Inspired Self Help Worksheets Remind You of New Ways of Playing The Game of Life!

Using these inspired self help worksheets, we’ll continue on our adventure of remembering how to successfully play the game of life on Earth. In this reality game there are rules, which, if understood and followed will bring the best desired results to us in the fastest and most harmonious way.

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Remember that we’re discussing an entirely new way of looking at life and of learning the rules of the game that will assist us in directing our life in ways that will serve us best, without causing unnecessary pain and suffering for our self and others through that process.

'Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.' Oscar Wilde – 1854 - 1900

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Ways of Seeing

Since birth we’ve been taught and led to believe certain things about life and how it works, the rules of life conduct. However, in our current paradigm those old rules no longer serve us, and hence these inspired self help worksheets introduce the new rules for playing the game of life!

Each of us lives in our own discrete world and we all share the idea of a collective world on certain levels. There are as many ways of perceiving any circumstance as there are circumstances to perceive. There are at least three general kinds of viewpoints and these are determined by the level of our individual awareness.

Inspired Self Help Worksheets Exercise 1 - What kind of person are you:

1) Are you oblivious to the changing paradigm all around you and thus you continue going through life with blinkers on? A state in which you insist on conforming to other people’s rules and conditions and whereby you repeat to yourself: if I keep my head bowed down low enough nobody will notice me, everything will be alright and my challenges and problems will just go away?


2) Have you recently become aware of all of the propaganda, deception, lies, greed, selfishness and even the utter disregard for human and other life? And are you thus now in a state whereby you want justification, retaliation or revenge, an angry state in which you demand action and you want blood?


3) By default of being born into this 4D time-space reality, you were as in 1) above, but something awakened within you and you became aware in the same way as those in 2) above. And then, for reasons that may not be clear to you, you moved beyond state 1) the unaware stage and beyond state 2) the victim mentality stage and into state 3) the stage of conscious awareness?

Through these inspired self help worksheets, I’m here to suggest that you clarify which state you’re currently in and then forget about and forgive yourself for your previous unaware and victim states and begin moving forward into the state of conscious awareness, the state of love

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Playing the Victim

If you’re in an unconscious state, whereby you’re unaware of what’s really happening in the world all around you and the fact that the old game has always been manipulated by those in power, then, by default, you are a victim of the power mongers who’re playing the game by the old rules.

Furthermore, by not knowing that the only power others have over you is the power you hand to them on a plate, and that by the act of taking part in their game means you’ve placed yourself at their mercy, you are playing the game of being a victim.

Think of it this way, if you’re not playing the leading role in this game of your life, then you’re probably playing a bit part in the game of someone else’s life!

Not realizing this or knowing how the game is actually controlled by your own thinking and your own state of being, also means being a victim of your own thought process. Thus, not only are you a victim of others, but you’re also a victim of your own mind!

Sure you are. Not knowing that your own thoughts dictate and thus create the essence of your reality experience means you’re a victim of your own out of control thought process. Nevertheless, being unaware of how reality is actually created doesn’t change the fact of how reality is actually created!

Now ask yourself: How do I feel about letting others dictate my reality for me, when, with a slight change in the way I think I can render other people powerless against what I actually want and how I actually want my life to proceed and to pan out before my eyes?

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Always Your Choice

You decide. You always get to decide anyway, only now you’re becoming aware that you actually do get to decide in every moment. That’s right, each of us has free will at all times and that means we get to choose what we’ll think about and pay attention to in every moment of our life experience, period!

Inspired Self Help Worksheets Exercise 2 - Perspective:

You see on television news that 'Boy George' has decided to send troops into Iraq. What do you think about the decision to wage war and kill people? Which of the choices below resonates with you the most?

A) Oh well, they must deserve it. We need to protect ourselves from terrorists; it must be in the best interest of my country. So you unconsciously go along with the state imposed ideas and play their negative game of perpetuating war and violence.

B) Oh dear, those poor people. What did they do to deserve the full might of our nation’s imperial war machine? I should’ve voted for the Dems. So you feel confused, weak and powerless to do anything about it.

C) Here they go again, perpetuating war so they can make money from arms sales at the expense of human life. Our leaders should all be hung, drawn and quartered! So you feel blameless, angry and powerless.

D) You don’t even think about it. Because you don’t watch television or any kind of negatively focused controlled news media, so you’re only casually aware of the decision.

A, B and C above are all examples of victim mentality thinking. Other than superficially there’s no real difference in any of those lines of thought!

