Thank you for providing your Awakening Kit Self Help Software!

by Amanda

The Roller Coaster-Like Crests and Troughs of Life!

The Roller Coaster-Like Crests and Troughs of Life!

Awakening Kit Self Help Software Thanks and Questions.

Definitely inspired and very generously given!

I want to thank you for providing your Awakening Kit. It is full of wisdom and insight, generously given, and very well presented. I will keep going back to it.

I have been delving and seeking for a few years now, since the early 2000's. I think that what holds me back is my propensity to become negative, fearful, and anxious, to worry, and then become angry and disappointed. It seems I have short periods of positivity, flow, synchronicity and insight, but then I always end up falling back into the doldrums. It's very frustrating.

Has this ever been your experience?

I'm beginning to wonder whether I will ever sort myself out?! I really like me when all this negative stuff doesn't get in the way, so can't understand how I allow myself to keep slipping back (well, it's my tendency to become fearful that is most problematical, I suppose).

What I would most of all like is an abundant, happy life, so that my husband could retire, and we could live life more spontaneously and be more relaxed, spend more time together etc., but most of the efforts I make to try and achieve this don't work out, or really disappoint, despite all the work I have tried to do in this area (releasing beliefs etc.). I wish I could just wake up, with all the unhelpful baggage gone, dropped, zapped, forgotten, forgiven.

Do you think this can happen?

Do you have any ideas about why we keep slipping back into unconsciousness/negativity? Is that the 'normal' way of things (i.e. is there comfort in numbers - people who move back and forth, finally to end up awake at last).

Thank you sincerely,


Hello Amanda,

Thank you for your kind words. I’m pleased you’re finding the Awakening Kit beneficial.

You’ve asked several questions, so I’ll do my best to answer them for you. First of all, please lighten up on yourself. Remember that everyone’s always doing their best at all times...

I’ll start with your last question. Yes, I believe that everyone who’s serious about discovering the nature of existence and who they really are has a kind of roller coaster ride for a while, perhaps years. However, please note that you can never consciously know less than you know right now.

Therefore, while you might still experience the troughs of the ride from time to time, you’ll never sink to the same levels as you did previously. Furthermore, your experience of the crests of the ride will to continue to become more and more exhilarating, until eventually your ride will be one of ecstatic bliss with no troughs in sight :)

The only things that cause disappointment in your life are your expectations. Therefore, to avoid any and all disappointment all you have to do is drop all of your expectations! Work on the idea of having positive expectancy in all areas of your life, without demanding that anything specific must happen and you’ll no longer be disappointed.

After all, from your physical perspective you have no real way of knowing how and when your desires will manifest, so by relaxing your insistence on any particular method and timing you’re also releasing your resistance towards your desire, so paradoxically it can now show up more easily.

Related to the idea of zero expectation is the idea of only doing whatever you do with love. Do whatever you’re passionate about, whatever you most love to do for its own sake and for no other reason than that. After all, if you really love doing something, you don’t need a reason to do it, do you? That is to say, you don’t say to yourself: Oh, I’m gonna go for a ride on my bicycle with my friend, but only because I’m promised cookies and cream after the ride, do you? No, of course not, you simply go for a ride because it excites you to do that, and you love to do that and for no other reason, right?

I posted this on the Inspired Self Help Shortcuts Facebook page some time ago; perhaps it will help you to allow the idea to sink in...

"Your excitement is a thread in the matrix-like web of existence which leads you to all other excitement within your experience. This tells you that by following your particular form of excitement to the best of your ability for as long as you’re able to in every moment, you’ll be led to more things that will excite you, guaranteed!"

Yes, everything you desire can and will happen. If you will simply go about your life and do more of what you love doing as and when the opportunity arises, then over time, you’ll find that you’ll be experiencing more and more of your desires in the way you want to experience them. Please remember that any desire you have can and will be fulfilled by the Universe, unless of course you get in your own way with your negativity, worry and doubt about it not being fulfilled.

You seem to be "trying" a lot. Do you realize that "trying" is not doing? Trying is never necessary when you’re tuned into who you really are. To assist you with this understanding, I’ll summarize in the form of a secret formula, well at the very least it’s a formula that works for me:

1. Don’t worry about it.

2. Act upon your joy, passion, thing you love to do whenever you can, more and more.

3. Actually act on it, don’t just think about it.

4. Have zero expectations of the outcome of your action, only have positive expectancy.

5. Relax and enjoy your life.

6. All answers and solutions will come to you without any trying.

Wishing you the best Amanda.
Eddie :)

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Oct 22, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Oct 13, 2015
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Jun 12, 2015
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Nov 18, 2013
Thank you for the great response Eddie :)
by: Amanda

This is a great and lovely response Eddie, many thanks!

This part really jumped out at me:

..."to avoid any and all disappointment all you have to do is drop all of your expectations! Work on the idea of having positive expectancy in all areas of your life, without demanding that anything specific must happen and you’ll no longer be disappointed."

The idea of a general 'positive expectancy' is excellent, and reminds me of the question Einstein said we need to ask ourselves, which was "is the universe friendly?" (- because if we believe it is, we can have a happier life than if we believed the opposite). One of the Seth books by J Roberts & R Butts says something similar - it says that it is more beneficial to see things as balanced toward the positive (I'm oversimplifying the message, I'm afraid).
The way you wrote it though, really encapsulated it nicely.

The challenge for me is always about relaxing, and having the courage to follow my inspiration and let tomorrow take care of itself. Thanks so much for your formula.

All the best, Amanda

Nov 15, 2013
Love Your Questions
by: Eddie (site owner)

Thanks for your questions Amanda. I'm sure others will benefit from your asking as well!


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