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by Deniz Akan

After the blood type diet

After the blood type diet

After the blood type diet
Before the blood type diet

To emphasize the benefits of what’s been said on this self help weight loss page, I’d like to share a part of my story that lead to an overall healthy state of well-being! Personally, I reckon the combination of a couple of things is required…

It all started for me by following the blood type diet, I’d like to add that diet is not the right word for me because people might assume it is a short time trial instead of a permanent lifestyle adjustment.

The ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’ diet is a life change by itself!

When I changed my food intake according to this theory my whole body started to work approximately 40% better! I had read little into nutrition beforehand, but when I reached out for this book it literally changed my life in less than 3 weeks!

This was followed by my 1st detoxification program which I now add as a regular part of my life as well! The results are truly amazing and you can do many different programs. With food, without food and just supplements, colonic irrigation, raw food and protein etcetera!

On a regular basis it is beautiful to have a day with only fruit juices or a couple of days with raw food only. You will be amazed how your body feels and your energy level and your skin will change!

Before I come to the end we shouldn't forget about exercise. For me it is part of my daily practice to either go swimming, do meditation or some Yoga, stretch out, go to the gym or sometimes I even do all these in one day.

This is my personal recipe for better health and a happy life! Try it out, read into it and enjoy yourself!

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