By paying attention to what others are doing through controlled media, you’re agreeing to take part and play the role of victim in their game. Thus, you’re allowing other people to create realities that they want to experience and you’ve volunteered to go along, as a victim, for the ride.

However, if you’re aware and you really go into it, none of those lines of thought will make you feel better. Even if you answered A) above (for god & country) and then you see people screaming in agony on television, it’d be hard for you to justify your choice and feel good about it.

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Thinking Creates Feeling

Through these inspired self help worksheets, I confirm that how you feel about anything determines the reflection you’ll see in the Universal mirror of your life. And as elaborated on this self help goals page, thinking precedes feeling in every case, so your thoughts on any subject determine how you feel.

There are no exceptions to this rule; it’s fundamentally how our experience of reality is created and how we play the game.

By being more consciously aware as in D) above, if you happen to hear about that news, your response is to chuckle to yourself, because you understand that it’s just the final vestiges of the old game being played out using the old rules. The final dying roars of an old lion fearing its own demise.

And yet, it’s another opportunity for us to collectively decide whether that’s really the direction in which we wish to continue exploring, to decide if we want to continue traipsing along a well-worn negative path of destruction, as we’ve been doing for at least 5,000 years or not?

And one thing’s for sure, decide we must. It’s not that there’s only one path or the other, both choices are available to us. Which choice feels better to you?

Now reconsider exercise 2 and think again.

'The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.' Eckhart Tolle -

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Changing Your Thoughts

Paying attention to negative realities portrayed on television news or other controlled media, is contributing to the perpetuation of those ideas and those realities. Offering thought is paying attention to things you don't want, as discussed on this self help tip page.

Alternatively, by ignoring these kinds of scenarios even if that means refusing to focus on any kind of news, you’re not adding the power of your bad feeling thoughts to them. And thus eventually it’ll be impossible for you to experience those or similar realities again.

Remember, these inspired self help worksheets are here to remind you that this is a new game with new rules, and in this game - attention to whatever causes manifestation of it.

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Old Rules New Rules

When I say there are new rules to play the game by, I’m really referring to rules which have always been here, however, for the purpose of exploration we chose to forget about them. So really, those rules are only new to us from the perspective of our current limited state of awareness.

Believing in the old rules means that you believe success is gained by licking the CEO’s boots for 30 years as you climb the corporate ladder to achieve some kind of perceived status. Buying a big house and driving a fancy car, getting married and having 2.5 children. Retiring at 55 and then, due to your sudden perceived sense of unimportance and worthlessness, croaking at 60, game over!

Understanding the new rules means that how you feel in any moment is by far the most important thing to you. By feeling good and living your life in the present moment, you are successful and only good can come to you. Your own sense of well being is primary for without it you have nothing to offer yourself or another.

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Take It Easy

Go easy on yourself as you re-member or re-connect the dots which comprise the new rules of the game of life. Learning the new rules of the game is not the same as doing something which simply takes time and repetition such as learning to drive a vehicle.

Learning the new rules is learning to look at and live your life in a completely new way. Understanding that absolutely nothing just happens in life and realizing that you are the 100% creator of your own experience of reality IS the most self-empowering thing you will ever do!

And what a wonderful life it will be for you once you’ve re-awakened and mastered the art of conscious realty creation, by living in the 4th density Now moment and experiencing this waking dream that is your life, while feeling ecstatic

'All that we are is the result of what we have thought.' Buddha - 563 BCE - 483 BCE

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Creating from the Now

Bearing what’s been said in mind, realize that the one eternal Now moment is primary reality, there's never a time that's not Now. Thus due to its eternal nature, when we live fully in that moment, linear time no longer exists for us.

It’s only when we step out of the Now moment, perhaps due to our worry and doubt concerning all of the details that, in our own estimation, we simply must fulfill, that we create more time in which to experience those details.

Inspired Self Help Worksheets Exercise 3 - Intention:

Let’s say you desire to travel to Japan because the idea of exploring that culture excites you and you fancy doing some snowboarding. Additionally, you feel that you simply must see and experience beautiful Mount Fuji. Which of the choices below resonates with you the most?

A) I’d like to go, but it’ll be way too expensive for me? In other words, you’re afraid that you won’t have the money needed for the trip, so fear and lack of money are stopping you.

B) I want to go, but no one will understand me and traveling is a hassle. I don’t want to sit on an aircraft for 15 hours? In other words, fear and your ideas and beliefs about traveling are stopping you.

C) I’ll try to go one day, but I’m afraid that I never seem to have enough time to do the things I want to do in my life? In other words, fear and a perceived lack of time are stopping you.

