intact.

Inspired Self Help Websites - The VIP Trip

It seems to me that due to the beliefs that were handed down to them, many people, including some famous personalities, business tycoons, politicians, executives and those in positions of power etcetera, believe themselves to be VIPs. Here’s my understanding on this subject: we're all equal, important and special with no exceptions!

I’m not talking about getting a VIP hairdo or buying a VIP holiday, of course you deserve that. However, anyone who believes that they really are a Very Important Person, who is more important than others, really needs to examine and change their flawed thinking and beliefs. Otherwise they really are a VIP, a Very Ignorant Person.

Don’t you just love it when you have to wait on the side of the road while some ego maniac zooms past in their convoy of vehicles with flashing lights? When I say that no one is more special or more important than you or I am, I really mean it, not media personalities, not kings or queens, not presidents or prime ministers, not saints or popes, there are no exceptions whatsoever, period!

'Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.' Marianne Williamson –

Inspired Self Help Websites - Clearing up Conspiracy

Many people talk about various conspiracy theories or facts and the so-called negative elite etcetera. However, because it’s a huge area to explore, this inspired self help websites shortcut page will touch very lightly on this subject, I suggest you also touch lightly my friend.

TV News - Fear – Reality

However, there's no doubt that our mainstream media is responsible for much of the propaganda, deceit and disinformation aka fake news in our world today. Due to the media choosing to focus upon and continually bring negative and fake news stories to us, they instigate a lot of unnecessary pain and fears in our world. For instance, this video exposes the BBC (LIVE) reporting the collapse of WTC 7 a full 20 minutes before it actually collapsed:

Through the information on this inspired self help websites page, I want to help you help yourself to relieve some of the unnecessary pain and fears by realizing truth, touch lightly my friend.

Iraq Lies

Let’s go back a few years to before the 2nd Gulf war. Remember all of the hype and fear generated by all channels of the TV news regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Remember that those fears turned out to be false and that there were no weapons of mass destruction? And right there is a clue about why it pays not buying into anything the media says.

2009 Headlies – Swine Flu

One of the latest non-truth stories concocted by some people and hyped up by the media is Swine Flu. When the story first broke it was hyped as a pandemic, while the truth is that at that time the number of deaths from Swine Flu was merely a statistic. There is no swine flu pandemic as reported by all mainstream media, aka TV news and there never has been. And right there is a clue about why it pays not buying into anything the media says.


Latest Headlies – Global Pandemic of 2020-2021

So the negative elite aka globalists are up to their old tricks again. Another non-truth or partial truth story concocted by some alleged experts and once again hyped up by the media!

I never thought that the masses would be so gullible as to buy into this garbage. But hey, the perpetrators of this agenda know very well that most people don’t understand how their own mind works. After all, the very same people pushing this apocalypse setup the schooling system, so obviously the masses don’t know how their own mind works.

Knowing this the negative elite prey on them by pushing fear and guilt. Fear that they’ll contract some deadly disease and guilt if they choose not to be vaccinated against this fiction! Notice how this time most governments and all mainstream media are in lockstep, often using the very same words to peddle their fear-driven agenda? A good question to ask is where did the seasonal flu disappear to? And right there is a clue about why it pays not buying into anything the media says.

It saddens me to know that so many people are caught in the trap of blindly believing the media.

Choose Your Story

You only need to spend a couple of hours researching reliable independent news sites on the internet to know that much of what’s being reported in controlled media just isn’t true. If in doubt, always cross check by using different news sources, find the truth that resonates most with you and go with that, believe that!

Do your best to remember that a story is just a story; it’s not always based on truth. There are many reasons why certain people or groups, with their own agendas, may wish to manipulate the truth. Use discernment and don’t be fooled or manipulated and don’t end up being a victim, as explored on this inspired self help worksheets page.

If you didn’t watch TV news or read other news media, you wouldn't be exposed to all of the fears created by it. And consequently you wouldn't imagine negative scenarios projected by other people, thus you wouldn't fear them either. I stopped watching all TV news and reading newspapers in 2007 and I feel much better for it.

It may sadden you to realize that your government or your favorite news channel has lied to you. I want you to realize, through the info on this inspired self help websites shortcut page, that throughout history those in power have always lied to us, so please don't rely on or have faith in any of them!

David Icke - Still Crazy After All These Years

Choosing Your Preferred Reality

There are thousands of conspiracy themed websites that focus upon and state that all governments, all mainstream media, the majority of large corporations, large pharmaceutical companies etcetera, are all controlled by a secret shadow government that is out to get us. And while there is some truth in that...

