What does the self help author / Mirror Man say about Feeling Alone?

by Kevin

A question on Feeling Alone for the self help author/Mirror Man.

Taking into consideration the fictional world that I've created, how does one not feel alone? If it’s all an illusion then all relationships aren’t real. This is the only thing that scares me.


Mirror Man Speaks on Feeling Alone

While the world itself is first and foremost of imagination and belief, and is populated by fictional characters; without your relationship to the world and to all of the beings within it, no experience would be possible.

So while the world itself is not really real; your experiences and relationships within that world are very real; that’s what you came here to discover and to experience about yourself. Think about it: In truth, without being related to and without the reflections of others it would be impossible for you to know yourself at all.

If you’re feeling alone and you ‘fear’ the idea of loneliness, it’s because you’re filtering your energy through negative definitions and beliefs concerning reality, experience and relationship. Continue along the path of self-knowledge and as your understanding grows, you’ll redefine your definitions and choose new ‘fear free’ beliefs.

Realize that fundamentally you are the energy of love. Once you’re truly consciously aware of this and thus, you love yourself unconditionally and absolutely; then all forms of loneliness will vanish and your life will become one of ecstatic and synchronistic joy.

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