D) I love the experience of snowboarding while looking at beautiful Mount Fuji, it feels great? In other words, you imagine yourself already there while feeling great and loving it.

The first 3 choices are examples of thinking using the old rules of the game. In each case you have successfully blocked yourself from experiencing your own desire. Due to your need of creating endless details that in your own estimation are part and parcel of realizing such a trip, you’re saying: I’ll travel to Japan when I have more money or when aircraft are faster or when I have more time. In other words I’d like to, but I can’t...

Answer D) is an example of thinking using the new rules of the game:

You desire it - You see it - You feel it - You love it.

You don’t worry about or pay attention to the endless stream of possible details, the how, when, who or what and you don’t doubt the positive outcome of your desire. Instead, you only imagine the end result and you confidently expect the Universal magic that will make your desire happen.

Only then will that reality become a part of your experience!

You have faith that through synchronicity, life will make your desired trip a reality. And you know that: if money is needed it will arrive, traveling takes zero time when you stay in the present and zero time is needed when you exist in the Now moment

'You, by your conscious assumptions, determine the nature of the world in which you live. Ignore the present state and assume the wish fulfilled.' Neville Goddard – 1905 – 1972

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Staying in the Now Moment

Primarily living in the present moment means existing in a state which is free of pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can only exist in time, as they are psychological expressions created through the unaware action of a mind which lives exclusively in the past or the future.

Inspired Self Help Worksheets Exercise 4 - Focus:

Let’s say that you’re happily walking along and appreciating everything in your life right now, you’re in joy in yourself. You enter your fitness club and there are many people milling around and busying themselves with gossip and idle chit chat. Do you:

A) Ask the receptionist how she’s doing, thereby risking receiving an answer in the negative, which may throw you off track and cause you to lose your mental balance?

B) Engage a friend in your story of a near miss you had in your vehicle earlier in the day, thereby risking hearing their reciprocal story containing thoughts of anger, pain and victimhood?

C) Take part in or pay attention to a heated discussion about the price of gasoline, thereby risking experiencing negative emotions from those people who still exist in the victim mentality state?

D) Or do you simply head for the changing room and get ready to meet with your sports partner, thereby maintaining your equilibrium, good feelings and sense of peace and well-being?

If you didn’t pay attention to the unimportant banter, someone else’s reality, as in answer D) you’ll immediately be aware of returning to the Now moment after your brief visit to the state of time. In all of the other answers you risk forgetting about the Now moment by spending too much time in time. The more you reside in the Now moment, the less time you create in which to experience pain and suffering in any form!

Helpful Tip. These days I rarely ask: "How are you?" I replace it with a brief positive statement such as "All Good!" or "I trust you’re well!" That way there’s no easy opening for unaware people to engage me with endless stories of their pain and suffereing

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Stepping Up

As we consciously and deliberately practice using the new rules of the game, we automatically begin feeling good because we spend more of our daily lives living in the present moment, thus we exist in and as a higher vibrational state and so fear and doubt become less of an issue in our lives.

There are 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time, so right now we live in a 4 dimensional 3rd density reality. Once we’re fully living in the Now moment, we’ll be vibrating at a higher frequency and thus our bodies will be of a 4th density disposition.

As 4th density beings living in the present moment, time and space will no longer affect us in the same way. Fear will no longer play a part in our reality, as it needs time that’s created by the action of the unaware censor, overseer or ego-self for its manifestation and existence.

And, through experience, doubt will disappear from our lives. Without fear and doubt all manifestations will be perceived instantly in no time. When I say perceived, it’s because all manifestations are always instant, but our fear and doubt hold us vibrationally apart from them.

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Lovingly Discard the Old Rules

As you’ve probably noticed during the past few years, many heretofore so-called secrets have come to light revealing acts by certain negatively focused individuals, groups, governments and corporations etcetera.

And due to the anger of those screaming "Hang em High," those alleged acts are somehow unforgivable.

It’s not my job to expose those involved in cover-ups or apparent wrong doing. If you’re interested in these things or you don’t know what I'm talking about, then exploring wikileaks or other similar websites will provide all the information you’ll need. Touch lightly my friend.

Understand that the people involved in those acts were operating from and using the old rules of the game, the only rules they know. And that their actions have merely exposed to the mass consciousness, the total un-satisfactoriness of both the old game and the old rules.

Being aware and seeing this, one automatically understands that those people no more deserve our condemnation than a child deserves a scolding for breaking your rules of which they were unaware.