The message of this inspired self help websites shortcut is to remind you that even if that is true it doesn’t matter. It doesn't matter because we all create our own experience of reality by the thoughts we think and what we pay most attention to so, quite simply, don't focus upon those ideas...

There are even people trying to debunk the self help industry now. The thing that those debunkers and conspiracy websites should consider and understand is that when we go down a negative path looking for proof of cover ups or wrong doing, due to the Universal law of attraction, evidence of such wrong doing must surface!

We all have full power through our own self-empowerment to decide exactly what it is that we wish to experience in our reality.

So what is one to do to lessen negativity in one’s life? The answer is really very simple - turn off your TV or at least the TV news, as advised on this inspired self help tip page. Don't read newspapers. Only browse conspiracy based websites if you're interested in others’ opinions as to what may or may not be true!

Alternatively, spend your time browsing this and other spiritually inspired self help websites, and check out the psychology self help page to become aware of and release other kinds of fears that you might have.

Never forget that you are the 100% creator of your reality and that your reality is created by your thoughts and the things you pay most attention to. Don’t buy into anyone else’s story or idea of reality, unless it's in alignment with what you want!

'You don't have to take the bad with the good. Why include the bad in the vibration? Only include the good in the vibration, and then only the good can come to you.' Abraham-Hicks -

Inspired Self Help Websites - 2012 Apocalypse

Very few self help websites talk about the upcoming time period of 2012. I believe it's very important that we find out about it for ourselves. And then we can move beyond all of the fears and panic that's being created and hyped up by various forms of media which prophesize a 2012 apocalypse.

Between now and the end of 2012 we’ll be exposed to movies, documentaries and speculation etcetera on this subject. This inspired self help websites page identifies that, unfortunately, but not surprisingly, a lot of that exposure is geared towards a negative 2012 apocalypse outcome.

Although it seems that something big is definitely in the process of happening during the next few years on earth, in our solar system and in our galaxy, it doesn’t mean that the outcome will be negative. I believe that 2012 represents the crossing of a threshold from a negative to a more positive experience of life on Earth.

Many people have researched and studied ancient information, such as the Mayan calendar and other ancient knowledge. And mainstream scientists confirm that changes are occurring in our galaxy which seems to indicate that the ancient calculations or predictions of huge changes are correct.

Realize that it’s just a movie or documentary and is not based on any solid irrefutable facts. How can something that hasn't yet happened be supported by irrefutable facts?

However, the plain truth is that because 2012 has not yet arrived we don't actually know what will happen. This being the case, a good question is: why all the negative hype surrounding 2012, particularly the 2012 apocalypse scenario?

Perhaps it’s just more scare mongering or so that people can make money through films and books, who really knows. The advice of this inspired self help websites shortcut is not to worry about it. Go to watch the movies, enjoy the special effects and be entertained.

Reading my insights into the Zeitgeist Moving Forward movie on this self help web site page might provide additional clues, not covered on this inspired self help websites page, into 2012 and beyond for you to consider and contemplate.

Believe that if anything, 2012 represents a time of enlightenment and greater peace on earth. Always believe in a positive outcome, after all we live in a Belief Driven Universe, so why believe in a 2012 apocalypse outcome, unless that’s something that you personally want to experience?

When my friends discuss 2012 and they're convinced of the idea of a negative 2012 apocalypse outcome, I just say: "Fine it’s really up to you, but that’s not where I’m going, because that’s not the reality I’m creating!" How about you?

Inspired Self Help Websites - Entertainment Tip

Always have a collection of your favorite comedy programs on hand. Then after you've watched any negatively themed movies or documentaries, watch 20 or 30 minutes of comedy before you sleep. That way you’ll avoid thinking too much about negative stuff and will avoid having nightmares

Inspired Self Help Websites – Trust Your Truth

Always remember that reality is literally what we make it. There’s no fundamental or fixed reality other than any reality which we determine through our definitions and beliefs. That said, always do your best to decide, to choose and to believe in the idea of the reality you'd prefer, the idea of reality which resonates most with you.

Don’t buy into anyone else’s idea of reality, unless it’s in alignment with what you want, unless it fits in with your truth and your ideas about reality. Trust that the reality you’re now bringing into focus through your beliefs, definitions and discernment will manifest.

Use the information on this inspired self help websites page to assist you to realize that you’re the creator of your experience of reality. Once you see this, you’ll realize that all facts and all truths will bend to fit your reality. The game of life is set up this way, that’s reality. Trust that this is so and so it will be for you, in fact.

To you believing in yourself and trusting that the reality you prefer must come about and so it will come about, always and eternally

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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