'Too often we... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.' John F. Kennedy - 1917 – 1963

Inspired Self Help Worksheets –Judgment

Judgment comes in many forms. Due to my current awareness, I maintain that right and wrong are relative terms. And that when we apply those labels as absolutes, we always do so depending upon our current perspective or point of view. On several occasions when stating my truth, I’ve risked being criticized and labeled as this or that by those, who haven’t even considered the importance of understanding the concepts of right and wrong at a fundamental level, thus allowing themselves to move beyond judgment.

Inspired Self Help Worksheets Exercise 5 - What's on Your Mind:

I’ll share my experience of asking and the answers I’ve received as a reply to stating this truth.

I ask you: Is there really such a thing as right or wrong or are those terms always relative?

Which of these answers resonates with you the most?

A) So you’re saying it’s OK to be a rapist and rape people?

B) So you condone pedophiles then you must be one, right?

C) So in your opinion murdering people is acceptable, yes?

D) From the perspective of who you really are there is only unconditional love and no outside judgment, because there’s no judge!

Understand that these are actual answers that I’ve received from people when discussing this subject. Words are an expression of what’s on our mind. I simply raised a question, yet these were the things on people’s minds and the answers they gave in their judgmental tone.

These subjects were on their minds, not on my mind. Except for answer D), in the very answers given there was judgment, which means that I must, somehow, be made to be wrong for simply asking the question.

Can you see the madness? Those were their own answers and the expression of their own mind, but they definitely wanted to make me wrong for their thought expressions. Think about that. Examine that!

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Forgiveness and Oneness

In the new game, the rules state that automatic forgiveness of self and others must apply at all times, unless it doesn't and that’s OK too. If you can’t forgive another, which means erasing whatever, in your estimation, they did wrong. Forgetting about it completely and never mentioning it again, it may just mean you have more work to do in other areas before reaching this understanding

Through these inspired self help worksheets, I'd love for you to remember that there’s only ONE consciousness out of which all existence and all realities springs forth. Nothing happens by accident, every part of our reality is created by us, all of it. Seeing Oneness doesn’t mean that you condone the unconscious negative actions of another.

These rules spring forth from a place of understanding that Oneness of all beings everywhere, is reality.

But it does mean that you have compassion for those selves, who for whatever reasons, have ventured down negative paths from an unaware place of disconnectedness and a perceived lack of love. If you cannot see this or if it doesn’t sit well with you, then it’ll be worthwhile reading more of what’s being said on some of the other pages of this website.

Or perhaps reading the Conversations with God trilogy, by Neale Donald Walsch will help you to understand Oneness and forgiveness. Think of it this way, if people truly knew better then they wouldn’t do some of the things they do. And as such then, they’re not wrong and so automatic forgiveness and moving beyond anger, hatred and pain, which are expressions of fear, is the way forward in this game!

'Your soul doesn't care what you do for a living - and when your life is over, neither will you. Your soul cares only about what you're being while you're doing whatever you're doing...' Neale Donald Walsch -

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Pity and Compassion

I don’t care about what another is doing; I only care about who I’m being. And seeing others move through their life in a completely unaware manner, I do not pity them. That's how much I care about being happy, feeling good and my own sense of well-being.

To pity another means that in your view others should or should not be engaged in those activities or creating their reality in the way they’re doing. Thus pity is a form of arrogance in which you believe you know better than another or that another needs saving by you.

Compassion on the other hand is not pity. You’re aware that those who are unaware will always be creating their own pain and suffering. You understand this, you know this and you also know that it’s their choice and unless invited you do not interfere with their choices.

So compassion is allowing others to be as they are and letting them live their life as they see fit. With a willingness on your part to always be ready to assist them in any way you are called to, in any way that you have the capacity to do so, but only when invited and not otherwise.

Inspired Self Help Worksheets – Final Thoughts

You can continue along the negative path of unaware unconscious destruction as you’ve been doing for the past 5,000 years or you can decide to step up your vibrational frequency right now and consciously choose something new.

Through your free will you always have the choice of what to think about and what to pay attention to in every moment. We always reap what we sow and what we put out is always what we get back, it is law!

You can decide to choose a new way of living using new rules as outlined on this inspired self help worksheets page and throughout this inspired shortcuts website or you can decide to choose to continue along the old path using the old rules.

It’s up to you my friend, the choice will always be yours and either way, there’s no judgment. To you doing whatever feels best to you in every moment, eternally

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Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before
us is to unlearn what we learned from those
people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

Perhaps the greatest challenge that lies before us is to unlearn what we learned from those people who don't know who they really are!

Eddie Corbyn -

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